Venezuela Begins Production of AK-103 Rifles

Venezuela’s centrally planned economy may have run out of the essentials like toilet paper, milk and sugar, but a shortage of AK-103 rifles is not something they need worry about now that the government’s new rifle and ammunition factory has come online.

The factory, long overdue to have begun production, is a collaboration between the Venezuelan government and Russia’s Izhmash. Izhmash has supplied the tooling and will be paid royalties for each rifle manufactured.

The factory is expected to produce 25,000 rifles per year. This works out to be 80 – 90 completed rifles per day. This is on top of the 100,000 AK-103 and AK-104 the country purchased in 2005. The factory will also produce 70 million rounds of ammunition per year, or about 200,000 rounds per day.

Given that they only have 113,000 active duty personnel in the military and 60,000 police officers, I can only conclude that they plan on exporting both rifles and ammunition.

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Steve Johnson

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  • Meewok

    There tends to be too much sugar in people’s diets, and milk is inherently unhealthy anyways, and I think there are ways around toilet paper… but you can never have too many AKs and they know what they’re doing!

    • FourString

      Hmmmm. AK-103 or toilet paper. Tough decision. No, really.

      • phamnuwen

        Since I use the three seashells, I’d go with the AK.

  • Skeptic49

    Going to export the revolution to the rest of Latin America? Army the cartels? Well, same thing. Geoff Who is paranoid

  • fakefrank0002

    Seeing how Venezuela are on the top of the list for most corrupt countries in South America, we all know where the extra guns and ammo are going to end up. In the post :”The Headstamp Trail, A Report On The Ammunition Used During The Libyan Revolution” there was a lot of unmarked ammo floating around, I am sure similar sets with odd serial number rifles, is serialized at all, will be floating from South American harbors to anyone with the right amount of cash up front. Viva la Capitalism.

  • Esh325

    That’s certainly good news for a struggling company like Izmash.

    • dp

      Right, and applied in right location. Colombia and Peru are full of (also license built) AK knockoffs. Are they also exporting revolution?

      • Esh325

        Maybe you’ll see Venezuelan Saigas in the US? lol.

        • dp

          That’s quite conceivable. Would we say be able to foresee 25 years ago what took place later? Cavim, he company who makes these guns is state owned, but they will look for off-shot in time, for sure. It’s all about business!

  • dp

    What might be interesting to observe is which way will Cuba go. Hook up with Venezuela or go its own way. Does anyone have any insight of that? I do not care much for political antagonism; be factual please.
    BTW it might be interesting to some that Cuba purchased limited number of Uzis. Further, they walked out on 7.62mmTokarev in favour of 9mm Para. Their police is seen with 9mil pistols, possibly imported from Brazil. Venezuela did pistol deal with Beretta.

  • Cuban Pete

    Looks like the FARC, Shinning Path, and MS13 are going to be re-equipped with new rifles!

    • FourString

      FARC is an awesome unit name. Kinda like “university” in French (“la fac”)

  • steve

    How can a new “factory” possibly produce so few guns a day?

  • Nicholas Mew

    It is sad that even a little country like Venezuela knows what rifle to pick.

  • WhiteDragon

    You can take out those 60.000 police from the numbers. They are only allowed to carry handguns.

  • Alan

    Whatever happened to “Firearms Not Politics”? This one seems to have gotten away from that a bit.

  • JJD

    Quote: “Given that they only have 113,000 active duty personnel in the military and 60,000 police officers, I can only conclude that they plan on exporting both rifles and ammunition.”

    Perhaps they plan on… ‘exporting’ ammunition to ‘liberate’ their neighboring nations… and their economies.