Drone Mounted Taurus Public Defender .410

To demonstrate how effective their screen protectors are, Clear Plex mounted a Taurus Public Defender .410 on a custom made eight propellor multi-copter (octocopter) and fired at a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. I am sure they used a low power .410 load designed for birds or other pests, not a high powered self-defense load, but nonetheless the video is pretty nifty.

Many thanks to Steven for the tip.


Steve Johnson

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  • Giolli Joker

    Screen protector: boring
    Mean aggressive armed octocopter: COOL (and scary) 🙂

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if they are already flying in the war zone.

      • Giolli Joker

        I’ve been to IDEX 2013 in February and I’ve seen a great array of different small UAV (mostly quadcopters), none of them intended to carry firearms/weapon systems… yet I wouldn’t be too surprised to see unofficial prototypes doing the job you suppose…
        Anyway (I’m no expert) I would suppose that such a system would be useful if readily deployable from a backpack or similar (as it happens for some mini UAV for recon use), while the “copters” able to carry offensive payloads (and substain the recoil) are usually bigger and less versatile.

  • Nick H.

    From the slow motion it appears to be birdshot . But like you said, either way its still cool.

  • Vincent

    I was underwhelmed. The phone was shot from about twice as far as the other objects, and I think only one pellet actually hit it.

  • Edgar Castelo


    Loved it! 🙂

  • Nadnerbus

    Mounting the gun on an octo-copter seems like a somewhat extraneous variable on the experiment. It’s kind of like why dogs lick themselves…


  • electrozity8

    You could do the same test without the drone.
    And I’m surprised the thing could even stay stable after firing.

  • w84wind

    This is a rather bogus ad. Most of the shot missed the screen except for some peripheral pieces that bounced off the log. Further, by using a copter, they have a light hold on the pistol, and recoil would have absorbed most of the shots energy. I dare them to hold it with a human, and hit the phone straight on. It won’t fare nearly as well.

  • Geo

    Tricky dick marketing. A layperson might assume a big bore revolver would be mighty powerful, but it’s not. The RC chopper is really cool, but unnecessary for the test.

  • Amuse Bouche

    Congrats Clear Plex, on manufacturing an unregistered machine gun, and filming and publishing the evidence of such activity.

    Remember kid’s; electromechanical repeating firearm triggering = machine gun, by ATF ruling.

    • Ian

      I’m pretty sure the one trigger pull, one fire rule applies here.

      • BryanS

        “2.1.6 Machinegun. “Firearms within the definition of machinegun include
        weapons that shoot, are designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to
        shoot, automatically more than one shot without manual reloading by a
        single function of the trigger.”

        Teh issue comes with the readily restored portion there. ine bit of code, malfuction, whatever, and you have a machine gun. When you hook it up to this, the remote switch becomes a trigger. Not the actual pistol’s trigger.

        • Jacqueshacques

          It doesn’t look like their servo is powerful enough to move the trigger in DA mode, if you look it only fires with the hammer already pulled back.

          • nickh

            it wouldn’t be considered a machine gun by the media and that is the important factor in deciding things today. It is a pistol in look and therefore not capable of being a machine gun.

      • Amuse Bouche

        Nope, like BryanS says, the ‘readily restorable’ clause comes into effect there. A servo can be ‘readily restored’ with some microcontroller programming to repeatedly activate the trigger with a single user command, therefore according to ATF ruling, that 5 shot revolver then becomes an unregistered machine gun.

    • The drone collector

      I thought that it was against the law to equip a multirotor with any kind of gun.

  • Xavier Ramos Santoni

    if you shoot a Nokia the ricochet will shoot down that little copter!!!

  • Gregor

    Nothing special, most shooting glasses cannot be penetrated by a 12 gauge Birdshot at a distance of 15 Meter (yes, I tried it)

  • Michael Biehl

    I just annihilated the screen of a Note 2 with a screen protector on last night by punching it. Based on the evidence of this video, my punch is more powerful than this revolver. *puts on sunglasses* Seriously though, Winchester PDX1 would have made for a better test load.

  • bbmg

    This must be technologically possible already, I would not be surprised if similar systems are being tested in obscure warzones as we speak…

  • Teach

    Ahh yes my friends that is why this is marketing and not real testing. The add tells me nothing, but it looks damn cool.