Slide Fire Announces New SSAR-22 Kit For The Ruger 10/22

Slide Fire recently announced on their Facebook page that their new SSAR-22 bump fire kit for the popular Ruger 10/22 rifle is now available for pre-order. Available for both left and right-handed shooters, the new SSAR-22 kit includes one of Slide Fire’s SSAR-15 stocks, a 3lb. trigger and a chassis system that Slide Fire claims improves the looks and functionality of the 10/22. The kit is made in the USA out of reinforced high strength polymer and installs without permanently modifying your rifle.

They retail at $449.95 over at and include a 30 day money back guarantee. In case you’re wondering if it’s legal to use this on your rifle, according to Slide Fire all of their bump fire kits are BATFE approved.





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  • Does 22LR have enough recoil to actually make bump fire work? Especially bearing in mind that you’re not supposed to use max-pressure loads in a 10/22 without a stronger recoil spring and heavier bolt (this is why 17HM2 was canned by most mfrs).

    Given the feed problems that happen with 10/22s if you don’t use good ammo, steel-lipped mags, etc. I imagine that this would only add to the complexity of making one run well…

  • gunslinger

    hum… 200 for the 10/22 itself (or more depending) then another 450 for this “kit”

    can we do withough the trigger kit? that should take out what? 150?

    • jamezb

      Only if you can alter your trigger to 3lb or less yourself. The low recoil necessitates a light trigger pull to get the system to run. Good call though, Other aftermarket trigger parts or a gunsmith’s trigger job may well be cheaper than a whole trigger pack.

  • floppyscience

    $449.95? Ah, the wonder of monopolies.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    Hideous! Slidefire is in such immediate need of a good designer!

    • jamezb

      Ha Ha Ha! You are correct, sir!

  • ChuckyTee

    $450.00? Thats 3 times what I paid for my 10/22.

  • brianparker

    Optics only?

  • Smeeso

    Any word if the kit will fit a .920 barel?

    • jamezb

      I wondered that myself. The fore end looks like it should, but the weight/balance of the rifle working against the trigger during recoil may be calculated to run with a factory weight barrel, and a steel bull barrel might upset this balance causing the system to not bump-fire.
      An aluminum or carbon fiber bull barrel weighing LESS than a factory barrel, or a SBR length barrel might actually improve function!

  • Brandon

    I’m surprised that .22 has enough recoil to bump fire.
    I always wanted to build a .22 AR-15 with a Slide Fire stock, a 10.5″ barrel with fake suppressor pined, an airsoft grenade launcher and a whole bunch of other cheap tacti-cool crap. I would call it the SOPMOD Block 22!
    I live in Michigan, so it’s the closest I could get to full auto, suppressed SBR goodness. With all the cheap knock off parts and low cost of .22LR, it’d be cheap range toy.

  • There is a guy on rimfirecentral in the tactical 10/22 forum who has a slidefire on a S&W 15/22. Videos are posted. Looks fun, but not that fun. He also made one out of a factory wood stock. Waiting to see if that works. IMO that $450 stock is about $350 too much, but there is always some fool with money that will buy one.

  • jamezb

    A plastic trigger group seems a little chintzy considering what they want for this. Is plastic used to alter overall weight or speed lock-time to make the system run reliably? If the only purpose of the replacement trigger group is to lighten the pull, there are cheaper, (and IMO better, ..METAL) options.

    • Komrad

      Ruger stock trigger groups are polymer, and stronger (against impact anyways) than the older aluminum ones.

    • Suburban

      Does it say anywhere that the trigger group is plastic? On the Slide Fire website, the trigger group in the photos of the stock kits appears to be a Volquartsen TG2000. They run about $200, and I don’t believe there’s any plastic in them at all.

  • Komrad

    Akins Accelerator anyone?

    • Cymond

      First, the Akins used a spring to propel the action forward. This requires you to push forward on the handguard. There’s already an “Akins Accelerator 2” on the market that is legal.

      Second, Akins made some mistakes when he got ATF clearance. From what I understand, he modified the system a bit after he got the clearance.

      • Komrad

        I know. But I find it surprising that it took this long for Slide Fire to do it for the gun that started it all.

  • Alan

    It’s interesting to note that BATFE approved not only the bumpfire stock, but the configuration featuring both a bumpfire stock and a significantly lightened trigger group.