6.8 SPC Ammo from Prvi Partizan

Prvi Partizan 6.8 SPC ammo

Serbian ammunition manufacturer Prvi Partizan is now making two loads for the 6.8 SPC cartridge.  The first load uses a 115 grain FMJ-BT bullet rated at about 2600 fps from a 24″ barrel.  The second load uses a 115 grain HP-BT bullet that is also listed at 2600 fps.

A shipping date was not announced.  These loads have been rumored to be under development since at least 2011.

Richard Johnson

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  • Nathaniel

    For a cartridge designed for carbine barrels, manufacturer’s sure do love to list velocities from 24 inch barrels.

    • Andrew Tuohy


    • ClintTorres

      It’s not the length of the barrel. It’s the reciprocating action of the bolt that counts, Baby!…I guess.

    • sadlerbw

      I have seen at least one ammo manufacturer (Hornady I think) list multiple sets of velocity/energy numbers on their website for some calibers that are used in wildly different barrel lengths. Although I think in Horandy’s case it was .357 and .44 Magnum with ‘pistol’ and ‘rifle’ lengths. It would be nice if ammo makers did something similar with cartridges likely to be used in an AR. I would imagine a vast majority of the AR’s out there, in any caliber, are going to have something close to a 16″ barrel.

    • Komrad

      Buffalo Bore lists velocities from various actual firearms, supposedly the personal firearms of the owner.

  • Southernmutt

    Awesome news for us 6.8 SPC users. Nosler buys Silver State Armory (hopefully a good thing for the 6.8). Federal’s MSR 115gr hit walmart selves and their 90 Gold Dot (for a foreign gov’t contract… *cough* Saudi’s *cough*) is also in the market. Welcome to the list Prvi. I’d like to see 85 and 130 grainers instead though… Everyone and their mother makes a 115grain.

    Companies are finally realizing the 6.8 market has been wide open for years. When Federal put their foot in, it’s only natural for companies to hope in.

    Any word if this will be large rifle or small rifle primed?

    • joker joe

      Winchester is still the odd man OUT when it comes to 6.8 ammo but that’s ok we have Federal.

  • Tim U

    Looking forward to seeing cost estimates. If it’s consistently better than .300 BLK, I know which upper I’ll end up getting for my non-5.56 shooting. I’ve debated getting a 2nd upper for my AR and it’s always been a matter of cost to add a caliber.

    • Southernmutt

      On a good day, you can find the 6.8 around $1 to $1.15 a round. On a great day, under a $1 a round. Federal’s MSRs sell at around $22. Now that there are more players I expect prices to drop and more ammo manufacturers to step in the ring.

  • Alice Ross

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