The Ballerina: Latest In CS Gas Grenade Technology

Nicknamed the “The Ballerina”, the GL 310 is a new CS tear gas grenade from Brazilian firm Condor that rolls around on a random path after it hits the ground. The idea behind it is that its targets will have a hard time anticipating the movement and picking it up. It is quite a clever idea and given the riots in Brazil right now, and there are sure to be many more before the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games are over, Condor could be in to make a fortune! On a side note, I vaguely playing with toys or balls that rolled in random directions when I was a child, it is strange to think that innocent technology has ended up in anti-riot grenades.

12 AM 403 SRP (Short Range Accuracy) jpg

The company also introduced a new type of 12 gauge less lethal slug round. The 12 AM 403 SRP (Short Range Accuracy) round is designed to be used at close ranges from pump action or semi-automatic shotguns and is supposed to be less lethal than competing ammunition. Rubber bullets, which is what these are, fired at close range frequently end in tragedy. Much better solutions exist today such as hard paintballs filled with CS, dye and other chemicals.

Many thanks to Lionel for the photos and information.

Steve Johnson

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  • Anton Gray Basson

    Rubber bullets are still the best, fairly recently in South Africa tests were run with specialized hard paintball fired out of both markers and adapted shotguns.Both cheaper than rubber bullet shot shells.I was told, although the results havent been published yet, by a Sargent involved that it was that rubber bullet could be deadly at close range that made it ideal with dealing with the violent protests encountered by police officers.

    • Cymond

      And I bet buckshot would be even more effective at putting down a violent individual, but that’s not the goal here. The goal is to dissuade people when lethal force is not justified. Hence, lethal force masquerading as less-lethal is not a good thing. I read that at one time, the Israelis used suppressed Ruger 10/22s for riot control, shooting at protest leaders’ legs. They discontinued the practice because it was too lethal.

      • Anton Gray Basson

        Agreed ideally you dont want to kill protesters but honestly, in my country where so many protests see uninvolved civilians getting killed by protest action, where most protests are no more than a violent armed mob,I dont have issues with police using a potentially dangerous round on them

        • AT777T

          Either way, I believe Cymond’s point is that if you are using a weapon in a fashion likely to cause death or serious injury, you shouldn’t call it “less-lethal,” and certainly not “non-lethal.”

          • Cymond

            I’m saying that it’s dishonest to use a “less lethal” or “non lethal” weapon for lethal purposes, especially if it is intentional. If the intent is to use a lethal weapon, then use a lethal weapon. If the intent is to use a non/less lethal weapon, then use one that is genuinely non/less lethal. If lethal force is not justified, then it is immoral to intentionally use a “non-lethal” weapon in a lethal way.

            Also, it sounds like “protestor” is a bad misnomer in Anton’s case.

      • Chrome Dragon

        I heard they quit when a failure in training resulted in officers shooting at center of mass “because it’s nonlethal”.

  • Joe Schmoe

    This is nothing new, the CS grenades I had in the military did the exact same thing.

    The holes along the side made it roll around at random once thrown.

    • Thatguy96

      Indeed, and its been that way for some time. The M47 grenade of 1960s vintage was designed to be “skittering” to hamper rioters picking it up and throwing it back. I’m sure there were others around that time.

  • Lance

    Ohhh Want one how much LOL (joke)

  • Guilherme Atencio

    “Rubber bullets, which is what these are, fired at close range frequently end in tragedy. Much better solutions exist today such as hard paintballs filled with CS, dye and other chemicals.”
    Too bad our police (I´m from Brazil) simply ignores that fact.