HERA Arms H3 MAG AR-15 Magazine

Andrew Tuohy spotted the ultra-rare HERA Arms H3MAG at the LAN World, Utah gun shop. Right now there are only four species of these H3 magazines in the country. Hera does not even list them on their German website, but LAN World, the distributor of them in the USA, is taking orders from retailers who wish to stock them.

The 30 round magazine is made of a polymer and features a large viewing window along the rear spine to make it easy to check the round count at a glance. The magazine has a angular look to it, which I really like.


Steve Johnson

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  • Bruce

    It always amuses me how much time and effort put into magazines for AR pattern rifles. Seriously, does it feed ammo? When I drop it on the ground can I pick it up and use it again? These are the only two questions I have about a magazine.

  • It is the same as a better fishing lure. It is designed to catch a fisherman’s money, not necessarily better at catching fish.

  • gunslinger


  • 5

    My experience with their Glock stock kit has left me leery of their products. After about 100 rounds the pins worked loose and the slide irreparably damaged the metal liner pin.

  • Trey

    Bruce, you must understand that for decades all we had was the standard GI type 30 rounders, which are not the best in reliability. As a rifleman in the Marine Corps, I always had concerns if my rifle was going to “double feed” due to a faulty magazine. There were even certain contract brands, Adventure line for example, that caused jams so much that we were not supposed to use them during rifle qualification. The greatest weakness of the AR platform has always been the magazine, and it is great that the industry is finally doing something about it after all these years

  • Michael Pham

    Local area network world?

  • Whiskey Hammer

    So Im confused.

    Its ultra-rare because there only four individual magazines in the US?

    And the parent company is making them available finally?

  • hami

    The HERA products for the G36 and UMP have a solid reputation and are quite innovative/unique. I wouldnt hesitate to buy an AR mag from them

  • TangledThorns

    Does it come with a cyborg implant too?

  • 5

    Too bad the G36 doesn’t have the same reputation as the Hera products made for it. See post from 3 days ago on German corruption. As far as standard AR mags go, I’ve never had an issue. Of course I’m not patrolling the deserts of Asia or dragging my rifle through the mud either.

  • Eric

    Species, or specimen? Species would suggest there are four different models available. Specimen would suggest there are four individual copies of one model in existence in the country.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    I think Eric is correct — it should read as four specimans, meaning that four individual magazines of this particular model were available at the time of writing.

    I am also in agreement with Trey about the problems with early GI-issue M-16 / AR-15 magazines. These were made to existing Mil-Spec standards of the time in both 20- and 30-round versions from lightweight, thin-walled aluminum that required a lot of coddling to function reliably and often did not stand up well to the rigors of the modern battlefield. When I was in the service, most of the magazines we used were manufactured by Colt, and their most glaring weakness was in the feed lips. The slightest bending or misalignment, which happened all too easily, would result in FTF’s or double-feeding. In my unit, extra time was actually set aside during pre-operational equipment preparations to inspect, realign and test the feed lips for proper function so that we would not have to constantly return the offending magazines to the armorer.

    By the same token, most of the wide variety of name-brand M-16 / AR-15 magazines available nowadays, Mil-Spec or otherwise, are much more durable and generally work more reliably.

  • Clyde

    These are amazing. I bought one to check it out and was impressed I bought 20 more. They blow pmags and lancers out of the water.