New Ammunition Maker To Employ 150 People

Cape Fear Arsenal is a new ammunition manufacturer. They busy setting up a factory in Lumberton, NC. and plan on employing 150 staff. The Fay Observer reports

An ammunition manufacturer on Wednesday announced plans to create 150 jobs and invest more than $15.2 million over the next three years in Robeson County.
Cape Fear Arsenal, a new corporation that manufactures projectiles, casings and loaded ammunition, will move into the former Soldier Solutions building on Starlite Drive in Lumberton.

Salaries will vary by job, but the average annual wage will be $41,559 plus benefits, according to a statement from Gov. Pat McCrory’s office. The average annual wage in Robeson County is $26,832, the statement said.

The company’s products will be sold primarily to law enforcement. The company also anticipates bidding on contracts for the military and state agencies.

CEO David Hargitt said the start-up company was ready to put down roots in Dillon, S.C., when “things didn’t work out.” Hargitt said he spoke with other South Carolina and North Carolina counties before selecting Robeson.

“Robeson County was the best fit for us,” Hargitt said Wednesday. “It was a combination of the number of facilities, what the county and the state could do for us as a start-up company.”

Any increase in supply will be greatly appreciated.

Steve Johnson

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  • Tom – UK

    More ammo = good

    I wodner what are the set up costs for a new ammunition manufacturer?

    • avconsumer2

      Heh – definitely worth some research in this day and age.

  • gunslinger

    was thinking this is good, until i saw “mainly LEO/Military/Government”

    unless that means they lighten the contract loads of other manufacturers and that in turn gets more ammo to civilians…

    i’m going to guess they may not be able to compete with the “big boys” on big contracts, so much of their ammo would spill into the civilian market.

    not holding my breath.

  • B.

    Government except DoD doesn’t need more ammo. LEO and our active duty military does. If it will take up slack from Remington and Winchester, great. If not, no.

  • Laserbait

    More ammo makers, the better! Even better that they’re starting up in the USA, and putting more people to work. This is a win win for everyone!

  • smartacus

    Selling to LEO/gov = absolutely don’t need a single civilian’s money

  • ekimp252

    I’m not that far from Lumberton. Wonder if they’ll have an outlet store…