80% AR-15 Polymer Lowers From Polymer80

The market for 80% complete AR-15 lowers has been booming, especially on crowdfunding sites like RocketHub. It’s no surprise that companies are selling as many 80% lowers as they can pump out, they have no serial numbers and as such are not considered to be firearms in the eyes of the ATF. The only downside is you have to complete the additional 20% to turn it into a functional lower receiver. Pretty much all of the 80% AR lowers on the market are metal, usually aluminum. Well I recently stumbled upon Polymer80 while shopping for an 80% lower to add to my collection, and as their name suggest their 80% AR lowers are made out of polymer. They’re currently not in production but Polymer80 is taking pre-orders and claims they’ll start full production later in June. Their 80% complete lowers are going for a pre-sale price of $70 and $15 for a lower receiver jig to help you complete the remaining 20% that needs to be cut and milled.

At Polymer80, we’ve designed an AR15 80% lower receiver with superior quality:
American made!
Uncompromising material, fit and finish
Strength and durability
Light weight and functional, with the latest lower receiver design advances
This lower receiver is the foundation of a light-weight, yet rugged AR15 that you’ll be proud of.

Key Features:
Beefed up, expanded and angled mag well for swift mag insertion
Winter trigger guard
Superior polymer material, extremely rigid with high tensile strength
Thickened ribbing across the top of the entire receiver, battle tough design
Strengthened pistol grip threads – over-molded metal threads
Jig design makes it possible for the gun enthusiast to build a quality gun with assurance
Lifetime warranty, period!

Ray I.

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  • JT

    This is a sorry state of affairs when people will buy a piece of friggin’ plastic for $70, during normal times machined lowers were only $100+ and nobody even built their own rifle. Wait for this idiocy to subside and buy a real lower. Or buy a 3d printer and gain a new skill. The world is not coming to an end. The feds are not going to ban ammo or ammo purchases or grandfathered rifles or even new rifles (their momentum was broken with the last failed legislative push). Stop fueling this madness. I want to buy reasonably priced guns and ammo again, but I can’t do that until these asses step back from panic mode. So yeah, $70 piece of plastic

    • phamnuwen

      There is too much complaining about high prices and shortages in the U.S. gun market.

      If those conditions are indeed true, then instead of complaining, start a manufacturing business to meet this demand and make millions in the process.

      • Cymond

        There ARE many new start up companies. However, people are suspicious of buying products from unknown companies. Also, start-up capital is a major issue. Some companies offer ‘pre-orders’ but that’s also very risky for people. Just look at what happened with Red Rock Ordnance. It was basically all 1 giant scam by the repeat scammer Charles Clifton.

        Also, many of us recognize that this is just a demand spike. It will go back down eventually. Many well-established companies have started running double and triple shifts trying to meet demand, but they know it is unwise to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to increase their manufacturing capacity for a temporary market spike.

    • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

      “The feds are not going to ban ammo or ammo purchases or grandfathered
      rifles or even new rifles (their momentum was broken with the last
      failed legislative push).”

      Yeah, you know this how, exactly? Youre 100% certain that there are no bans coming up? Well, I’m 100% certain that NOTHING is for certain with this administration. All it takes is one wingnut to go sideways again in a McDonalds somewhere and we’re back to 10-rd magazines and obnoxious muzzle brakes. No thanks. I’ll hedge my bets and buy some more receivers, thanks. My ability to have the guns I want in the future is more important to me than you whining about paying too much for a brick of .22 ammo.

    • polymer80

      Wow… This is amazing… I am one of the two guys that own polymer 80 and found this article after one of my customers told me about it. Just wanted to correct you… its only$70 until the pre sale is over then it goes to $80.

      But there is much more to this lower than what you may think.

      This is made from the same type of polymer used on the f22 rapter cockpit windshield. It has stainless steel threads ib the pistol grip and in the bolt catch pin hole. The threaded bolt catch pin is also included.

      It is also the only polymer lower that has been designed from the ground up to be made from polymer. It is incredibly reinforced everywhere. This lower will out perform even metal lowers and withstand more abuse.

      I ask you to pay attention to us… in a couple weeks we will have our production prototypes and we will post videos of our performance tests and abuses to prove our product.

      Not to mention how much easier the polymer 80 will be to complete.

      • Thomas Gomez

        What is the tensile strength of your polymer lower? I imagine its some sort of glass filled polyimide correct?

        • Mike F Di

          Thomas..Loran told me,
          ” We have our own mixture which is very close to the F22 , (but the exact formula is of course secret “My words)
          the tensile strength is around 10,000PSI which is less then aluminum, but with the physically reinforced areas, it is stronger.

          impact resistance is WAY better then aluminum”

          • Thomas Gomez

            I would love to test one. I just completed finishing a Billet Rifle Systems 80%. Neat process.

      • PRKnives

        Will the jig work with aluminum lowers aswell or only with your lower

    • JT

      Of all the possible good responses to my post I find these replies lacking. I’ll admit I was venting, but really you stop a panic by encouraging calm. The panic stops when things settle down, which means people settle down. Now, you could have talked to the benefits of encouraging innovation with this design, of the advances in lighweight polymers and manufacturing, heck even that this is good for getting people started in the industry that they can apply when the hysteria subsides. No, you didn’t take any of those routes.

      And although nobody can speak with certainty to what or what not the feds might do, we have an anti-gun andministration and largely dem congress that has passed zero anti-gun legislation in 6 years of nearly free reign. They couldn’t even get an increased background check passed. So, no I think for all intents and purposes they can not, are simply not able to go to such extremes as to ban ammo or put restriction on ammo.

      And yeah hoarding is hoarding is hoarding. Especially with these receivers. If they are grandfathered you can not gift them. You cannot sell them. So there’s little to no point from that angle. Personal use? you mean you think that somehow you’ll use more than two lowers in a lifetime of moderate use? good quality lowers? Sure, hoard, feed the flames. While you’re at it, buy some gold coins and clean out the water isle at the grocery store. And come up with some decent arguments before you simply label someone as whining.

      • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

        “And although nobody can speak with certainty to what or what not the
        feds might do, we have an anti-gun andministration and largely dem
        congress that has passed zero anti-gun legislation in 6 years of nearly
        free reign.”

        Really? ‘Cuz you seemed pretty certain of it in your initial post. And the notion that no anti-gun legislation has passed in six years is a bit misleading. If you look at the track record of this administration you’d see that they didnt go anywhere near gun control until AFTER the re-election. Once that was in the bag, and concerns about getting re-elected were no longer an issue, the long knives came out and they came out FAST. With nothing left to lose, the anti-gun agenda got moved to the front burner.

        “And yeah hoarding is hoarding is hoarding. Especially with these
        receivers. If they are grandfathered you can not gift them. You cannot
        sell them. So there’s little to no point from that angle.”

        Wait, didnt you just tell us that ‘nobody can speak with certainty’ about what the feds might or might not do? And yet, here you are telling us about how we’re wasting are time since they might not be transferable even with a grandfather clause. Which is it – you can can or can’t see the future?

        “you mean you think that somehow you’ll use more than two lowers in a lifetime of moderate use? good quality lowers?”

        Hmm…this is starting to sound really close to “who needs to own more than….?”. Where have I heard THAT before? It doesnt matter how many lowers I “need”, what matters is how many I ‘want’. And I want a lot…because I’m not willing to put my faith in legislative gridlock the way you seem to have. While we’re talking about ‘need’, how many mags do I need? How much ammo?

        So, yeah, it’s whining. I’m fortunate enough that I can afford to have a dozen lowers in the safe or 500 magazines in storage against the next fifty years of up-n-down legislation. Sorry if its cutting into your ability to buy Federal bulk.

    • Snarky McGurk

      Sorry, but you seem to miss the point. Go buy your 100 receivers, aluminum, plastic, pig snot, whatever. You will never have one that no one knows exists. Like i said, you don’t seem to get it.

    • NuttyJon

      Looking at this from only the current perspective is short-sighted. Here in California a bill was proposed, but not passed, that would have mandated confiscation. It didn’t pass this time, but what if it’s sneaked in the future? In CA you now must register all firearms like pistols – which means background check (no prob), a safety certificate (still no prob), and registration with the CA DOJ (prob). The CA DOJ now has a database(AFS) on all firearms bought or transferred after 1/1/14. That means you’re on a list. Being on a government list is never a positive when pertaining to firearms. The 80% lowers are a good alternative, but the down side is that criminals and those with criminal pasts can buy them. So the average citizen faces two choices: In CA, pay through the nose for transfer fees and be on a list for a machined lower or buy an 80% lower. Metal lowers = expensive finishing costs due to tools, or polymer lowers which require tools you probably already have, but may not be as robust. 3D printing is an expensive alternative unless you plan to make copious numbers of lowers, which puts you in the bracket of illegal manufacturing. So there it is.

  • gunslinger

    how much easier is this to “mill” compared to the metal? does the plastic degrade due to any heating from the bit? is the buffer tube threaded or do you do that yourself?

    functional testing? how does it stack vs. printed lowers? the ATI omni?

    • polymer80

      With our design you dint even need a Mill. .. we include all special bits with the jig… You just need a drill.

      • JDub

        Hand drill or drill press?

        • polymer80


        • Gary Patterson

          Not sure about the plastic as far as strength and longevity, bought an aluminum 80% lower from gunpartsplus.com and took about 2 hours to drill and mill and am very happy with it.

  • Ian

    All I can say is: Why?

    • Targ8ter

      So that anti-gunner can complain about how it’s a new AR-15 that can go through metal detectors.

    • polymer80

      Faster production… no material shortages… polymers will replace metals… lighter weight… better impact resistance. .. easier to finish… more durrable (when done right)… less susceptible to corrosive effects of environment. .. I say why not?

  • oilspill

    I don’t even want a 100% polymer lower.

    • Machinegunnertim

      Then why are you even bothering to post here?

    • twolazy

      Well then, not only do I and a poly lower, I have a poly upper to go with it. Windham now makes a total polymer AR. I have two other AR’s in normal confugurations and 2 complete uppers looking for a home. A couple of poly lowers would be nice to have, especailly with unlisted numbers.
      By the by, when ARs first came out, one thing I knew for sure is that I wouldn’t have an aluminium rifle ..period. Well that was then and this is now and there ain’t nothin wrong with polymer lowers or uppers .. all the action happens in the barrel and bolt, they are still steel. Ever hear of Glock?

  • John

    Looks like a fun project. Especially for a bug out weapon / plinker

  • Hardwood83

    Great idea- but the price is a bit high IMO. $50 shipped would get an order from me.

    • polymer80

      This is NOTHING like any other polymer lower on the market. These are more expensive to prodece than a New Frontier or FMK. I could not sell these for 50 bucks viably. There is more to the cost than just prediction… there Iis considerable overhead and legal expenses involved. Its well worth the money.

  • Jackal

    Do you have any videos or summation of durability testing? If this thing holds up as well as it looks I am ready to pull out the wallet.

    • polymer80

      We will very soon. Unfortunately we have no choice but to wait until the molds are done to show off the product in its most durable state.

  • Cymond

    Sorry, but I got burned by the Red Rock Ordnance scam, so no more pre-orders for me. I wish you well and hope the product sells well. I’ll consider buying one after they’re in full production, especially if they come with the necessary jig for a reasonable cost.

    • polymer80

      I understand that entirety. I myself am going on a year waiting on my 1911 Rudius order from Ares Armor and I pre ordered one of those.

      So I appreciate your position so just keep watching… we are about 2 weeks from shipping.

      • Cymond

        I’ve been wanting an 80% lately. I’m stuck in CA at the moment, and there are advantages to finishing an 80%. For example, if I buy an AR lower at a gun shop, it has to be transferred to me as a “long gun” because of CA’s stupid handgun safety sales requirements. If I finish my own receiver, then I can complete it as a pistol. Also, building my own bypasses state taxes, and it bypasses California’s state registration (unregistered handguns are legal to own, but become registered when they are sold).

        It may or may not be legal to build a pistol on a California-registered “long gun” bare lower. Just because CA says it is a “long gun” receiver does not mean ATF agrees. ATF has written multiple times that it is legal to build a pistol on a lower that has “never been barreled as a rifle”. No one is sure what ATF thinks about CA’s “long gun” registration.

      • JamesLuke

        “we are about 2 weeks from shipping” said 3 months ago….still not shipping. Sounds like a scam to me.

        • polymer80

          This would make sense if your only info was this thread but our website CLEARLY defines our set back and progress. Anyone who has asked for a refund got it promptly. We have started production as we FINALY got over some serious unforeseen hurdles.

    • Gary Patterson

      Ordered 80% lower from gunpartsplus.com and received in a week, would not trust pre-orders.

      • Cymond

        Well at the time I placed my RRO NiB BCG pre-order, BCG’s were extremely rare due to the panic buying. There were out of stock everywhere except online auction sites where they were selling for double & triple normal prices. At the time, I was naïve and it seemed reasonable. RRO was offering a fair deal in exchange for start-up funds.

        A pre-paid order from a large, reputable company? Sure. A backorder that won’t charge my credit card until it ships? Sure.
        Pre-paid order from a new company? Never again.

        I’m still looking forward to the day when Polymer 80 starts shipping.

  • Machinegunnertim

    I am extremely interested in these. It’s about time someone did this. I own every polymer lower out there except for the ATI Omni and the Cav Arms. So far my fave has been the New Frontier LW15 but this %80 lower looks like it will blow that one out of the water!

    • Max Roberts

      I own an ATI Omni and a New Frontier polymer lowers. In my opinion the ATI Omni is far superior to the New Frontier. It was a better fit for my LPK without having to bore out the pin holes like I did on the NF.

  • Wow… This is amazing & great design of an AR15 80% lower receiver by way of better-quality. Have pleasant features, such as better polymer substance, tremendously stiff with high tensile potency. Jig design composes it probable for the pistol fan to construct a excellence gun with guarantee Lifetime warranty, period!


  • Bill

    Have these guys shipped yet or anybody seen one in the wild?

  • freightshaker99

    The feds may not enact gun laws but what about the individual states. Take a good look at the new Maryland gun laws. AR’s gone, AK’s gone SKS gone. M1’s gone. All “assault rifle” clones gone. I have a C&C FFL. I cannot buy most carbines with detachable mag, 50 years old or not. 10 round mag limit on pistols.Fingerprint and classes for pistol buyers.Extreme cost. So don’t pee on my leg and tell me its raining.

  • geezer_daddy

    What does the polymer lower receiver (striped) weigh? Do you also make a polymer upper as well? My interest is building a 7.62 mm x 39.00 mm chambered weapon that weighs arround 5 lbs (empty). Are your lowers MIL-SPEC compliant?

  • bearpaws

    We just built 5 rifles around this lower. Yesterday during the test of rifle 3 at the 4th magazine the buffer tube horn broke. Weather was 15 above zero. Rifle 1 has 1100 rounds no issues and we have tossed around. The last is a 300 ACC that the guys are now afraid to test this upcoming weekend..

  • Don

    I just did an EP Lower, buy the Poly80! In every aspect the EP Lower was junk. Magazines don’t fall out freely, bolt release sloppy, detent holes had to be redrilled, buffer tube threaded on but only after using a vise and $300 per ounce grease. Pistol grip retained only by plastic (no metal), safety selector holes misaligned prior to drilling had to use drill block and pull the holes and ream to size, fire control holes off slightly had to drill in correct location and NOT where there marks were located, overall fit and finish were poor. It appears EP is using injection molds that are worn out as they have excessive flashing at mold joints, upper to lower mate holes off 1/16 of an inch. In the end I have a operating rifle but had to use 25+ years aircraft building experience to achieve that goal, don’t know how long it will last being its plastic?????? Worst $50 bucks I ever spent. No customer support and they delete any negative reviews on their web page and facebook account.

  • Don

    If Poly80 would send me one I would do a side by side build and review. EP completed and it was a pain in my a$$

  • Jay Rock

    Polymer equals FAIL.

    • me ohmy

      glock, fn, beretta, colt, smith and wesson are using polymer… have THEY failed so far?

  • valorius

    What is the weight difference vs an aluminum lower?

    • me ohmy

      about half…and very nice without the heat transfer in sunlight.. they dont get that hot to the point of metal on flesh kinda action