Apex Square Shooter

Apex Square Shooter

Apex Tactical Specialties announced the release of the Square Shooter, an AR-15 compensator that is clearly boxier than much of the competition.  The new compensator is designed for the 5.56 NATO/.223 Rem chambered AR and should mount to any standard 1/2-28 tpi threaded barrels.

According to the Apex blog, the new compensator will “reduce muzzle rise significantly” and offer “unmatched” levels of “…durability, accuracy and intense power…”

Apex Square Shooter

The Apex compensator will retail at $79.95 and will be sold through the Apex site, Brownells and other dealers.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Mikenz

    what’s the Decibel level though

    • I don’t know but I’ll try and find out. I know Apex makes excellent products. I don’t see why this wouldn’t be the exception.

  • ColonelColt

    I’m sure the decibels will be rated as “Plenty” with this one. What’s funny is AR-15’s don’t really need a true muzzle brake/compensator to begin with. I’d be more interested in this for an AK or .308 gun.

    • Recoil eliminator FTW

      Funny? You’re funny. Brakes are really needed for competition use. If you want to be competitive, that is. The noise is a non issue.

      • Thatguy

        Competition use is great and all, but 99% of the people who own ARs aren’t using them in competitions.

        • Lucky Nick

          I don’t know where the 99% stat comes in but it’s clearly aimed at the 3Gun crowd. There are many comps on the market. I am a 3 Gun competitor and the APEX price point is good at $80. I use a PWS FSC 556 but see many varieties at competitions including SJC Titan (almost rectangular like APEX), DPMS Miculek, Surefire SFMB- 556, and even BattleComps.

          If you’ve rapid fire at targets for competition, the ability to not get off target can shave potentially seconds off your time. .

          • ColonelColt

            You guys are right, for competitions, minute measurements of time really do count. For the layman, this is kind of a largish muzzle attachment with a (relatively speaking) high price attached and would increase your sound signature and muzzle blast. For most people shooting an AR better technique is going to help them out more than this. But then again, ARs are all about the different Lego pieces you can stick on them so you can be “unique” compared to the guy next to you.

    • Nicks87

      You dont need 30 rnd mags or pistol grips either…
      …but they sure are neat!

      • ColonelColt

        Implying I, in any way, think we should be limited by what we can put on our guns. I’ve just seen too many shooters put largish muzzle brakes/compensators on their guns and regret the increased noise and blast.

      • Vermin.308Winchester

        Pistol grips are an ergonomic option more than 7 fucking round mags on the other hand are neccasary to maintain the balance of power between people and government and therefore are far more than neat. Scoff as the media has instructed you to but a swift revolution is winnable due to the governments choice to concentrate itself in capitals and places of power listing their places of residence recriation and worship for public consumtion

    • Esh325

      The primary reason I’ve seen muzzle brakes on rifles is when they’re intended to be fired in fully automatic/bursts like the AK-74. A semi auto rifle in 5.56×45 or 5.45×39 probably wouldn’t benefit from one, when a flash suppressor will probably do.

  • DougE

    I’m going to hold out for a triangular version.

    • noob

      “WEDGECOMP – it’s a comp AND a bayonette”

    • Mountain

      I’m waiting for the tetradecagon one… Round is WAY too mainstream!


  • Ian

    I have found that I’ve been lagging a bit in the Intense Power category.

    • Nicks87

      Intense Power is actually banned in Califorina, illinois and New York.

      • MadLarkin

        You forgot CT, where fun comes to die.

  • sadlerbw

    can we get ANSI to come up with a testing standard for these things? Because failing that, I feel like everyone making brakes and flash hiders is just trying to sell me ‘the pretty’ these days.

    • Esh325

      Would be nice.

  • 1 With A Bullet

    One thing about it is that it will be easy to install and mount without cant; nice flat surfaces to grip with a wrench and put a level on.

  • For those asking about the decibel level I just called Apex for you. I found out that they haven’t measured the decibel level but they did say it was comparable to aftermarket models from other companies. It is somewhat louder than a standard A2.
    When they have it tested they will let me know and I’ll pass it along.

  • Vermin.308Winchester

    The shape is purely marketing as rounding it out woudent change the direction of gasses

  • who cares?

    HEY Guys. The subtitle of this blog is: “FIREARMS NOT POLITICS” Check your opinions and attitudes at the door. P.S. Clean up your spelling if you want to be taken seriously.

  • John

    Holy shit they come in square? What’s next?