Jihawg Ammo: Pork Covered Ammunition Designed To Offend

A group of Idahoans have gotten together to produce ammunition loaded with bullets dipped in pork-infused paint. Why you ask? They claim it will deter radical Islam terrorists from fighting if they run the risk of being hit in the stomach with a pork-paint tipped bullet, but most likely they did it because it is bound to offend Muslims (and maybe Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Rastafarians, Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, Seventh-day Adventists and vegans as well).

The concept of combining bullets with pork, and the offense it causes, is nothing new. The Indian Rebellion of 1857 was partly caused by the British issuing their Indian troops, who were predominately Hindu and Muslim, with cartridges that were rumored to be coated in pig and cow fat (cows are sacred to Hindus). To load their muskets they had to first bite into the paper cartridge, to remove the bullet, before pouring the powder into their gun.

On their website Jihawg say …

We at Jihawg Ammo hope you will stock up on Jihawg as a natural deterrent to the ever growing threat of radical Islam and Sharia Law. We, however, stress that the nullifying principle of our product is only effective if you are attacked by an Islamist in Jihad. Otherwise, our ammo functions just like any other ammunition so we obviously insist upon defensive use of our ammo only-not offensive.

This is blatantly false. Muslims are permitted to eat pork if it is strictly necessary for survival, or if it is forced upon them. It explicitly states this in the Quran 2:173 “… whoever is forced [by necessity], neither desiring [it] nor transgressing [its limit], there is no sin upon him …”.

Apart from this pork-paint being absolutely useless, it also raises legal questions. If you defend yourself with a pistol, the last thing you need or want is a prosecutor holding up a pork covered bullet in court and telling the jury that the person shot was a Muslim …

If you want to defend yourself, buy the most effective ammunition possible. Don’t buy crap covered in pork. As a community, we are better than this.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • floppyscience

    This is probably the worst gun-related gimmick yet. Is the “inventor” related to James Puckle, by chance?

    • CuyahogaBill

      disagree, any and all zombie products are.

      • floppyscience

        Zombies are fantasy. Muslims are not.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      Probably — pretty narrow-minded and asinine, to say the least, particularly for a supposedly well-educated barrister-at-law and prolific inventor of the period.

  • Timothy Chaffee

    I want a box

  • rjackparis

    Disgusting. With products like we’ve made ourselves just as bad as the extremists. Products like this only give the other side ammunition in their war against the west.

    • Leo

      Okay…while I agree this is rather stupid and ineffectual, this comes nowhere close to making the manufacturer or American society as a whole anywhere near as bad as the people who poison girls’ schools, blow up city-markets, and behead kids. Your comment is just rhetoric done badly. Not all stupidity is created equally.

      • rjackparis

        Just because it’s not completely on the level of the atrocities they’ve committed in the name of Allah, that doesn’t mean it’s alright to lower ourselves in this manner to strike at them. In my opinion we should be unwavering in our fight to win hearts and minds always civilized even when those that seek to harm us are not.

        • Timothy Chaffee

          The fact of the matter is…… the U.S. is mosly disliked/hated in the world. I do believe iran calls us the “great satan”

          • Vyse.04

            I would have to disagree with that statement. I have been in the military for almost 9 years, and have been to at least 12 other countries all around the world. The typical people you run into have no issues with Americans as a whole. If they did, I’m sure I would have heard something during my “vacations.”

            The countries that hate Americans will continue to do so, regardless of what happens on our land or theirs. Most are indoctrinated at a young age to despise the US, and I think these bullets will have very little impact given other propaganda that has been pushed over the years. Either way, I wouldn’t say that Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. make up most of the world.

            As a side note though, I think this is a stupid marketing gimmick aimed as a “conversation piece” for the local militia BBQs moreso than anything else.

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            I think it is important to remember that people anywhere typically don’t hate Americans, or anyone else for that matter. The so-called countries that hate America are NOT whole populations that hate America, but rather the governing bureaucracies and dictatorships of said countries and their supporters that do so for their own self-serving political ends….the ordinary people ( a.k.a. the true vast majority, if left to their own devices and free of external coercion ) usually have no such pre-disposition. It is very important for us to remember this ultimately significant difference.

        • Leo

          You’re never going to win hearts and minds. Accept it. In the Middle East, they have been known to believe in when their Imams go out and say that American forces piss on Qurans. Not saying that this isn’t a stupid product idea economically and ideologically, but you’re playing an unwinnable game. At this point, who cares?

        • JackOC

          I can’t believe this, a bunch of politically correct gun nuts! I didn’t realize that political correctness was a mental disease. What the hell does it matter if I exploit the ignorant, irrational fears of some blood-soaked barbarian who just blew up a school bus full of kids, and thinks that this bullet will deny him his 70 babes in Paradise. Serves the SOB right! When he turns and runs, drill him a new rectum! I seem to remember the Brits using stuff like this during the Islamic uprising in Malaya after WWII. It won them the war. They don’t deserve your misplaced and unnecessary compassion.j

          • rjackparis

            It’s not being so much as being politically correct it’s just not liking products made by shitbags for shitbags. Just because an extremist does flat out awful shit doesn’t mean they represent an entire religion, Same way the westboro baptist church doesn’t represent all christians.

          • JackOC

            Your sensitivity is still misplaced. “Pork” bullets are only fired at the “shitbags”. Not a round is aimed at the peaceful members of that sect. Nonetheless, my point still stands. There’s nothing inherently immoral in dipping ammo into pigs blood, chocolate syrup or whipped cream for that matter. If some primitive savage, who thinks his god commands him to murder, maim, torture and brutalize, all in the name of a Muslim :peace”, is terrified that such ammo is going to put him on the fastrack to hell, I think that’s great. Bring on the bacon grease! I.ve no problem with other Muslims who don’t want to behead me to promote that idea either, but I suggest that you do a little reading on Islam. It’s a blood soaked religion which has left brutality, violence in it’s wake. It was used by Mohammed to punish his enemies. The Koran really does command believers to kill infidels in the name of their god. Doesn’t that concern you just a bit? And I was right on the matter of using pig’s blood and entrails to combat Muslim terrorists. Even Black Jack Pershing used that techique to deter terrorists in the Phillipines. Check it out.

          • rjackparis

            Yes i’m aware of Black jack pershing, I’m from that country, If the same actions were repeated today he’d have been ninja punched or ejected, people would be screaming for his head, and muslim extremists would have a massive recruitment tool. doesn’t mean he did what’s right. And again, You’re stereotyping an entire group for the actions of a minority of that group. Shit the bible in various passages tells you to kill, Those who work sundays, Gays, people who don’t believe priests, witches, rape victims, people that aren’t virgins, non christians, Entire towns if one person in that town believes in another god., False prophets, non believers, those take the name of the lord in vein, .the list goes on man, The bible is far from peaceful.

            ( i didn’t check all of them, but the one’s i did are pretty spot on.)


          • Malaysian

            I’m sorry, but…Islamic Uprising….? You mean the Emergency period? Which involved the newly formed government of the Federation of Malaya (and later, Malaysia) along with Commonwealth forces fighting an insurgency involving the CPM or PKM (Parti Komunis Malaya)? Because i dont recall anything remotely sounding like an “Islamic Uprising” happening after WW2 in Malaya. Hell, Malaya during the post WW2 period, mainly in the 60s and 70s, was more liberal and less concerned about Islam than Malaysia today. Not trying to start argument here though, i’ve just never heard of such a thing happening and if you have evidence to back it up, i’d be more than grateful if you could share it. Have a massive interest in my nation’s history particularly during the post ww2 period.

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            JackOC, I don’t know where you’re getting your misinformation from, but you seriously need to re-examine your perceptions of history. There was no such thing as an “Islamic uprising” in Malaya in the decades after the Second World War. You are getting it mixed up with the Malayan Emergency, which lasted from 1948-1960, and which involved a Maoist-inspired insurrection led by an ethnic Chinese Malayan, Chin Peng, who was certainly the furthest thing from a devout Muslim in Malaya ( now Malaysia since independence from Great Britain in 1958 ) as one could imagine.

            In fact, the Malayan Army regiments who were actively involved in fighting this extremist communist-inspired revolution with British support and leadership comprised multi-ethnic troops who were for the most part Muslim by religion. There is a huge difference between moderate and progressive Islam versus radical or extremist Islam ( which gives every Muslim a bad name just by association ), just as there is an equally immense difference between moderate and extremist Christians, moderate and extremist Buddhists, moderate and extremist Taoists, or moderate and radical / extremist anything for that matter. The central thread in all this is very clear — radical / extremist positions go completely against the voice of reason and common sense.

          • JackOC


            I don’t visit this site much so I missed the controversy. I WAS wrong on the specific point about Malaya. It was an old recollection which turned out to be mistaken. My mistake. But I still remember some reference to using similar tactics against Muslim terrorists. I did find a reference to General Pershing in the Phillipines, who was supposed to have done the same thing. Still checking.

            But I stand by my main point which was a moral one. I have no problem with using pork covered or anything covered bullets to instill a little terror in the hearts and minds of butchers and baby killers who barbarically kill innocents in the name of their god. While insensitive and deliberately insulting, the rounds only go into the bodies of the terrorists, no others. There is NO MORAL EQUIVALENCE whatsoever. It simply is not morally wrong.

            If you’ll read my post again, I didn’t condemn “moderate” Muslims or include them as targets. However, I’m still waiting for all of the so called “moderate” Muslims to rise up as a body, and loudly CONDEMN their own radical brethren. Their silence speaks more effectively than I Can. Until then take your bigotry charge and stuff it. Try it on the scum who call non Muslims, “pigs and monkeys”, defecate on the altar of “The Church of the Nativity”, and wrap kids in dynamite. For them, bring on the bacon grease!

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            JackOC :

            I understand and respect your point of view, even though I don’t necessarily agree with all aspects of it. Just a difference of opinion, nothing more.

            I was neither implying that you were personally lumping all Muslims together as being of the fanatical or radical stripe, nor was I even thinking that you were being bigoted. The latter may have come from someone else’s comments, but certainly not mine.

            You do have a good point about the vast majority of Muslims needing to rise up as a united body to condemn the acts of the radicals, but Islam is just as fractured and divided by factionalism as Christianity or any other belief system, hence why we only hear of this condemnation coming from some quarters. Add to that the complexities of politics and international as well as intra-national economic, social, ethnic and geographical relations, and we have a very complicated situation. This is not to excuse anyone, but simply a factual statement.

            Extremism and radicalism of any type is not good. It goes against the boundaries of decency and common sense, and against the balance of nature itself. We need to be constantly aware of this and check ourselves accordingly for, as human beings, we have it to some degree within all ourselves.

            Incidentally, reading both your replies, I must say that you write very well — quite a refreshing thing to see in the age of the Internet.

        • RETROBOB

          Right. Win the hearts and minds of bloodthirsty neanderthals whose only passion in life is killing Christians, women, children, and any/all non-muslims. Right. See how far that line of thought gets you when the SHTF.

    • CuyahogaBill

      yes, by using ‘magic bullets’ that offend their ‘god’ we have become the same as child raping, women stoning, jew killing, human rights destroying, superstitious 7th century barbarians… LOGIC FAIL

      • qubi

        Well, no, of course not. But the manufacturer of this idiotic ammo is certainly aiding and abetting those child raping, women stoning, etc. barbarians by helping them spread their message.

      • rjackparis

        Good job being a bigot and reducing an entire religion to a stereo type. Next thing you’re going to go into how dem jews are horading all urr moneh, Or how dem mexicans took ur juub

    • john huscio

      they’ve waged an imperialist war of expansion against the west (thats us) for 1400 years. i don’t give a damn if they get upset about a few pork covered bullets.

      • N/A

        I do seem to recall the “west (that’s you) ” going all “imperialist war of expansion” gun-ho a few centuries, nay, decades ago.

        Learn your own history, mate.

  • agent_orange

    This is by far the most retarded thing I’ve seen to come out of the gun world. Makes me sick to be affiliated as a fellow gun owner with prejudiced fools such as these.

    • Cymond

      I don’t know…. It’s stupid & offensive, but not inherently dangerous to your health or safety. I think we can find something stupider if we try.

      • Joe Somebody

        Of course we can, such as your use of the word “stupider”.

      • Mang

        There was a picatinny rail accessory that came out a couple years into the second Iraq war. It was a little sign facing the muzzle that said “IRAQI PASSPORT PHOTO, WAIT FOR THE FLASH.” Anybody else remember that? Gave me douche chills.

    • ASRDude

      Silver Bullet gun oil… with pig fat, with the same offending intent. It came out years ago and was all the rage on The Firearms Forum (one reason I’m not there anymore).

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Yes, I remember that — nice to see that you had the integrity to stand up against idiotic bigotry and thoughtless emotion.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      You couldn’t have stated it more succinctly.

    • JackOC

      Why is this clever tactic “retarded”. It uses a mistaken and superstitious belief held by a butchering enemy, to make he himself reconsider his actions. Using your enemies own momentum against him is part of combat. In our society where the ends don’t justify the means, (as opposed to Islam by the way), the act itself must be morally acceptable or at least neutral. Coating bullets to be used against a brutal enemy with “pigs blood” is no different morally from painting them red. As I said in my post of 6/28 if he thinks that it will cost him his soul, then it becomes part of his risk/benefit process. If it stops him in his tracks, the world is better off at no moral cost to ourselves. I’m sick and tired of having to accept crippling restrictions being put on our responses to terrorism simply because we didn’t say “May I”, while virtually any type of behavior on the part of the Muslim radicals is excused and explained away.. There is NO COMPELLING MORAL JUSTIFICATION FOR THIS,

      Political correctness is just an ethical fraud rooted in Orwellian groupthink. Those who conform to it do it to their own peril. How we have allowed it to dictate lunacy over reason in our society is incredible.

      • Idaho_Roper

        Beautifully spoken.

    • Chris Ian Hunnewell

      well said

  • Tyler Marcoz

    Meh, freedom of expression.

    • rjackparis

      In the same manner of the Phelps Clan. Doesn’t mean we have to support it.

    • Kevinberger

      There is a fine line between running an honest grift and just being a dumbass. This is my defintion of “freedom of expression”.

  • NickB

    Maybe I can make some human flavored to make the zombies eat each other

    • Kevinberger

      That is… brilliant.

  • Give a F— Pass the Buck

    Sepoy Rebellion 2013…I thought we were better than this. I can understand and get behind the Infidel morale patches etc. but this is a little ridiculous. The worst part is the way things are going most people will buy any ammo they can find.

    • CuyahogaBill

      The Sepoy rebellion illustrates the difference between them and us and how we should deal with them. The Brits may have snuck animal byproducts into the cartridges, in return, the animals slaughtered the families of the soldiers, in return, the soldiers made them clean the blood caked ball room with their tongues then executed them. We may mock their religion, who cares, piss jesus mocks mine, but they have no problem slaughtering defenseless innocents, then and now. They can FOAD and so can self-righteous holier-than-thou gun owners.

    • qubi

      I can’t even get behind the Infidel morale patches. Taken out of a religious context, “infidel” just means “unfaithful”. Therefore, the morale patch is meant to work inside a religious context, which makes the connotation pretty bad.

      I’d rather have Christian troops wear patches with “Allahu Akbar” written in Arabic- that would make more sense- “God is great” is a pretty nice thing to rally around for monotheists of all flavors, and it would also turn something that is classically seen as the slogan of the enemy into a force for good. Incidentally, it would probably even give American troops good PR in Arabic countries.

      Personally, as an atheist/agnostic, “infidel” would actually be a very appropriate patch for me, but I still wouldn’t wear it given the possibly offensive religious connotations.

      • Spencer W

        allah does not mean God it means allah. And akbar does not mean great it means greatest or greater. Knowing that gives it whole different meaning.

        • KeatonRH

          I understand where you are coming from, but I could make the same argument about the Christian use of the word God

          • Spencer W

            Then try.

          • KeatonRH

            The English word for deity is god, in Arabic the word for deity is allah. The Christian word for their particular deity is God, the Muslim word for their particular deity is Allah. A Christian man can walk down the street in an Arabic speaking nation and shout “Allahu Akbar” without commit any form of blasphemy in his religion. Argument made.

          • Spencer W

            “The transliterated phrase from Arabic reads, “La ilaha illAllah.” A word for word translation into English would read: La [no] ilaha [god] ill [except or but] Allah [Allah]. The important thing to note is that the word “Allah” is a name and is not the word for god. If “Allah” were the word for god, then the phrase would read, “there is no allah but allah. Clearly it does not. The Qur’an itself claims that Allah is the personal name of the Islamic god: (Qur’an 17:110) “Say, Call Him Allah or call Him Ar-Rahman; whatever the name you call Him, all His names are beautiful.” If “Allah” were the word for god, then Islam’s god is nameless. There is also no evidence that the word “Allah” is a contraction of the words “al ilah,” which means, “the god.” If it were, then again, the phrase would read, “there is no allah but allah.” As part of the first “Pillar of Islam,” this issue is critical as Islam claims that the God of the Bible (whose name is Yahweh) and Allah are one in the same and that we all, therefore, worship the same god.” http://prophetofdoom.net/Does_Allah_mean_God.Islam

        • AD

          Allah is the Arabic word for God, as evidenced by the fact that Illah is the Arabic word for god (small “g”, as in “a god”, not “the one and only God”). So yes, “Allahu akbar” means “God is greatest”. There is no “whole new meaning” in that, it is exactly what it sounds.

          Using the sentiment that “God is great” as a common ground between different religions seems like a good idea to me, the idea of people of other faiths wearing patches that say “Allahu akbar” sounds like a nice idea, but I’m afraid people on both sides may interpret it as being mocking, or inappropriate for different reasons.

          • Spencer W

            That is not how it is used in the quran or hadith. alah is a name and ilah means god.
            Qur’an 13:30 “They do not believe in Ar-Rahman. Tell them, ‘He is my Lord. There is no other ilah but He. In Him I have placed my trust.'” Qur’an 59:22 “Allah is He, no other Ilah may be worshiped”

          • AD

            Yes, it’s a name, that translates to God, because God’s name is God. Saying “God is not the same as Allah” doesn’t really make any sense; that’s like saying Terra is not the same as Earth. “Allah” and “God” are words in different languages that both refer to a singular omnipotent Creator.

  • Kyle

    Prejudiced ammunition like this is just more for the gun banners to use against us.

    • rjackparis

      I was just about to say that. People already Think we’re bigots. This isn’t helping.

      • George

        What people?

        • Trex

          Why the leftist queers who have handls like Komrad with lovely little equal signs…. They are the ‘people’ we better not offend when expressions of the 1st and 2d amendments offend their all important feelings

          • Kyle

            You know how rjackparis said people think we’re bigots and then you turn around and use the term queer? You’re not helping our case at all. I love guns as much as any other person on this site, but at the same time I support all those people who want truly equal rights, not just privileges. That being said, I will use my freedom of speech to tell you that you are a bigot, and that the gun community has no room for bigots in it, and neither does the rest of society.

          • Kyleisqueer

            Spoken like a true culture Marxist. Did not know you speak for ‘society’. It is people like you who have made the gun banners all the more bold.

            Queer eye for the straight guy!

          • Kyle

            Culture Marxist? I don’t speak for society, society speaks for itself. I’m beginning to realize you just regurgitate the things you think are correct, but when confronted on your ignorance, you hide behind names like “Kyleisqueer.”. What would it matter if I were ‘queer’ or not? Does something like that really influence what a person’s “Worth” is to you? Are you the same kind of person who dismisses the opinions of others when they conflict with your own solely on the person’s attributes rather than the content of their opinion. But hey this is america, a supposedly free country. You’re entitled to continue being a bigoted jackass and huddle with your ilk thinking that you are correct, infallibly so at that. I admire people like you because I will never understand how they can continue their diatribe and truly believe in what they so choose to believe in. If you don’t understand what my Marxist Queer words mean because their length and meaning scare you, I’m calling you a moron. If people like me make gun banners all the more bold, then I wait on bated breath to see what you make them do.

          • mobiustripp

            dead homophobes can’t bash

          • STFUTWIT

            Neither can dead Heterophobes……

      • Dave T

        If their religious doctrines didn’t call for all infidels (you and I) to be killed we would not need things like this. Its funny in the land of free speech, you can’t say anything they don’t like because if they kill someone it’s our fault for stirring them up. What ever happened to “words will never hurt me”. Muslims look for any excuse to attack and kill, then blame the victim for “dissing them or Mohammed” If you are fool enough to side with them you will be killed with the rest of us, for you are still an infidel. Read the Hadith, Sura and Quran if you don’t believe me. War is ugly, use the tools that inflict the most damage and fear on your enemy – Islam.

        • DiverEngrSL17K

          Dave T, while I respect your right to express an opinion, the statement that “Muslims look for any excuse to attack and kill” is ridiculous. Perhaps, if you had said “Radical extremist militant Muslims look for any excuse to attack and kill”, it might have made some difference, as this same tenet would have applied to extremist radical Christians, extremist radical Buddhists, extreme radical Taoists, extreme radical atheists, or extreme radical anyone for that matter, the key being “extreme” and/or “radical”. You might want to consider that “in the land of free speech, you can’t say anything they don’t like because if they kill someone it’s our fault for stirring them up” applies to the general attitude of all radical groups which have a conformal approach to a given issue, and who simply will not, both within the United States and without, accept anything beyond their stated interpretation. As for the epithet that war is ugly, and that one should use the tools that inflict maximum fear and damage upon one’s enemy, this is nothing new, and goes back much further in the annals of human history than the Koran itself. Yes, war is ugly ( in every aspect ), but the attitudes that engender the prejudices that drive it are even uglier.

      • Bradley J. Timm

        America is largely comprised of bigots, assholes, douchebags and people incapable of empathy. THis is yet another bi-product.

        • STFUTWIT

          If you get your head out of the DNC world that creates this kind of hate, you’d see that America is a pretty cool place…..especially if you’ve been overseas…..and from your comment, I see that you’ve never left that basement…..get out and smell some flowers….it does the mind wonders of good…..

    • George

      Oh right Kyle. Our whole goal should be to satisfy those that hate us no matter what. Why don’t you just give up your guns and join the NAACP /ACLU then the will really love you.

      Moran labe

      • Komrad

        It’s not about that at all.
        It is partly about not giving anti-gunners another thing to point to.
        More than that though, it’s about being a decent human being rather than a bigoted asshole.

        • t-bird

          That’s not possible. There will always be something for the perpetually aggrieved to take issue with.

          • Komrad

            Therefore you should not only make no attempt but be actively offensive?

          • Tolds

            Right. Because you leftist fools never act offensively.

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            You might want to be more circumspect about whom you choose to call a fool. In reality, it works both ways most of the time.

        • George

          Do you consider name calling “bigoted xxxhole” to make you a Decent human being”?

          By the way, idiot Komrad typically refers to leftist murderers.

          • Komrad

            To both George and Tolds.
            I do not consider myself a leftist.
            Komrad is just a name I chose years ago and is in no way related to any of my personal beliefs.

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            As opposed to whom, right-wing death squads? The reality, whether one likes it or not, is that both sides were, and are, guilty of similar crimes when one examines human history in detail.

          • JackOC

            Just a few words need to be said about your reliance on moral equivalence. Obviously a valid concept, it’s just that when it’s applied to anything the US does, the interpretation only seems to go one way.
            We’re all governed ultimately by the laws of our God. Regarding the act of smearing pork residues on bullets, there is no commandment or body of law which makes that illegal or immoral, so the morality depends on the circumstances or intent. If we were to really believe that doing so DID relegate the perpetrator’s soul to the tortures of hell, a priori, then I believe a case could be made, but of course we don’t. If the other guy does believe it, especially an ethically bereft one, then that’s his problem, not mine. As to the ultimate disposition of his immortal soul, we tend to let God handle things like that. If the barbarian doesn’t deserve Hell, then he won’t get it. It’s that simple. As far as your equivalence of the Buddhists, the Taoists, and especially that vast army of Christian right wing radicals, you tend to paint with a broad brush. Show me the last time, that a Buddhist hijacked a 757, or a Christian blew up a nightclub. stoned a woman to death or exacted dhimmitude from an infidel, Of course I’m not denying the presence of sin in all groups, just your lack of appropriate balance flaws your comparisons.

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            JackOC :

            I certainly appreciate your reply and course of reasoning. You are obviously a well-read and educated person who has given this issue careful thought. I can understand why it seems, at least on the surface, that some Muslims are engaging in this duality of thought and action. However, most people, regardless of race, religion or creed have, at one time or the other, engaged in some form of duality and rationalization. It is a part of the human condition.

            While I agree with portions of your reasoning, I have to say that my intent was not to simply paint everyone with a broad, sweeping brush ; after all, each and every circumstance requires its own specific examination. In that light, we also have to be careful in the interests of fairness about painting all Muslims with a similar broad brush ; much of the violence is perpetrated in the name of Allah by individuals or organizations who have a real underlying political or ethnic motive that they conveniently disguise as a religious cause to convince and motivate the ignorant or susceptible. An examination of human history will show this to be true of most nations, ethnic groups and societies at one stage or the other. One example is the purported religious bent of the Afghan Taliban and its desire to re-impose Sha’aria law on that beleaguered country ; in reality, the Taliban’s real desire is to regain political mastery, and they see the path of violence as a means to an end, with Sha’aria law as a convenient tool to enforce that end. The fact that many of their leaders are local warlords with an eye towards gaining more territory and influence supports this. Add to this volatile mixture the deep-seated Afghan hostility towards domination by what they see as outsiders ( one can hardly blame them, given the abuses they have had to endure at the hands of countless invaders and conquerers over the centuries ), and we have an almost impossible situation on hand.

            “Christians” have carried out large-scale genocide against people of other religious groups in recent memory in the Balkan wars. Again, certain “Christian” Serbians committed these crimes against Muslim Bosnians and Croats. And again, the name of God was often used as a thinly-veiled excuse for ethnic cleansing and, ultimately, the will to power and dominance. We all know that God would not condone such acts. To their credit, many Serbians objected strenuously to the persecution, but were simply ignored or themselves beaten, tortured, killed or ostracized.

            The ongoing ethnic violence in Burma is pitting the Buddhist majority against the Muslim minority in parts of the country. By all accounts, many Buddhists have persecuted, and committed real atrocities against, their Muslim neighbours, and have been quite openly contemptuous of the latter’s religion. The Buddha would have wept to see this come to pass. Yet again, the divide along religious lines often coincides with ethnic differences and the social, cultural and economic pre-dominance of a given group. Balanced against this are the enormous personal risks many Buddhists have taken in sheltering their Muslim friends and neighbours from rioters and lynch mobs.

            The partition of British Colonial India into present-day India and Pakistan shortly after the Second World War resulted in horrific massacres and murders carried out by fanatical Hindus against those who were once friends, neighbours and family. In exchange, fanatical Muslims did the same to innocent Hindus. The legacy of this rendition continues to simmer and sometimes boil over today in that region, as witness the fighting and atrocities in the Punjab and Kashmir.

            The above are just a few examples of how most groups are equally guilty of large-scale killings in the name of God, Allah, the Buddha, etc., once again keeping in mind the fusion of underlying motives and duality that is used to rationalize such unspeakable actions. All are on a level far exceeding the blowing up of an airliner or the bombing of a night club. In all cases, the vast majority of casualties are innocent people who only want to be left alone to try and make a proper living for themselves and their families as best as they know how, but who have been coerced by circumstances and by those with the will to power.

            The real hope we have in overcoming this quandary lies in the vast majority of people from all backgrounds and walks of life who might be moved towards taking action to prevent such occurrences out of a sense of justice engendered by God, Allah, the Buddha, a life philosophy or just plain decency. We can also rest assured that the individuals and groups who harbor ambitions for power and dominance will not easily give up and will do everything they can to maintain control.

      • qubi

        If you’re looking for people who hate, just look in a mirror you bigot.

        also, you spelled “Molon Labe” wrong, just FYI

        • George

          Oh yes. The ultimate leftist sin. Being “racist’.

          Let me as a simple question. What would make the USA a safer country:

          Making guns illegal or making blacks illegal?

          • Tim Baldwin

            we would be safer if blacks were made illegal, since about 85% of violent crimes are committed by blacks…..guns don’t commit crimes but blacks do, as well as browns, whites and yellows…..but again, you asked and statistics bear out this information……there you go…..guns are incapable of action unless used by a living person, blacks on the other hand are the living human.
            And it’s MOLON LABE….its Greek said about 3500 years ago by a great Spartan King…..

      • rjackparis

        ” Moran labe”

        This has to be a joke.

        Then again with that ” get a brain morans” sign guy I’m not sure.

        • Kevinberger

          I think the correct spelling is “Moron Labia!”.

          • DiverEngrSL17K

            Nice call on the alliteration :).

      • ..?

        Says the guy who can’t even spell “moron” in his futile attempt at a pun.

      • Kyle

        Or whole goal is to not make ourselves out to be bigots and racists like those who conspire against us, you ignorant fool. Do you just jump to that conclusion when anyone says something you don’t like, or is it just me personally.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        George, before you go any further, you might want to consider the fact that the ACLU will defend anyone whom it deems to have had his/her civil liberties and/or rights violated, regardless of religion, ethnicity, financial status or background. Bear in mind that this includes YOU. There is an actual record of the ACLU having actively defended individuals who are unabashedly racist or otherwise pre-disposed towards prejudice on the grounds of civil liberties and the rights thereof.

        It might be easy to lump the ACLU and other civil liberties groups into the so-called “liberal” nutshell, but the reality is not quite what the pundits and talking heads may have led us to believe. There is no substitute for the truth, regardless of one’s beliefs or emotional pre-dispositions.

    • cnnspy

      So what?? It is always ‘us’ against ‘them’. in the end, it doesn’t matter. There will always be some disgruntled individuals.

  • jsinofsky

    Yeah…..fuck these guys.

  • DougE

    This is what still gives me hope for America 🙂

    • DougE

      I suppose I should’ve put a flame suit on after reading some of the other comments. We can only try not to be hated so much. Their intent to try to offend is somewhat refreshing after everybody else trying to walk on eggshells.

      • Komrad

        There’s a difference between saying what you think regardless of who might take offense and deliberately trying to offend. This falls into the latter.

      • qubi

        What you refer to as “walking on eggshells”, I call basic human decency. It’s not hard to respect all religions regardless of extremist groups, especially given that extremism is so rare among religious people as a whole.

        Making ammo against a whole religious group to target extremists is akin to developing an antibiotic that kills every cell in your body just to get rid of a pimple.

  • Nathaniel

    I have a difficult time believing this was done for any reason other than novelty and “teh lulz”. Anyone who buys this ammunition with serious intent is most likely well below your message, Steve.

    • Man I don’t know if this is a novelty or not. We have enough loons running around that it may very well be a serious effort.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Don’t counter insurgents in the Phillipines do this?

    • zap branigan

      They use Pork adobo and garlic rice.

    • rjackparis

      black jack pershing supposedly.

  • thedougbob

    If you don’t like it STFU. It’s called freedom, Get over it!

    • I don’t like it. As Steve said we are better than this. Freedom to be stupid in this case should about cover it.

    • Austin

      Having freedom doesn’t make you free from critique or protest for that mater. Take a closer look at the amendment just before the second.

  • Dickington

    Being Buddhist, I’m not offended by pork products.

    Rather, I’m offended by being shot in the first place, regardless of pork products.
    I’m fairly sure compassion for others doesn’t include being shot by food-laced bullets.

    • EOD!

      Death is Death no matter how you serve it, But if you can play with
      Psychological warfare that’s good to. You see if they can cut our manhood off and stick it in our mouth then we should be able to send them to Mohammad and not collect 72 virgins. RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!!!

      • mobiustripp

        so is it hard for you to piss standing up?

    • Sonokar

      You can’t be a Buddhist if you have a credit card.

  • Uncle HAM-Jihawg Ammo

    Please read carefully. The Jihawg product was devised out of real and practical knowledge of the Jihadist belief system. The intent is to CAUSE PEACE. A natural and peaceful deterrent to a growing global threat. By causing the Jihadist to pause it saves their life and yours. I’d say a pretty smart solution where none existed before–just ask Daniel Pearl or any number of those killed on 9/11. We would have come up with a “sit and have tea” set but we realized the radical Jihadist may not go for that. Wise Up.

    • rjackparis

      Not really seeing as a few of the muslim religions have adapted a policy of forgiving forced exposure to the unclean. that’s being tricked, and being forced. Pretty sure forced falls under getting shot.

    • James Oaks

      How does this — in any way — cause a jihadist to “pause” as opposed to encountering an armed assailant with un-porked bullets?

    • clinton notestine

      Im sure this works about as well as shrimp bullets against other Abrahamic religions

    • qubi

      If I were a so-called “jihadist”, or any Muslim for that matter, seeing this product on American shelves would just make me angrier. If you are a Christian (a fair assumption given U.S. + gun owner demographics), would pentagram-tipped bullets give you any pause? Hell, regardless of religion, would poison-tipped bullets deter you in an armed conflict?

      This is not a smart solution- you’re only making the problem worse by reinforcing the notion that Americans are bigots. If you are really concerned about “causing peace”, you shouldn’t start by alienating peaceful Muslims with your offensive product.

      Furthermore, selling products like this is just about the least patriotic thing you could possibly do as a law-abiding citizen; you’re just putting more American lives in jeopardy overseas by rallying more idiots to the “jihadist” cause.

    • Llewellyn Franks

      >Has clearly never read any part of the Koran
      I have never heard of a rampaging radical of any religion pausing because the other guy might shoot them regardless of what the bullets are tipped with. Come back when you make a product that actually upholds the good name of the gun owning community and ISN’T designed to kill a specific ethnic group.

    • MertvayaRuka

      “Please read carefully. The Jihawg product was devised out of real and practical knowledge of the Jihadist belief system.”

      Except for the part about trying to violate their strictures about cleanliness by force not actually working. The whole “shoot them with bullets dipped in pig fat, bury them in pig skins” thing was debunked ages ago. It’s no more binding than it would be if someone tortured a christian into renouncing jesus. It has to be voluntary. This product was devised out of real and practical knowledge of dumbshit bigots, how to milk cash out of said dumbshit bigots and make them thank you for the privilege. Now honestly, I’m not one to get in the way of someone snookering a whole lot of drooling mouth-breathers out of a whole lot of cash, but I also can’t resist pointing out what an absolute worthless tool the designer of this ammo is and how blindingly stupid anyone who buys it has to be to believe this shit.

  • A.g.

    It will be better with garlic coating. The wounds won’t heal.

  • My question is: Where are they getting the primers right now?

    And, perhaps this stuff requires “refrigeration after opening”?

  • vak

    That’s great, but I think they haven’t entirely cornered the market on hate ammo. I mean, if we REALLY wanted to send the message that gun people are all sociopathic racists, we should also make anti-black, anti-jew and anti-asian ammo. Shit, why stop here ? let’s also make anti-irish, anti-feminist, anti-buddhist, anti-mexican ammo too!

    This is terrible, and it only brings shame on every reasonable gun person. My only hope is that it is just a devious way to make a quick buck by riding on intolerance and ignorance of islam (bonus protip : pork isn’t to muslims what garlic and crosses are to vampires) rather than something that was actually politically motivated.

    • Leo

      wasn’t aware “feminist” was a race…

      • junyo

        Frankly, I wasn’t aware ‘Muslim’ was a race.

      • Shambhala666

        forget it .. he’s on a roll.

      • Kevinberger

        Idea : pink bullets, to shoot wimmen. Don’t tell me I’m not onto something, here. Bonus idea! Draw a little penis head on top of the pink bullet, and… it becomes the ideal bullet to shoot teh Gays, too!

    • Active

      Wasn’t aware of terror attacks against America by jews and Asians, and the last black one was CORE back in the ’80s. Metaphor fail; perhaps you should grow up.

      • Vak

        So you’d be fine with anti white chrisitan militia ammo because of Timothy McVeigh or does your logic only applies to brown people?

  • Wosiu

    Ultimate anti Jew-zombi ammunition (see short movie “Night of living Jews”)

  • migo

    i’m sure that these men are good persons i’m only sad that this is an effort in the wrong direction i blame Muslims that deliver a wrong message about Islam i also blame people who don’t try hard enough to understand before taking action

    Dr. Ahmad

  • wetcorps


  • clinton notestine

    wheres the bullets dipped in logic and reason… they work against all religion.

    • Kevinberger

      Actually, I’m sure than even non logic and reason-dipped bullets work pretty well. Shot placement is the answer. I’d suggest shooting Jehova witnesses, they’re pacifists and won’t shoot back, plus, since they don’t believe in blood transfusion, even a seemingly non-fatal wound could get you an another notch. Win-win.

  • Rick Bickel

    Careful, some of these comments are bordering on political. Can’t we just focus on the ammo specs, terminal ballistics, and other details while continuing to ignore the fact that our gun rights our in jeopardy?

  • Jackal

    I wasn’t going to comment here but was compelled to do so based on the comments so far. I am disappointed you all take this so seriously. The shooting community is usually the most level headed and rational people out there. Recognise this for what it is, a joke. Think about it, an ammo manufacturer paints a food product on their bullets. Laugh about this and move on. Its silly to think a bullet painted with pork will send a jihadist to hell any faster than some other 5.56 ball ammo.

    Maybe I am missing something substantial here but I believe anyone who is offended by this is naive and foolish, is someone who doesn’t enjoy the sentiment of a good laugh.

    Trust me, if you get shot your last concern will be whether the bullet was “tainted” with pork or not.

    • qubi

      Maybe I am missing something substantial here, but anyone who doesn’t understand how offensive this is A: Not a Muslim, and B: Has Never suffered significant racial, ethnic, or religious discrimination in his/her life.

      According to the manufacturer, this ammo is specifically designed for use against Muslims. If that doesn’t raise any alarm bells for you, what if a manufacturer released watermelon-tipped ammo for use on black people? Would that be funny?

      Try to understand why some people might not be able to “laugh and move on”, when genocide of an already discriminated-against religious group is the topic of the “joke”. I think you’re the one who is “naive and foolish”. Thankfully, naivety and foolishness are easily curable by serious efforts to learn and understand. Take some time to get to know people who haven’t had the luxury of being untroubled by bigotry.

      • Jackal

        Your implications that I am a bigot are foolhardy and completely false. Please calm down a bit and put these things into perspective. Watermelon-tipped-bullets would be humorous as well. I don’t know a single educated black person who would be “genuinely” offended by that. Its a joke and a laugh on defunct stereotypes. Create a bullet for christian and caucasian stereotypes (if you haven’t guessed thats me) and i will be laughing. I would probably buy a box of that too. I feel no need to be hypersensitive to stereotypes and act so easily offended. Rule #1: If you can’t make fun of yourself you shouldn’t make fun of anyone else.

        Don’t insult my intelligence here by saying I need to learn and understand, I have a pretty good understanding of how your feelings get hurt easily and in turn how it affects your rationale and judgement.. Furthermore, I can guarantee not one of us here (myself included) is buying pork coated or watermelon-tipped bullets to bring with us to war or for use in self defense. I may buy a box to give to a friend as a late fathers day gag gift.

        Is this kind of product juvenile and in bad taste? Yes/maybe. Should anyone let themselves be offended by this? Absolutely not.

        • qubi

          I’ve personally known enough “educated black people” to know that plenty would be offended. Heck, I’ve even been on the giving side of offense without knowing it, until I got to know my friends better and really understood the pain they experienced from systemic discrimination (hint: it’s not a topic they like to bring up even when offended, especially since it’s a huge social downer- I know this from personal mistakes). Speaking of which, does it really matter if the person is educated or not? Education, socioeconomic status, and rationalism doesn’t make bigotry hurt any less.

          Also, making the “Christian and Caucasian stereotype” defense is a common and seemingly logical retort, but it doesn’t work for one very good reason: Christians and Caucasians have never been an oppressed people in the United States, and have never known the pain of being discriminated against just because of skin color or religion. It’s similar in principle to the idea that men suffer from social constructs and policies as much as women do, leading to ridiculous justifications for “Mens’ rights groups”. You wouldn’t know the pain of an offensive joke because you have the luxury of brushing it off as ridiculous, while minorities have to live and breathe it every day.

          I’ll give you credit for the notion that nobody “should” be offended by this product from a rational standpoint, but for the group at the short end of the stick, being offended is usually not a choice.

          I have no doubt that you’re an intelligent, reasonable human being. I’m only trying to point out that you really have to open your mind and heart to trying to understand the problems of bigotry, rather than analyzing it from afar.

          • The Truth

            “Christians and Caucasians have never been an oppressed people in the
            United States, and have never known the pain of being discriminated
            against just because of skin color or religion.”

            Obviously you haven’t heard of the Mormons or Branch Davidians.

            I equally suspect you have never lived or worked in a predominantly non-Caucasian community. I have and can personally attest to the fact painful discrimination is color blind.

          • qubi

            Whoa, I’m impressed! You can point out a couple of predominantly white groups that were oppressed. Go ahead, throw the Irish and Italians in that bunch too. Were any of those groups ever enslaved? Were any of those groups ever put in internment camps during wartime because of the color of their skin? My point is that it’s ridiculous to even consider the idea that whites as a group suffer anywhere near the level of discrimination as other races.

            As a matter of fact I have spent a great deal of time in non-Caucasian communities. Sure there is mutual racism and tension, I’m not denying that. But have you ever been a non-white living in a predominantly Caucasian community, for example basically the whole country? Sorry but you really don’t understand the difference in magnitude.

          • RocketScientist

            As a matter of fact the Irish were taken by their British
            oppressors under Oliver Cromwell, removed from their land under threat of arms,
            shipped to tobacco and indigo plantations in the Caribbean against their will,
            and forced to work for no pay and minimal food/shelter for the rest of their
            lives… in what way is this not chattel slavery? And while we are on the subject
            of slavery, decades after the ‘evil oppressive white Christians’ had outlawed
            slavery in the British empire, Europe and North America, there were millions of
            people living under the bondage of slavery in South America, in western Africa,
            and in Turkey/Persia/middle-east. Slavery was a social institution from the
            beginning of civilization until the middle of the 19th century. White
            Christians were some of the first to abandon it, and over the ensuing decades
            were the most stringent in stamping out its existence in the rest of the world.

          • Kevinberger

            Heh, being serious for a second, which part of the “United Kingdom” lost almost 1/4th to 1/3rd of its population in the mid 19th Century, due to rampant political abuse and discrimination by a foreign occupying power compounding a “normal” potato blight famine?
            I do believe that quite a few of the fellows living there ended up across the pond, where they were not that well-receive, too.

          • john huscio

            the irish were indentured servants for a while, which basically meant they were as close to slaves as europeans could be within european civilization

          • Kevinberger

            “Obviously you haven’t heard of the Mormons or Branch Davidians.”
            How can you conflate the two? One is a cult, which behaved as a cult, was led by a scam artist and a perv, indulged in violence against outsiders including the governement, violence against internal dissenters, used make-it-up-as-you-go religion “revelations” to justify sexual abuses,… whatever discrimination they got, they deserved, and more than that.

            The Branch Davidians, on the other hand, were indeed injustly and tragically mistreated.

          • rjackparis

            so, Somehow you experiencing that makes this sort of product ok? I was discriminated against so it’s ok if other people are too?

    • EOD1

      Death is Death no matter how you serve it, But if you can play with
      Psychological warfare that’s good to. You see if they can cut our manhood off and stick it in our mouth then we should be able to send them to Mohammad and not collect 72 virgins. RANGERS LEAD THE WAY!!! O By the way My Ammo Is called BACON BULLETS ITS ALL GOOD

  • Dr1579

    Pretty sure that we can conclude that the sense of humor in the gun community is stone cold dead, cause I find this bloody hilarious! Just because it offends someone, even on purpose doesn’t make it wrong, or right for that matter.

    • qubi

      I think it’s safe to assume that you have never been a victim of systemic discrimination. Jokes about creative ways to kill specific ethnic/religious groups are seldom (if ever) funny.

      • Dr1579

        You would be incorrect, also experience does not dictate fact, it simply adds emotion.

        And the bloody Muslims are systematically trying to kill us and our culture, I think its totally fair play to find new and entertaining ways of sending them off to the great car bomb in the sky.

        • qubi

          Thank you for proving my point for me.

          • Dr1579

            Its still funny.

          • JackOC

            Do you honestly think that coating killing bullets with pork paint, changes the moral perspective of their use. They’re meant to kill, and otherwise hinder the effectiveness of a barbaric enemy., who are ignorant enough to believe that pig contamination will deny them Paradise, leaving aside, for the moment the paradox of whether their blowing up of innocent kids shouldn’t do the same or more. We are under no moral obligation to cater to this Islamic superstition, nor to shed a tear for murderers if we use their ignorance against them.

  • Komrad

    Yay. Now the people that sell “Infidel” T-Shirts and have “Don’t talk to me if you’re a Democrat” signs at gun shows will have another way to alienate large groups of people.

    I love shooting and the culture is usually friendly, but the few bigots in the gun culture sicken me.

  • Djibouti

    Think of the Rastafarians and Ethiopian orthodox Christians!!!

  • Squidpuppy

    I have one question: how are they gonna know you’re using this ammo? Is there, like, a headband, or something the shooter wears? Maybe a flag? A bacon badge might be a good icon for this purpose…

  • Nobama

    Hey if the price is right, it’s punching paper just the same.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    Muslims are okay to hate whereas more protected classes like American Africans are not.

  • jamezb

    Please lose the pork-painted attempt at humor. If you have components to manufacture ammo and put it on the shelves, get out of the satire business and into the ammo business. In case you haven’t noticed, there is a shortage of regular ammo, but no shortage of buyers…If you were counting on a gimmick to get a couple bucks extra per box, change your name to Actually Available Ammo, and charge whatever you planned on charging in the first place. It’s probably a better gimmick anyway.

  • Charlie Foxtrot

    My personal feelings about this aside how do the last three paragraphs of your post fit with your “firearms not politics” motto?

    • KeatonRH

      Telling people not be a**-holes to other people because of their religious beliefs is not politics

      • JM

        Yes, actually, it is. Politics is defined as “the art or science of influencing other people on a civic or individual level”

  • Limerance

    This is extremely ignorant and prejudiced, and should be taken off any shelves they’re on and all advertisement cut off.

    Right after I get a box.

  • GunTotingLib

    So I guess the new product brainstorming went something like,although we sell every round we can make, maybe we can sell more if we mix in a little hate and bigotry. Sell quality ammo, don’t profit from hate

  • Big E

    Bunch of whiners crying ‘Bigot’ this and ‘Offensive’ that. It’s a silly idea some guys came up with to try to sell some stuff. There are a LOT of things that deserve our concern right now. This is ain’t none of them.

  • Marsh626

    Once again we see Steve Johnson revealing himself as the libtard traitor that he is.

    I was banned from posting comments on this website because a Muslim immigrant from Indonesia living in Washington state (if I remember correctly) was praising Islamic jihadists as the greatest warriors in the world. I basically responded to his comment by writing that he was yet another typical faux-moderate Muslim that’s part of a growing 5th column in the Western world.

    Boom. Banned.

    Now we see Stevie Dick getting all huffy and puffy over a bunch of “bigoted” “Islamophobes” creating ammo to offend our Islamic jihadist enemies. You know, the people who suicide bomb us, behead us and are doing everything within their power to slaughter and enslave us? God forbid any “infidel” give them a symbolic middle finger by marketing bullets covered in bacon grease. Because we’re “better than that”. Better than what? Better than growing a set of balls and standing up for ourselves?

    Insulting Islam is punishable by death under Islamic sharia law. God forbid people protest Islamic oppression with gestures like this. No. We should instead just bend over and take it up the bum from Muhammad and crew.

    Screw you Steve Johnson, your staff and your D Bagger readers. Here’s hoping you all get taken out in the next Islamic jihad terrorist attack (they seem to like targeting “liberal” areas).

    All guns. No politics. Yeah, right. Unless it comes to support for the global jihad and denouncing anyone who dares to mock them.

    • qubi

      News flash: Jihadists were once supported by the American Govt., and they fought for American interests (for better or for worse). Some still do- you can’t through all “jihadists” into one context-free bag. I’m not Steve Johnson or a blog contributor, but I’m assuming you were banned because your comment probably attacked the entire Islamic faith for the crimes of a few. I’m sure he would have done the same if someone had posted that Christians are all hateful assholes who should be wiped out, judging solely from the actions of the KKK and terrorists like Tim McVeigh. I fully support free speech in public forum, regardless of the content, but I can understand why some might want to restrict non-constructive hate speech on their private websites.

      I’m going to assume for the moment that you consider yourself a Christian- forgive me if I’m wrong. I recall a particular verse from Matthew:

      “But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;”

      If you do consider yourself a Christian, count yourself lucky that all you need to get into the kingdom of Heaven is to have faith in Jesus Christ, because you sure as hell aren’t following his teachings.

      • Marsh626

        America also supported the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Does that mean an American citizen being rightfully hostile towards the Soviet Union decades later is irrational? Of course not.

        I fail to see the logic behind your point that because the U.S. government supported the Muj in Afghanistan during the 1980s (and are stupidly supporting Islamic jihadists now in the so-called “Arab Spring”) that that somehow makes the global Islamic jihad movement virtuous.

        The U.S. government, and Western foreign policy in general, is absolutely retarded. Regardless of who the idiotic traitors within the U.S. government support; Islam, and the savage jihadists it spawns, is inherently evil.

        Islam was founded by a barbaric warmonger who had his critics tortured and killed, whose favorite wife was six-years-old (she was nine-years-old when he finally had intercourse with her), who had over 600 unarmed Jewish males beheaded and their wives and children enslaved, who led his early followers on dozens of military campaigns to wipe out and enslave his enemies, etc. That’s why Islam is Islam. It’s rotten at its core. It separates the entire world into Muslims and non-Muslims and supports the violent persecution of those non-Muslims in order to bring them under the Islamic order.

        And “hate speech” is just an Orwellian excuse libtards have come up with to censor (and even criminalize) opposing points of view. Free speech is free speech. If you support censoring people because they hate certain ideologies or groups of people, then you don’t support free speech. You support thought crimes.

        • Komrad

          think you have some history mixed up. I’m pretty sure the US didn’t support the USSR during the cold war. Pretty sure it was the exact opposite.

          • Marsh626

            I meant WWII.

  • The Truth

    What happened to “Firearms, not politics?”

  • AD

    First of all, I am a Muslim. I try to be good natured about “terrorism-based” humour, and I’m going to assume the makers of this ammunition are trying to be funny and not offensive, but still I find it in bad taste.

    What is very encouraging, however, is how many people on this forum seem to agree with me, and are vocal in expressing their distaste of this marketing stunt. It makes me think that perhaps the world isn’t as screwed up as it sometimes feels. Thank you for that.

    It’s true that my knee-jerk reaction to this product is to feel insulted and get angry, but in retrospect I don’t think that’s productive, or necessarily fair. Humour always straddles the line between shocking and offensive; if it goes too far then it’s offensive, but if it doesn’t go far enough then it’s boring. I’m going to assume that, like almost all comedians, they were relying on shock value to get some laughs, but didn’t really mean any harm by it. I think it can be productive to express our disapproval, but we shouldn’t let ourselves be outraged; if we do then we’re escalating the issue, and it’s probably not worth it.

    Well, that’s my take anyway.

    • Marsh626

      I think they honestly hate Islam and Muslims, or at least Islamic jihadists – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Feel free to be offended. God knows you Muslims get offended over everything. And unlike Christians and Jews, almost always respond with savage violence.

      Muslims desecrate Christian churches and abuse Christians somewhere in the world on a regular basis. That offends me. And yet Christians throughout the world usually respond by acting like it isn’t happening and even bending over further in order to appease Muslims.

      In comparison, some random dude draws pictures of Muhammad and the entire Islamic world erupts in deadly riots.

      Those of us who still have functional brains, brains not warped by Islam and “liberal” ideology, are sick of your BS.

      • AD

        “I think they honestly hate Islam and Muslims”
        I hope not.

        “and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that”
        I’ve always believed that hatred is something we should all try to rise above.

        “Feel free to be offended. God knows you Muslims get offended over everything.”
        We get offended when people insult our religion, because it’s important to us, just like anyone gets offended when someone insults something that is important to them.

        “And unlike Christians and Jews, almost always respond with savage violence.”
        We often respond with demonstrations, which are not the same as riots. Members of other religions or ethnic groups also take action when they feel persecuted. Regardless, a lot of that is a vocal minority taking out their frustrations. Besides, I specifically said that I think getting angry is the wrong response.

        “Muslims desecrate Christian churches and abuse Christians somewhere in the world on a regular basis. That offends me. And yet Christians
        throughout the world usually respond by acting like it isn’t happening
        and even bending over further in order to appease Muslims.”
        The entire western world declaring a war on “terror” that has lasted for over a decade does not seem like not doing anything to me.

        “In comparison, some random dude draws pictures of Muhammad and the entire Islamic world erupts in deadly riots.”
        Protests are not the same as riots. The pictures were deliberately drawn to provoke a response, and unfortunately people rose to the bait. They shouldn’t have. I personally don’t know anyone who took part in a protest or riot, so it probably wasn’t actually the entire Islamic world, the cameras were just focused on the 1% who were standing up and yelling, not the 99% who just ignored it and got on with their lives.

        “Those of us who still have functional brains, brains not warped by Islam and “liberal” ideology, are sick of your BS.”
        That much anger can’t be healthy. I don’t mean to be rude, but I wonder why you’re so angry?

        • Marsh626

          I hope so. Not enough people (rightfully) hate Islam and Muslims. It’s an absolutely abhorrent religion that warps people into barbaric, violent, oppressive and backwards religious fanatics. The whole world needs to rise up against it and utterly annihilate Islam once and for all. It’s the only way humanity can progress.

          Well, then you sure picked an odd religion since Islam practically revolves around hatred of non-Muslims.

          Muslims are seeking to get offended in order to justify their bloodlust. Some British teacher names a teddy bear Muhammad and thousands of Muslims descend upon her demanding that she be beheaded for insulting Islam. When White Westerners and Christians get offended (regardless if they’re persecuted minorities or not), they usually don’t run around murdering people. Muslims are especially prone to extremely violent overreactions to any perceived offense. They’re also typically completely delusional and chronic liars – as you yourself prove. Small minority? Muslims routinely resort to mass violence. Some atheist blogger criticizes Islam in Bangladesh and tens of thousands of Muslims storm to the streets to call for his execution. Numerous opinion polls have also shown widespread support amongst Muslims for executing apostates (people who leave Islam) and support for various Islamic jihad terrorist groups.

          Both Western “liberals” and Muslims are right to mock the so-called “War on Terror” – they just do it for the wrong reasons. Terrorism is merely a tactic used by all sorts of people (although Muslims commit the most acts of terrorism in the world). In reality, the so-called “War on Terror” is really a defensive response to Islamic jihad terrorism and imperialism all throughout the world. Western leaders are just too politically correct to admit that Islam is at war with us and so by default we’re also at war with Islam. And of course the so-called “War on Terror” was in direct response to the 9/11 Islamic jihad terrorist attacks. Muslims started this civilizational conflict, this jihad. How dare they pretend to be the victim. And our response was still nowhere near as aggressive as it needed to be. We invaded Afghanistan because it was the current HQ of Al-Qaeda and then stupidly tried to develop a country full of low-IQ, inbred, fundamentalist Muslims because we idiotically believed that just because nation building worked in post-WWII Germany and Japan (two nations full of high-IQ, non-Muslim ethnic groups) that it will work in Afghanistan. Then we stupidly invaded Iraq because we had essentially been radicalized by the 9/11 jihad attacks and were terrified that they’d give WMDs to Al-Qaeda. And because the neoconservatives managed to convince the Bush regime that we could transform the Arab and Islamic world by sparking off a modernization revolution in Iraq. We gave them democracy because we’ve drunk too much of our own “democracy is the way” Kool-Aid; only for fundamentalist Islamic parties both and Iraq and Afghanistan to get elected. We’re helping Muslims to erect democratically elected sharia-based Islamic theocracies. Why do the jihadists hate us? We’re practically serving their bidding like modern-day Janisarries! We should have declared a no-kidding new crusade…

          And I’m angry because the world is full of morons.

  • kimberwarrior45

    “If you defend yourself with a pistol, the last thing you need or want is a prosecutor holding up a pork covered bullet in court and telling the jury that the person shot was a Muslim” I think this shows the problem of political correctness in this country. Perhaps that person should have used a ‘Black Talon” round, would that have prevented any controversy? Aside from the author’s fly-over reading and picking only what he wants from the Koran and Hadith he refuses to look at natural law and human psychology. In the past it was perfectly acceptable to want to stop the Nazis by killing them. The teachings of Islam are the basically the same [http://prophetofdoom.net/Prophet_of_Doom_16_Mein_Kampf.Islam}. If you do not believe and follow you will be put to death for the greater good (or in this case Islam). Since natural law allows you to protect yourself and if an ideology demands your death if you do not convert there is no problem in answering the believers demands by defending yourself. Human psychology can and usually does make even the most devout think twice if they will die before reaching their goal. In the Koran it also states that no pigs or pork will be in heaven (nor Jews, dogs, unbelievers). Psychologically this is a deterrent to those who believe that if they have pork in them when they die they will be kept out of heaven.

  • Go ahead pork their day! I believe General Pershing did something similar on the Philipines about hundred years ago and jihad calmed down for a few decades after that.

  • The Dude!

    I won’t buy halal bullets

  • Kevinberger

    I know it’s in French, so the humor will be lost on that here American readership… but, I’d hate myself not to post this old nugget from he 80’s, so thread-appropriate despite that time and space gap (étonnant, non?)…

    PS : Please, DO note that, in a conciliatory gesture, there will be a space kept below, so the most slightly-below-average of the commenters can still amuse themselves with any of the “surrender”, “white flag”, “only dropped once”,… French-bashing jokes they’ll be able to remember (or retrieve from Ar15.com’s GD, if they can’t recall any without a flash card or some notes written on their hand).
    This so even the non-French speakers can get the benefit of an hearty smile, with a kind of humor maybe more accessible to some.

  • Max Power


  • Idaho_Roper

    Oh lookie…… all the lefties are worried about offending a religion that has committed to killing all of us. I guess you people never stop to think that being kind to them is not going to change their agenda. And frankly, I couldn’t care less if they are offended, what exactly makes them so ‘special’ as the left has never given it two blinks in taking a shot at christians. Talk about special rights!

    Islam is not a peaceful religion, get a grip on this reality. Or are you really more worried that offending them will put you on their beheading list as opposed to cowering in the shadows will somehow make them overlook you.

    Being a realist does not make you a bigot, and attempting to label someone as such for being a realist is just the lefts weak attempt at marginalization without being able to substantiate their argument with facts.

    This was a great idea, I hope they sell all of it they can make.

    • N/A

      Realist? This isn’t realism, this is delusion-ism. Since when were Muslims, ALL MORE THAN BILLION OF THEM, some sort of huge Mafia type organization that is hell bent on taking over the west?

      Look with your eyes, not your prejudices. Look at who is ‘taking over’ who.

      • rjackparis

        I doubt he’s ever met a muslim, hell I doubt he’s met anyone that’s not christian.

      • Idaho_Roper

        Oh give me a break. This “religion” has declared war on anyone that is not of their faith. If you are still in denial of that, that is your shortcoming.

        One day, the world will wake up to realize all those “peaceful muslims” are not so peaceful after all. Read their book, you are either with them or against them. I personally believe they believe what they are taught.

        • Syndrome

          dude, I live in a college town and have muslim friends from Kuwait that hate terrorists more than you EVER will. Their parents have been killed by them, sisters raped, buildings burned. You probably a just some hick in Idaho who watches Fox news and thinks that muslim terrorists are about to kick in his door. You don’t even have a real legitimate beef. My friends have lost many people to the fucking republican guard of saddam. I know a girl who watched 3 kids get executed by saddams soldiers because they knocked over a picture of him while playing soccer. Her family snuck out of Iraq the next day they were so horrified, now they are US citizens. Muslim terrorists have beef with everyone who doesn’t think you can kill anyone who disagrees with al queda. Duh. Oh and don’t forget, Desert Storm was about saddam attacking Kuwait, our MUSLIM allies.

          • Idaho_Roper


            Perhaps you should actually research this wonderful ‘religion’. I don’t care if you are BS’d by you so called friends, one day they will turn on you or be banished or targeted by their own (or wait……they already have been!).

            It is a hateful and violent religion with complete intolerance for anyone not of that faith. The current, so called, non-violent muslims (what kind of ‘religion’ has to make that disclaimer), will either turn violent to fulfill their faith to rid the planet of infidels or they will themselves be killed for being ‘bad’ muslims.

            Your assumptions pertaining to me are exactly that, assumptions…..and we all know what they say about those. One day you will realize.

      • Idaho_Roper

        Read their book pal, it’s all in there. My beliefs are based upon their own writings.

    • rjackparis

      not supporting a bigoted product makes me a lefty?

      • Idaho_Roper

        No, your continued over playing of the race and bigot card are what identify you as the progressive (communist) leftie you are.

        “Bigoted” and “Racist” are nothing more than the lefts name calling tactics used to try and marginalize anyone they disagree with. The users are usually void of content and thus resort to simple name calling based on emotional beliefs that the entire world should be forced into their PC box.

        The item is a novelty item, get over it. Offending someone is not a crime in a free society, nor does it make you a bigot. It is not I whom seems to have a problem with freedom, it is not I whom is running around calling people meaningless names because he dislikes freedom. Those are your actions.

        And btw, if I have offended you, TFB. It is about time you lefties realize not everyone will be stuffed into your box you wish us stuffed into and throwing around now meaningless words is not going to get it done. Perhaps you should try and acquire a little more factual content in your postings as you have killed your two favorite words.

        • rjackparis

          Definition of BIGOT
          : a person who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.
          Just calling it what it is.

          Myself, I haven’t taken steps to prevent you from expressing yourself I’m just voicing my opinion. You’re more then welcome to express yourself and use your freedoms. I just don’t like targeting an entire religious group. because of the actions of a small percentage. similar to how I hate gun grabbers trying to prevent me from enjoying my hobby because of the actions of some disturbed morons.

          Second, Not supporting hate driven products make me a lefty?( I’m not by the way)

  • Idaho_Roper

    Wow….after reading the comments, I do see one great benefit to this stuff. The emotionally intoxicated muslim enablers won’t be buying this up. Should make availability a little better….how accurate is this stuff?

  • Bob Moon

    We should issue it to all military breaches for immediate use.

    Check out this PORK BOMB we should build them too.


  • Bob Lee Swagger

    I don’t need pork tipped ammo. Hollowpoints leave large exit wounds in the heads of muslims and illegals!!!

  • Eric Haulenbeek

    It may not be the best ammunition but I can’t help but chuckle a bit… good old American ingenuity!

  • Cary Hewitt

    I think this is great. The only way to win the war on terror is to use every tool in our arsenal. If it means using their ignorant superstitions against them, so much the better. If our soldiers would be allowed to use this ammo, the wars we are currently fighting would be over by now.

  • james

    consider this

    The relevant paragraph from Snopes is:-
    Nevertheless, the idea of subduing militant Muslims by threatening to bury them with pigs has held currency for many years. Just a few weeks before the September 11 terrorist attacks on America, Deputy Israeli police minister Gideon Esra suggested in the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot that Palestinian suicide bombers be buried in pig skin or blood. In the 1939 film The Real Glory, Gary Cooper portrays Dr. Bill Canavan, an American Army doctor in 1906 Manila who “tries to protect the native population from ruthless invaders” (i.e., “Muslim fanatics”). At one point in the film, the Dr. Canavan character drapes a captured Muslim in a pigskin and proclaims that henceforth that all slain Muslim rebels will be buried in pig skins, thereby discouraging their “savagery” by threatening to prevent their entry into paradise. And, of course, the above-cited anecdote about General Pershing’s handling of terrorists in the Philippines has been circulating widely ever since September and has been making the rounds even at the top levels of government in the USA:

  • tb

    Well with all this hate on this product the government might not buy all this ammo up so i might finally get some ammo for my guns. I find it so hard to buy any ammo now.

  • Mileaway

    Pork, dog shit, what difference does it make. I don’t have a problem telling a judge I have Pork bullets. Where can I buy some of these beauties!
    Oh yeah, grow some balls you PC sissies!

  • Mileaway

    “This is blatantly false. Muslims are permitted to eat pork if it is strictly necessary for survival, or if it is forced upon them. It explicitly states this in the Quran 2:173 ”… whoever is forced [by necessity], neither desiring [it] nor transgressing [its limit], there is no sin upon him …”.”
    More Islamic mumbo-jumbo! In other words we really don’t have any rules except kill women and kids in the name of the pervert Mo-ham-ed!

  • Uncle HAM-Jihawg Ammo

    From Jihawg Ammo—
    “The recent release of Jihawg Ammo
    after a three year process to bring this product to market is exciting.
    Jihawg Ammo provides freedom loving Americans an opportunity to make a
    practical purchase of a product that also includes a real message. The
    message–Jihawg Ammo isn’t about Muslims. We have no beef with peaceful
    Muslims who do not try to murder people in the name of their god. In all
    of our promotion and literature we clearly state that Jihawg Ammo is a
    response to radical Islamist Terrorists. The message Jihawg Ammo wishes
    to send is simply this: If you choose to bring your “holy war” to us,
    don’t count on a free ticket to paradise.

    As to whether Jihawg Ammo would indeed
    prevent a terrorist who is shot with it from entering paradise, here is
    our answer: If Muslim extremist murderers can choose to believe that
    slaughtering unarmed people earns them 72 virgins and a perpetual
    erection [Sunan Ibn Majah, Zuhd 39], then we can choose to believe that a
    bullet with pork-infused paint can deny them that reward.

    It is our hope that they too would
    believe, or at least have some concerns, that Jihawg Ammo will cancel
    their ticket to paradise. Whether or not Jihawg Ammo actually will bar
    the gates of paradise is open for debate. What is not debatable is the
    fact that, regardless of what we or they believe about the afterlife,
    Jihawg Ammo will effectively stop any terrorist in his tracks. You can
    believe that!

    Perhaps, as some have suggested,
    Muslim terrorists claiming to be engaging in jihad who were shot with
    Jihawg Ammo would be forgiven for consuming pork against their will.
    We’re willing to take that chance, but we feel it’s worth a shot.

    Islamist Terrorism will end…

    When Pigs Fly!
    Bacon Akbar!

  • Tyler M.

    Wow just hate. Ugh I hate stuff like this.

    Anyway it’s probably really poor ammunition they’re just using paranoia and prejudice to sell it.

  • txJM

    Whatever happened to “Firearms NOT Politics”?

  • james

    what a bigoted asshole company. and anyone think that all muslim are a bunch of shithead terrorist you are fucking wrong. all of your fucking bullshit stereotype are wrong. and if you hate me you can kill me. fucking christian think you are the supreme religion.

  • dirtydutch

    I love how some people can get so worked up about a little racist joke

  • rjackparis

    You know? As I read over these comments, I’m starting to see why People think of us firearms owners as bigots, racists and overall ignorant assholes, Because a portion of us are exactly that.

    I’m deeply disappointed, I thought we were supposed to be logical and not driven by emotions. Yet I see a lot of emotionally driven hate similar to the gun grabbers after sandy hook or Pierce Morgan. People are targeting an entire GROUP because of the actions of small percentage. sound familiar?

    Further the people defending the makers of this ammo as a novelty are more or less saying ” Don’t be offended or point out how much of an asshole I’m being as I stereotype and make bigoted remarks about an entire Religion for my entertainment” It’s not so funny when you look at it like that huh?

    TL;DR Grow the fuck up, Act like civilized people, Instead of the so called savages you children are attempting to antagonize.

  • fuzznutz

    So do you think if I only shoot Muslims with “halaal” bullets, the Lib-Tards will come to embrace guns? Or the (remaining) Muslims will extend me an olive branch rather than a homicide belt?

    No impure thing may enter Paradise. So while the Quran might relieve you of the burden of atoning for the sin if you must eat pork out of necessity or under duress, that only cuts you slack in this life. You still can’t get into “jannah” while your mortal remains remain defiled by the “haraam” thing. So just buy standard “halaal” ammunition, then caress each bullet gently with a slice of bacon (twice, in case you missed a spot). That way, even the prosecutor won’t know, …but Allah will.

  • JackOC

    Nonsense! You’re saying that the savages will respond angrily to the threat of losing their souls. In terror will be more like it. The Koran guarantees it, not me, Pershing or anyone else. And lose the “shit” association in reference to the bible. It paints you as a crude liberal bigot. If they were my cards, I’d play them my way. Any barbarian who wallows in blood, will get the pork bullet or worse. His problem not mine. don’t want it don’t slaughter. If you can’t buy that, let allah sort it out

  • R. Oza

    This is grotesque. Of course people have the right to make products like these (ah, 21st century Capitalism, bringing us the Slap Chop, ShamWow and now this) but it’s ethically and morally bankrupt! Created for the sole purpose of insulting and degrading another person (and their religion). I’ve seen racism and hatred from the gun community (being an Indian Hindu myself) but this is absurd. I’m ashamed to call myself a strong supporter of the industry when I see things like these.

    • parlayer

      I like it! but I’m only a soldier that wants to win. It’s like “Trash Talk” in sports You Insult the opposition to make it hurt worse when they loose!! It’s called “Winning”

  • Garry

    Where can I buy some of this stuff? It would go along nicely with my Z-Max collection.

  • JM

    Whatever happened to “guns not politics”?

  • survivalistinme

    You can thank your muslim president for all of this, he’s opened the doors to the heathens.

  • Syndrome

    Steve, great job on pointing out that this happened before in India, and it led to a rebellion. This is the type of shit that makes crazy religions think they are right in calling Americans monsters. Americans fight with pride and honor, not with underhanded tactics attempting to insult ones religion. Oh, and don’t forget, In America we believe in right to worship, not the right to antagonize an entire religion (that has many members who DONT want us dead). These bullets are offensive to a lot of religions, and ones we’ve never had a problem with. Jewish people don’t eat pork either, y’know.

  • Syndrome

    oh and I just thought of this… you do know what a hate crime in America is right? If you shot a Muslim with these bullets, you would spend more time in jail than if you shot him with normal bullets. Its like if a black guy punches a black guy, its a crime, a KKK member does it, and he goes to prison for a much longer time. If you buy these bullets you are insulting American law and will face a much more severe punishment. Also, how can you say a round meant for a certain religion is a DEFENSE round? You would have to know your opponent is a Muslim, making it an offensive round, furthermore, it would be really really hard to prove it wasn’t premeditated since you used religion specific ammunition. In other words: INSTANT MURDER ONE. 25-life, however since the bullets were used, that would be considered cruel, which If you commit murder one cruelly, its a capital crime. we will fucking kill you for it.

  • JackOC

    As to doctrine, I’m no expert. It’s just that I’ve read that this tactic has been used successfully in the past. And I still don’t see any morally compelling reason against using it now, even if it only produces a mild shudder in the killers. . I think the lead would be more threatening than the bacon grease. If there’s not sheer terror induced in the radicals, then don’t use it. But what law is there in place against “bacon-bullets” I can see it now. “My God, Fenster, you’ve just shot Achmed the beheader with a BACON BULLET. Have you NO shame??

    I don’t think we’re there yet. I’d be interested to read up on your evidence on this, Steve.

    My point is, that the more we keep allowing unreasonable strictures on our actions to be imposed by our savage enemy, the more we lose our ability to win.

  • Sparrowhawk

    I’m sorry for necroing the thread, but this is something too awful to pass.
    I’ve seen the same thing recently on some russian gun blog, but there it was in another content – a batch of shotgun slugs changed to be used against different fictional enemies. Like hardwood splinter for use against vampires, silver tipped for werewolves, expanding ones for zombies and pork-tipped against muslim terrorist. There it was borderline humor.
    Here, in this context I can’t see it as anything but offensive. Yes, well, I’m a muslim – a non-radical, reformed one, living in predominantly christian country. Now that I think of it, I’m a pretty bad muslim and don’t do a lot of things requested from me by faith. But that is my faith and I can’t help but feel alienated by this … erm … product. Alienation is exactly the right word. It raises a very uncomfortable, forgotten, childish feeling, something like when you were a new kid at school and it seemed to you you were bonding with your new classmates and then they decided to bully you. That is, I guess, the feeling that several previous posters described as ‘being discriminated against’.
    Honestly, even with a degree in political philosophy I do not understand this specifically American right-left division. In your country, rights are for civilian liberties, lefts are for more state control and then, suddenly, rights are for less tolerance for differences. It makes my head spin. I like the Second amendment to your constitution. It’s an only way I see to uphold a working democracy. Why suddenly is religious freedom, religious tolerance and so on not a part of this democracy? And why would someone want to push away a large group of people for the action of the few? They are not representative of all Muslims. Damn, there’s no higher authority of even one sect of muslims, there are only half-civilian lawmakers. I honestly hate all this new muslim anti-western rants and new muslim uniformisation, together with trying to dress women in saudi-styled headwraps even in the regions where nobody wore them for at least a thousand years of islam. But such jokes do not make it any better either.
    What concerns the corresponding anti-Christian bullets, I’m lost as to what could be counted as offensive. Christianity has other sets of taboos, even misunderstood ones. Wait, how about bullets covered in sperm of gay men? Still doesn’t cut it, I’m afraid. Even if it’s a very bad taste joke.

  • Johnny Strasser

    Words cannot express what horrible, despicable excuse for human beings you are. This is indefensible. Shame on you!

  • Sonokar

    Genius! Where do I buy!

  • fred

    You guys are too sensitive. I look at it as more of a novelty item something you have on your shelf and shown your friends as a gag thing.

  • Last Bastion

    Who gives a rats. It’s a novelty, it will sell, and it wasn’t designed for everyone. Get over yourselves. God Bless capitalism.

  • terfull

    Love it.

  • Strider

    Something similar fused the Indian Mutiny of 1857. To load the Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle soldiers had to bite the cartridge open and pour the gunpowder it contained into the rifle’s muzzle, only the cartridges were widely believed to be greased with cow or pig fat, which insulted both Hindus and Muslims.

  • cnnspy

    Its amazing what people will believe! I bet I could make a killing by selling bullets covered in dinosaur fat that came from a double super secret island off the coast of S. America where ‘undiscovered’ dinosaurs still roam.