Interview With Polymer80

We blogged about the Polymer80 AR-15 lower last week. On Youtube The Dude interview Loran Holley, one of the partners at Polymer80. They discuss the Polymer80 concept in detail.

Steve Johnson

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  • Cornelius Carroll

    An 80% polymer lower isn’t very compelling to me. IMO, polymers are a bigger pain in the ass to machine than 6061. That said, I’m very interested to see what happens with 80% receivers. They seem to be growing/proliferating like wildfire and I’m debating investing in a couple of dies personally.

    • Mike F Di

      well dude.. make them..we’ll see
      until then, I like these guys..

    • polymer80

      Its not a pain when the jig and lower design eliminste the need for a mill.

      • Thomas Gomez

        What is the tensile strength of your polymer lower? I imagine its some sort of glass filled polyimide correct?

    • JT

      My take was that these are not prints or lowers from a solid block, so really the good of these lowers would have to be in how much easier they would be to mill than aluminum or an aluminum 80% Unless they’re that much easier to mill or will be as resilient as an aluminum lower they’ll just be a novelty or a stopgap measure until aluminum 80% lowers are plentiful again. What other benfits are there besides being polymer instead of metal?

  • Rick

    no 3D printer required, at our end LOL

    • Mike F Di

      Exactly Dude… you can make these with a HAND DRILL since the jig is sacrificial, and alines the made for them bits and helps you drill the holes, dead one square.
      also, the 3D tech while amazing, is still pretty daunting and unapproachable for the non geeks and computer savvy. who CANT run a drill and punch holes?

  • ClintTorres

    I see two advantages for the 80% market:

    1) Milling – you can use a drill press or hand drill even.
    2) Finish – no need to anodize (which would be a mofo for the DIYer).

  • smartacus

    I watched it thrice because it wuz only an hour long… not

    • Mike F Di

      if you watched it all it, it has recorded as a view…thanks

  • Patrick

    I’m really interested in this technology, but I couldn’t get through the whole thing with that guy’s annoying tone.

    • Mike F Di

      ok Patrick,

      Frankly, did you even touch on the content and or furthering of our hobby and or Our constitutional rights? or did you just dog on people that you consider unworthy due to a “tone”?

      further, *You* Patrick dont merit, or deserve any further attention due to you missing the object of discussion entirely, and rude comments dont make friends. IMHO

  • Jay

    I like the concept and am tempted to pickup a couple of these. However, I am somewhat surprised and concerned that there are no pictures of the actual product. Best as I can tell every picture is computer generated. Where’s a picture of the real deal? Why are there no videos showing it in action and proving its durability?

    • Here ya go—

      • koneko

        That’s still a CG is it not?

      • Jay

        That’s another computer generated image. I did some digging on their website and did find a couple of pictures that seemed to be real. However, still no pictures of the thing assembled or videos of it in action. Until I see some evidence that this thing is real, and won’t disintegrate after a few rounds, I can’t help but think it’s just vaporware.