40 Round Magpul PMAG Now Shipping

For years people have been begging Magpul to take their money and give them a 40 rounder magazine for the AR-15. Finally the PMAG 40 is now shipping for $19.95. Go forth and give them your hard earned cash.


In a move to enhance safety for responsible citizens, military, and law enforcement alike, Magpul Industries is now shipping the PMAG 40 GEN M3. Several years in the making, the PMAG 40 was delayed while GEN M3 technology was perfected to insure the highest quality product and full compatibility with the USMC M27 IAR. With the same compatibility as the 30-round GEN M3, the PMAG 40 provides 10 more rounds of capacity before requiring a reload—which could be a lifesaving difference. This new “safe capacity” offering is ideally suited for those who may need to respond to multiple threats without extra rifle magazines carried on their person, or for military members looking for an extra margin of safety in high-tempo operations. Just 2 1/8″ longer than the 30-round version, the PMAG 40 is just as reliable, durable, and compatible as the PMAG 30. The optimized magazine spring can handle feeding at cyclic rates over 1150 rounds per minute, so the extra 10 rounds of safety comes with the ability to more than keep up with platforms such as the M249 SAW and the M27 IAR. Designed for and tested in the most demanding environments. Available and suitable for all responsible civilian and military applications.

Steve Johnson

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  • Mike F Di

    hell yeah…nice work guys

  • josh w

    the marine m27 plus this new mag will be fantastic. looks like the perfect balance between SAW gunner and automatic rifleman. with magpul reliability and price to boot.

  • Vincent

    What happened to the magpul casket magazine?

    • Nathan B

      Magpul never made an official announcement regarding those, the only thing I’ve seen on them is the patent application.

      • Anonymoose

        But they did apply for a patent on it, which means they may release it eventually. Of course they also designed the FMG/FPG, PDR, Masada, and Massoud, which were never actually released either, but they’re probably still working on a 60-round PMAG since the majority of their business is mags and furniture.

        • Nathan B

          One can always have hope 🙂

  • Cameron

    Very happy about this. I have never had anything but outstanding results with Magpul products. They’re a great business and the Rocky Mountain region will miss them sorely.

  • Laserbait

    I’ll get one just for the entertainment factor, just like the Beta-C, Surefire quad stacks, and the MWG 90 round snail. I really don’t ever see me using it on a regular basis. I usually only end up putting 10 to 20 rounds in my 30 round PMags, unless I’m training.

  • FourString

    Now there is a 33% increase in incentive to move out of Cali to Washington state. lol

    • FourString

      I wanna see how this baby looks in a Tavor :D, maybe in a shot next to an AUG with its translucent 42 round mag.

  • Magpul is boring

    So sick of reading about Magpul. Every third story on this blog is a Magpul press release. Just change the name of the blog to the Magpul blog already. They make mags, big deal, who cares.

    • Nicks87

      I think you are way off base.

    • DW

      Drugs are bad OK?

    • ST4

      Have you tried a Magpul filter? It’s easy. All you have to do is not click the link.

  • Aaron

    Great company, love their PMAGS and will be looking for the PMAG 40 in short order. I’m so glad to see them generating new products despite the attack they are under from new Colorado legislation.

  • Brandon

    Yay! The vaporware cometh! Finally!

  • Pro.0s

    Just waiting for 30 round 308 pmags…… 🙂

    • WPlank

      There are 25 round windowed models in the pipeline. No ETA, last I heard.

  • taro
  • John Daniels

    I just received two of these today. They look good, but I haven’t had a chance to try them yet.

    • cheby39

      Where did you get them?

      • John Daniels

        The Boulder Airlift program, since I live in CO.

  • Heath Gilbert

    Midway USA has them in stock with a limit of 1 mag

  • William_C1

    Magpul just operates on Valve time. Maybe in 8 years we’ll see that 60 round quad stack magazine they had a patent filed of.

    • Vermin.308Winchester

      I am good with that as what’s wrong with sure fires offering. Effcient true high caps have three uses competition , revolution and hog erradication

  • LJ Roberts

    Do you have or are you developing a 45 acp mag for ar/15. 16. With direct use in standard reciever for the AR