Jordanian Special Forces Turret Mounted Barrett .50 Cal Rifles

I am not sure what the context is, but I love this photo. The trucks are fitted with revolving turrets, giving the Barrett M82 sniper a 360 degree field of fire.

UPDATE: A reader just emailed me to say that the photo was taken during the SOFEX defense expo last month.

Many thanks to Matt for the photo.

Steve Johnson

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  • Andrew Tuohy

    Some units used turret mounted Barretts during OIF to detonate IEDs from a distance.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I did not know that.

  • Giolli Joker

    It seems (by the support for the belt) that they adapted turrets designed for M2 (or similar)… maybe they just want to save .50BMG munitions…. 😛

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Or they just want to look awesome 🙂

  • bbmg

    Is it a turret or a pintle mount?

    Not really a new idea, the LRDG had Boys 0.55″ AT rifles on their desert trucks in WW2:

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Nice photo.

      If you look closely you can see its a turret. The angle of the camera obscures it.

      • bbmg

        Not sure I’m convinced, unless we’re defining “turret” in different ways. It’s certainly unlikely to be a remote weapon station that is externally powered and sighted, no power systems are evident and neither is some form of remote sighting system. If that is the case then it’s essentially a manually trained and fired weapon on a pintle mount. Semantics I know, but after seeing the post title I was straining to spot the servos that moved it.

        • awmperry

          Key point for me would be whether it’s on a rotating ring or not. In this instance it’s hard to tell – there’s certainly a circular aperture, but given that the pintle is in the straight-ahead position we can’t really tell if it’s an actual turret or a fixed pintle.

        • Steve (TFB Editor)

          I would call a turret as having a rotating ring. My opinion is that it does not matter if it is rotated by a motor or by human hand or legs. But as you say, its semantics.

          This is a real turret … 😉

    • TimTR

      Nice photo indeed.

      And assuming the guys on Steve’s picture are Jordanians SF who have spent a lot of time with former Kiwis and Aussies SAS, I guess that configuration is not that surprising.

      And that turret was definitely made to accommodate so kind of HMG or AGL since you can see the ammo rack (not sure if that’s the proper word in English ?) on the left side of each gun.
      I wonder whether it’s an operational choice or just to look good during what seems to be a military parade.

  • Nicholas Mew

    Now make that belt fed.

  • Dave

    They could do what the SASR do with their LRPV’s, have an M2 in the turret, and a Barrett under one of the benches, and a Javelin under the other bench. It does not make a lot of sense to have that as the dedicated turret weapon,, why not stow it and bring it out when you need to do some precise work, and not lose the .50 HMG.

  • James Shivers

    Looks to me more like a ring mount like mounted on the cab of US 2 1/2 Trucks or HEMMT cabs/HMMWVs, etc. Question I have is whether it still utilizes the magazine feed or is it modified for a belt feed. Kind of hard to see how the magazine would fit/be able to change when mounted in the ring mount. Personally a good way to use the Barrett. Be interesting to see if anybody will ever adapt the CROWS system to mount the Barrett.

  • SP mclaughlin

    It might be a M107, looks like there is a full length rail (or M82A1M).

  • cliff

    Help me out here. The purpose of that weapon is long range shooting. One factor that greatly affects long range shooting is the cant of the rifle. If it is fixed to the turret and the truck is on a slope and the target is off to the side, do you not have a built in cant? Or does the mount allow you to adjust the cant?

  • taro

    Barrett M82A1 w/TRAP T-250 turret

  • Kevin

    I don’t see no steel plate protecting the shooter?

  • Lance

    Who needs a sniper? You got a live computer game where your control of a Barret on the Land Rover and pick off Syrian Jihadis with it all from the back seat.

  • hikerguy

    I remember seeing a picture of a couple of Canadian troops with a Barret mounted on an armored vehicle in either Afghanistan or Iraq few years ago. Doesn’t a Canadian sniper hold the long distance record for a kill now?