What Are The Best Ranges In The USA?

Last month Alex C. wrote a range review of a particularly nice range in Nashville.  We would like to publish more reviews of the best ranges in the USA. Please post the names of great ranges you have visited (along with city, state and website) in the comments below, if you like a range someone else has posted, vote up the comment.

We will see if we can organize visits to a few of the best ranges.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Chris

    Scottsdale gun club in AZ has got to be on the list. And the NRA range in VA. Also the Clark County Shooting Complex in NV. Charlotte Pistol and Rifle Club in NC. Central Florida Rifle & Pistol Club… Maybe the Flagler gun club in FL as well.

  • floppyscience

    Action Impact in Southfield, MI is the most popular range around here and (supposedly) the most advanced in Michigan. http://impactrange.com/ I love the place, they have a great facility, very clean, with nice staff and a well-stocked store. They also rent out a bunch of different guns. 🙂 Even if they aren’t among the best in the US they’re a solid cut above the average range.

  • Colonial Shooting Academy, Richmond, VA http://colonialshooting.com/blog/

    Friendly & knowledgeable folks, good service, emphasis on safety, space usually open even on busy days, good education courses, plenty of well-serviced firearms to rent, lots of interaction with the local community.

    • Mike Wilburt

      I enthusiastically “second” the nomination of Colonial Shooting Academy!

  • Skeptic49

    Ancient City in St. Augustine, FL a new and rising enterprise, which I need to visit more often. http://www.attac-fl.com/ Geoff Who joined and needs to work on his accuracy more often.

  • Shep

    CQT in Shelby Township…Friendly knowledgeable staff clean facilities. Even has a two story shoothouse!!

  • Mike Lynch

    Centerfire Range and Gun Shop in Olathe, KS. They are brand new. Their range is the cleanest, fanciest, well priced, and most state of the art that I’ve ever seen. Aside from a gun shop, the range allows full-autos and rifles to be shot indoors. It is a family run business and the people there are the nicest and most friendly that I have EVER encountered, when it comes to ranges/gun shops. They care about the customers and make sure you feel welcome. They even have fresh baked cookies and a giant flat screen TV to watch Fox News, while you sit on their comfy leather couches, waiting for your friends to meet you up there to shoot. I HIGHLY recommend them if you live in KS or MO. I live two hours away and I could go to many other ranges, but Centerfire is well worth the drive any day of the week. I cannot say enough great things about this place. http://centerfiress.com/

    • Drew

      I’m moving to the Kansas City area, thanks for recommending this range! Its a really big help!

      • Mike Lynch

        There are a lot of ranges in the KC Area. OMB in Olathe is also really great, but pretty pricey. Avoid “The Bullet Hole” in Shawnee Mission like the plague, worst range ever. Crossfire in Independence has an awesome selection and a sweet deal where you pay $5 and you can rent ANY used gun in their store to use at the range, however the employees are the typical unpleasant people.

  • NHRPC in New Holland PA. They have cultured a spirit of competition and use the range and facilities to their fullest extent. Hi-Power, Practical Rifle, Precision Rifle, IDPA, ect.

  • Roger

    37 PSR Gunclub outside of Ft. Bragg, NC. Awesome place!

    • Eric

      This is a great range with a great staff. The weekend shoots are the best. Monthly competitions involving everything from basic draw and shoot to shoot house. All skills participate too! I am not stationed at Bragg anymore, but this is one of the biggest things I miss about the area. it’s about 15 minutes North of Ft. Bragg.


  • erwos

    Maryland: Freestate Gun Range
    Virginia: Silver Eagle Group (much, much better than the NRA range)
    DC: the entire Anacostia neighborhood (warning: 360 degree!)

  • WiKKiD

    The Baron’s Den in Eugene, Oregon

    All indoor shooting range(s), Complete Gun Store, and Weapon Training facility. My Wife and I have been members for a while. The staff is ultra courteous and very welcoming to expert and novice shooters. They have a wide selection of weapons available for a visitor to try out. Which is especially useful to first time gun buyers who do not know what weapon to buy. (You can even shoot a REAL Tommygun!) They have a complete indoor training facility to educate folks on proper gun safety, concealed carry courses, you name it! The indoor ranges are awesome. All lanes have electric target holder that you can place as close or as far as you feel comfortable shooting. Since we became members we have brought friends and neighbors to the range with us. It is a very safe environment to just enjoy popping off a few rounds or honing your sharpshooting skills. We love going there. If you live anywhere in Oregon. Trust us, it is worth the trip!

  • Zack Pike

    United States Shooting Academy in Tulsa, OK. It’s an amazing outdoor facility. While Mike Seeklander and Steve Aryan were still there it was a great place to attend training (I spent two weeks there), not sure how the training is today with them now out on their own. But the facility itself is top notch. Lots of rifle and pistol bays, pnumatic steel ranges, long range rifle, 360-degree range, and a full shoothouse. http://www.usshootingacademy.com/

  • Brandon Montville

    Shoot Straight in Casselberry, FL is a very nice range. Each booth has its own air conditioner. This range is about as nice as an indoor range comes. Additionally, their inventory is extensive, and the staff is knowledgeable. I have been trying to have them order me a Tavor since they came out, and they have not done so. Thankfully it’s easy to do this via other avenues.

    • William Highfield

      You should try the Orlando Gun Club on Vineland near Mall at Millenia. I’ve been to that Shoot Straight in Casselberry, and I think the OGC beats them hands down as far as the gun range portion goes. They’re new (less than a year old) but the facility and staff are INCREDIBLE.

      • Brandon Montville

        I will try to make it out there.

  • gunslinger

    when i was in upstate SC, i found Allen Arms Range a great place. I had my CWP class there, shot my first Full Auto gun there…

    Family owned, Good people. and they have plenty of competitions in the evenings (last i recall. i have since moved from the area)


  • T

    Blackwing Shooting Center in Delaware, Ohio. They provide a lot of activities for new shooters and are actively trying to make shooting sports much more mainstream. The staff were also super friendly and knowledgeable without making you feel stupid/ your business unwanted.They also rent out a lot of guns and provide regular CCW and defensive shooting classes.

  • Jar

    Vandalia Range and Armory
    Vandalia, Ohio
    NSSF 5 star range

  • jrflesch

    Okeechobee Shooting Sports – in South Florida
    7055 NE 48th St,
    Okeechobee, FL 34972
    (863) 357-3006

    • Jeff Suever

      Definite up vote for OK Shooting Sports.

  • John E Davies

    Center Target Sports, Post Falls ID.

    All around great shop and range, Ed Santos specializes in low light tactical training. Carbine and shotgun classes. CCW and other training. Robotic mannequin target. Modern, well maintained, safe indoor range, but not overly strict about what you can shoot. Full auto rentals. Indoor only, but tactical classes go to nearby outdoor range for long distance training. Close to Cabelas!


    John Davies
    Spokane WA

    • Stephen Lucas

      Will not rent to anyone under 21…

      • John E Davies

        Do many ranges rent to minors? I haven’t encountered one. I expect their insurance won’t allow it. Both my kids shot at Center Target, but I had to be closely monitoring them. I don’t see anything especially strange or bad about that policy. From the things I have seen kids do at ranges, I like this policy.

        Be happy Idaho lets you “possess” an unconcealed handgun at 18. That is pretty unusual.


      • That’s not uncommon depending on the states concealed carry law and just the general law on the age you van purchase a gun. In Missouri they are working on a bill to reduce concealed carry age to 19.

  • ExurbanKevin

    Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona for outdoor ranges and Scottsdale Gun Club for indoor ranges. Both are NSSF Five-Star ranges.

  • rapewhistle

    Battlefield Las Vegas is hands down my favorite and I’ve been to hundreds throughout my travels. They have the largest selection of guns I have ever seen in my life.

  • Ryan

    West Coast Armory in Bellevue WA. Hands down the best I have seen.

    • Jrdn

      I usually go to the Issaquah location, but yeah West Coast Armory is fantastic.

    • Chris

      +1 for West Coast Armory. Great staff, great range, good selection of guns. NSSF Five star range as well. http://www.westcoastarmory.com/

  • Cuban Pete

    NRA Range in Fairfax, VA.
    Most professional, best light, aerated facility with the friendliest crowd of shooters in the East Coast.

  • Squidpuppy

    A bit off topic, but another interesting question would be what is the average state of ranges in the USA? Both indoor and outdoor. This would require a lot more research, but it could be very revealing.

    For example, is the responsibility and safety quotient for the average range high? Are facilities better, or worse than expected? Has patronage increased, decreased, remained the same? What are the patrons like? This could provide important data for the real nature of firearm enthusiasm and support in the nation.

    In my local area, there are at least 10 ranges within 50 miles, indoor and outdoor, private and county operated. Every time I’ve been to one, they’ve been doing booming business. The state of their operations span from mediocre to very well maintained.

    I wouldn’t classify any of them as being among the “best” ranges in the country, but they’re mostly quite good. And this is in CA, which, as we all know, has a poor reputation for support of enthusiasts.

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    I’m up for a TFB range meet somewhere in Texas. Most of the ranges I go to around San Antonio are average at best, but that might be because I focus more on the economics of shooting rather than comfort and amenities. Still, I’m curious to hear of some ranges in state that are as nice as the one mentioned in Nashville. Ha. I’m watching “Death Rides a Horse” with Lee Van Cleef right now. Makes me want to do some single and lever action shooting. Or maybe buy a horse.

    • Tom W.

      That’s a good picture! I love spaghetti westerns and have a box set with about 50

  • jamie
  • David

    Scottsdale Gun CLub

  • Philip

    Nexus Shooting, Davie, FL

  • Shomermaster

    Tri-County Gun Club – Sherwood, OR – http://www.tcgc.org/

  • jeff

    Shoot Smart in North Fort Worth. Nice, well lit and ventilated, Lounge, Leagues, Private lanes, lots of classes, and happy hour. Very clean facilities, personable staff. They have a decent rental fleet and the ammo prices are OK.


  • Todd

    Woodbury State Park in Coshocton, Ohio. 25, 50, 100 and 200yd ranges, all covered and back your car right up to the bench. $5 per day or $23 for the year.

  • Trent Workman

    Modern Outfitters in Meridian, MS.

  • Irateblackguy

    Not the best, but rather the worst gun range/ gun shop I’ve ever been to would have to be flatwoods outfitters in Hubert, NC. For the love of god do not ever shoot at this place. When I used to live in NC I went there a few times and recieved poor service by the old knowitall gun store types, had to hold back from going there since I’m addicted to shooting and they are the only place around with a range (hence the only reason they stay open). Now I live in Florida and shoot at Gator guns, awesome range, but the gun store is also staffed by a bunch of jerks. I’m starting to see a trend here….

    • Tom W.

      Gator Gun in West Palm Beach, Fla.? I’ve been there. A fire started in one of the ammo barrels and smoked everyone out.

  • Delta Paoa

    2A Shooting Center, Tulsa OK; http://www.2ashootingcenter.com

  • Wyatt

    I wish there was some place near me that would allow shooting something besides paper. We have state parks with ranges and they’re nice enough, and free, but like everywhere else around are paper only.

  • Gunga

    My front porch, Rocky Face Georgia.

  • Mike

    No love for Knob Creek, Kentucky? I’ve always had a great time there,
    good staff, great shop adjacent, and the range goes out to 350 yards.
    Plus you can’t beat the machine gun shoot!

  • Dan Atwater

    Public Safety Training Center in Portland, OR. You have to buy your ammo there and it can get kind of expensive, but out of the indoor ranges I’ve been to it’s the cleanest, best lit, most well ventilated, and has the best supply of rentals. The staff is friendly, too.

  • Carver

    Classic Pistol, Southampton PA. Great staff and the owner Bob is a class act.

  • Troy

    OMB guns in Olathe, Kansas is a state of the art Class II and Class III range. They also have a gun simulator program. All of their counter and range officers are extremely knowledgeable and do not mind talking to first time customers (shooters and buyers).


    • Aaron

      OMB has a good range and helpful staff, relatively new, clean, and well lit. They have a decent rental selection, but their firearms for sale selection has dwindled over the last few years.

  • TheWombat

    Woodland Park Range in New Jersey. I know it is rare for NJ to be a leader in anything positive regarding the 2nd Amendment! The range has just opened and is a top notch indoor facility.


  • SamF1911

    GAT Guns
    14N915 RT 25
    East Dundee, IL 60118

  • Keith

    Gun For Hire’s “Woodland Park Range” in Woodland Park, NJ!!

  • FLdeepdiver

    STODDARD’S RANGE & GUNS In Atlanta, Ga. Voted best shooting range in Atlanta by “Creative Loafing” magazine for 2012. Very clean. Great instructors, staff, state of the art range, rifle, shotgun, and pistol on the same lane. Over 70 guns, including full-auto, available for rent. Lifetime warranty on everything they sell. I often stop in just to chat with the guys, and I’m amazed at the amount of time they spend with customers, trying to get them into the right gun. (www.stoddardsguns.com)

  • RMPetty

    Woodland Park Range in N.J. Brand new and no expense was spared. Part of New Jersey’s own Gun for Hire Firearms Academy owned & operated by the famous Anthony Colandro. Also check out the Gunforhireradio podcast every Sunday morning. It’s just what you’ve been looking for.

  • Steve E.

    Woodland Park Range, Woodland Park (formerly West Paterson), New Jersey

  • Robert Thorne

    Best range is no range, responsible people.

  • Hydrox

    Stone Hart’s Gun Club & Indoor Range in Miami, FL is a great new range in Miami. Great air filtration system and electronic target placement system, plus the staff is friendly and helpful.


  • politicsbyothermeans

    Centerfire Shooting Sports in Olathe, KS (a suburb just south of KC) NSSF 5 star range too.

    • Aaron

      I would agree with Centerfire. Well maintained, and generally friendly and knowledgeable staff. Although limited on rifle fire.

    • Anthony Stanley

      Went to Centerfire with my wife for the first time on Dec 27th, 2013. It was amazing. Great staff, amazing facility, clean, bright, we could not believe how nice it was. From a facilities standpoint, it was like the Lifetime Fitness of shooting ranges. I would have eaten a meal off the range floor. Outstanding.

      My wife and I will be buying our membership as soon as they open back up after the New Year.


  • yeezy

    Mass. Rifle Association. The oldest active gun range in the country!

  • ChrisR

    The Range 702 in Las Vegas, really nice folks and the rentals are not overpriced for Vegas

  • Willie

    Orlando Gun Club is top notch. AC stalls clean range and kick ass ventilation.

    Anyone in Orlando should check them out.

  • Egondor

    Cheyenne Mountain Shooting Complex located in Colorado Springs, Co. Just opened this year and it is very nice setup. They are an outdoor range and have everything you need from 5yrds all the way up to 1000 yd targets. Very cheap (I want to say I paid 10 bucks for entire day) also and they have ammo and also brass for the reloaders out there. They have discounts for Military I believe. The staff there is great. I was blown away by their kindness. They have random FREE shooting days also.


    Personally I live in the Kansas City area. Most of the time I shoot outdoors at one of the Missouri Dept of Gaming locations. Its only 3 bucks an hr there. If Im shooting indoors I spend time at Centerfire in Olathe.

  • Patrick

    The new Field Time Target and Training range in Stanton, CA. It’s and indoor range and they allow almost any handgun, shotgun or rifle there, and have a good collection of guns to rent. Plus it is very high tech.

  • mace

    Scottsdale Gun Club is amazing