Aimed Research – Extreme High Speed Video

Aimed Research is making very high speed videos of ammunition testing.  By slowing down bullet impacts, we can see what really happens and hopefully improve future bullet performance.

Take this video of a shotgun shell loaded with flechettes:

While this video doesn’t prove that all shotgun shell flechette rounds are worthless, it certainly should give you pause if you are relying on them without performing your own testing.

How much does an AK-47 barrel flex when firing?  In this 14,202 frame per second video you can see exactly how much:

A range test for Cutting Edge Bullets produced this video, filmed at 10,000 fps.

Richard Johnson

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  • Mark W. Mullins

    I have an AK, and its highly accurate. I guess its the ammo that makes the difference. I prefer Silver Bear, but Wolf is a close second.

    • bbmg

      All barrels flex to some extent, what affects accuracy is how repeatable that movement is, hence the emphasis of free-floating barrels in sniper and target rifles.

  • bbmg

    yay for replacing conjecture with science!

    I think the loading of flechettes is misguided. The fact that some of them are typically loaded back to front might be a good idea in a 105mm shell where you have almost 10,000 of the things scything through the air downrange, but for a shotgun round makes very little sense.

    Instead of finned darts, why not make the projectiles constand diameter, with either hollow tails or recessed fins, WWI flechette style?

  • keith moore

    I would ask “did the bullet leave the barrel ahead of the flex?” If so the flex only has ability to affect 2nd shot and zeroing in would then be “sort of” zeroed

  • keith moore

    I have no position on flechettes (other than they would not be my preference) however, the video showed most of the missing (not direct hit) To be objective, a center mass impact would provide better evaluation

  • keith moore

    regarding the “cutting edge bullets” discussions here and/or related sites has often concerned cavitation injury as opposed to the exact diameter of the bullet. That was some cavitation. The different components of the body ie HEAD – solid container, soft content
    THORAX(ribcage area) – semi-solid container, soft content(excluding spine) ABDOMEN(and thigh) soft container, soft content (excluding spine/femur) compared to impact (and excitement) of shooting soda bottle or milk jug VS water balloon VS gel
    If the cavitation is contained with in the container (head shot) the damage is dramatic and severe. Contrast that with the gel shot above the drama comes in the high-speed video but consider the damage (ie shredding, stretching and tearing) of the content. It only becomes dramatic on this film. The FBI report only says that it is not “RELIABLE” which is true. But it is none the less dramatic.

  • What was that flash in the center of the gel in the Cutting Edge video? It was right as the gel collapsed to it furthest point.

  • Great article Richard. I just let Nathan Boor from Aimed Research know about the article. He’s working with me on a guest article for the blog that should be up soon. Nathan’s work is definitely worthy of a look and subscribe.