Printing A Gun: An Average Guy’s Experience

Mashable created a mini-documentary about one average guy (not a technical 3D CAD genius, nor a gun expert) and his attempt to print the DefCad Liberator pistol. I think at this point you need to know a bit about guns and a bit about CAD to print a gun successfully. This guy obviously knew nothing about guns (waving the gun barrel around, calling the grip a handle). Nonetheless, it is an interesting video …

 Thanks to the person who sent me this link (I lost his/her email).

Steve Johnson

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  • noob

    power to the people

  • Steven J.

    This guy sort of looks like Justin Timberlake..the defense distributed guy, I mean.

  • bbmg

    Interesting, I feel like I have a lot more understanding of and sympathy for what Cody Wilson is trying to achieve after watching this

    • PatrickHenry1789

      I don’t think Cody Wilson cares that much about the gun. This entire project for him was to make a statement to TPTB.

      • bbmg

        Definitely – the stipulation that it be all plastic certainly makes for an impractical weapon. Were it designed to accept metal inserts (which could be standard plumbing parts in keeping with the “volkspistole” concept) for items like barrel and firing pin, and use a metal spring instead of a plastic coil, it would be a more useful idea.

        Indeed I’m pretty sure a Sten style 22LR submachinegun would be feasible, think of the ease with which a high capacity Calico style magazine could be printed…