Allegiance Ammunition Offers Projectiles for Home Loading

Ammo maker Allegiance Ammunition recently announced the release of their ammunition reloading components for home reloaders. Allegiance is known for their home and self-defense ammo offerings that are designed to fragment more effectively and reduce the chance of ricochets or accidentally shooting through walls in a home defense scenario. They’re now offering their PowerStrike lead-free frangible bullets in 50 round packs of 9mm in 90 grain at $22.50 per pack and 5.56/.223 in 52 grain at $22.50 per pack.

From their press release

Clintwood, VA – Allegiance Ammunition is proud to announce its release of PowerStrike lead-free frangible ammunition components, available to the public.

For the first time in company history, Allegiance will be packaging together 50 rounds of 9mm- 90 grain or 5.56/.223- 52 grain projectiles, in vacuum-sealed packaging. This opens up the opportunity for “load-your-own” or home loaders to gain access too Allegiance Ammunition projectile technology and combine it with their individual loading preferences.

“PowerStrike (HET) is designed to penetrate light barriers such as glass, wood, heavy clothing, and bone. When it hits softer, fluid filled tissue, it will break into lethal minute particles creating a wider wound cavity, resulting in severe shock trauma to the central nervous system of the soft target,” says Jeff Mullins, Allegiance Ammunition CEO “These bullets are ideal for street-duty officers and hunters because it reduces the possibility of a ricochet or shoot through.”

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  • jamezb

    Watch the videos on their website…whew! This stuff makes a gel block dance!

    • bbmg

      That means nothing. Energy transfer means nothing. If your target is wearing a bulletproof vest, any hollowpoint will transfer 100% of its energy on target – but unless it penetrates deep enough to perforate vital organs and major blood bearing vessels, you cannot even begin to speak about its lethality.

      • fakefrank0002

        What is the old saying:”shot placing is everything.” Good old ball ammo has stopped more crooks than any hollow point ever will, that said, over penetration has killed more innocent bystanders than you would think. Pick your poison. If you have a clear well placed shot then they will all do the job, if you dont, no matter what you are loading you should not pull the trigger.

        • bbmg

          It would be interesting to see some statistics of how many innocenty bystanders were killed because the shot passed through its intended target, and how many were killed because the bullet missed entirely.

          Also, hollowpoints aren’t effective because they stop in the target. Since they expand, they carve out a bigger wound channel in the target, and thus kill quicker. Naturally since a lot of energy goes into making a bigger hole, it’s not as deep as it would be for a non-expanding projectile, but this is a consequence of the wounding mechanism, not the cause of it.

      • jamezb

        Hmmm..I’ve never seen a gel block WEARING a bulletproof vest, but I suppose it could happen. Before you attack me as an idiot of some kind, Please re-read my comment. I make no claim for the suitability of this ammunition for any particular purpose. I neither endorse nor dismiss it. I said if you watch the video, it makes the gel blocks leap and contort as if they were dancing; a rather unusual effect I rarely see.

        • bbmg

          We can agree that it’s pretty impressive footage, but used to support the claim that such rounds are suitable for defense is misleading.

          My the way, here’s a gel block wearing a bulletproof vest 🙂

  • floppyscience

    “Allegiance Ammunition Products Offer:
    High-Energy Transfer (H.E.T.)
    Maximum stopping power

    …This creates so much hydrostatic shock that it instantly shuts down the central nervous system.”

    Colour me skeptical. Does anyone have actual penetration figures? Allegiance published several videos of their ammo impacting ballistic gel and boasts about the temp wound cavity diameter, but they don’t mention penetration depth. From the videos it looks like the projectile (and all its bits) only get a few inches (6?7?) into the gel.

    • bbmg

      Hear hear, I wish more people would read up on the scientific aspect of termial ballistics. This is a good a write up as I have found on some of the common myths surrounding the topic:

    • jamezb

      I am a big man…6’4” and close to 400 pounds. Never the less, if you were to cut my chest open, six inches within, you would find my heart, lungs, and liver. What mystery organs do you expect to find somewhere on the other side of my back muscles? Who are these targets you feel the need to shoot through? Hippos?

      • bbmg

        The FBI thinks that 12 inches is the minimum:

        ‘Kinetic energy does not wound. Temporary cavity does not wound. The much discussed “shock” of bullet impact is a fable and “knock down” power is a myth. The critical element is penetration. The bullet must pass through the large, blood bearing organs and be of sufficient diameter to promote rapid bleeding.

        Penetration less than 12 inches is too little, and, in the words of two of the participants in the 1987 Wound Ballistics Workshop, “too little penetration will get you killed.”‘

        You can’t guarantee your target will be shot directly from the front.

        • clinton notestine

          plus you have arms or shoulders to potentially get through

      • floppyscience

        The 12″ is such because you have to compensate for bone, muscle, clothing, and other barriers, as well as various shot angles. Ballistic gel only simulates plain tissue, and still does not mimic is perfectly.

        For example, a shot from the side that has to pass through an arm first will require more penetration to hit a vital organ. Same if the target is shooting back and a shot into center mass passes through his wrist before entering his torso.

      • tommy

        As a surgical nurse if you are 400 lbs there is no way a 6″ deep puncture would hit your liver or your heart. (Probably could hit your lungs without much problem).

  • gunslinger

    am i the first to think of the legal aspects of this?

    are the rumors of the “hot load” or “he bought crime stopper defense ammo to kill” being used against people in SD shootings?

    now if the load of this ammo is different…and is used in a defensive shooting… what will happen?

    • floppyscience

      I’ve never heard of that ever becoming the deciding factor in a self-defense case. If the shooting is justified, it’s justified. End of story. The police aren’t going to turn around and decide to arrest you for a cut-and-dry SD shooting because your ammo was scary.

      • Cymond

        Sorry for the FUD, but Ayoob wrote an article about 1 very special case. The prosecution claimed a man murderered his wife from a distance of several feet and posed the scene to look like a suicide. The husband claimed that the wife committed suicide using his “light” handloads which did not leave close-range powder burns. The courts refused to allow the remaining ammunition to be tested because the tests would consume (and destroy) the evidence.

  • Hunter57dor

    for those prices i can just go get some off the shelf, top of the line defense ammunition without the reloading hassle.

    ill pass.