DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol Now Shipping (For Real)

It has taken a long time, and a lot of drama,  but the DoubleTap pistol is finally shipping. The good news is that the pistol design has been updated and now features interchangeable barrels so you can easily swap between .45 ACP and 9mm. Pricing starts at $499 for the aluminum non-ported model.

The press release …

“The DoubleTap™ Tactical Pocket Pistol has undergone significant improvements since we moved the project to our new manufacturer; making the DoubleTap™ a  more reliable, simpler and less-parts-to-go-wrong type of concealed carry,” Raymond B. Kohout, DoubleTap™ inventor stated. “We have production capacity to quickly fill all orders and many anxious customers to appease, but we are certain, beyond a doubt, that this newest version is of higher quality and extremely reliable.”

Significant improvements to the DoubleTap™ include:

  • Interchangeable barrels (9mm and .45ACP) using a M16 style push pin that is now ambidextrous
  • Enhanced pistol grip with new “FRAG” pattern inspired by the fragmentation grenade
  • Improved, easier to use thumb-latch
  • Patent pending trigger system simplified to only four major components and featuring dual hammers for extra reliability
  • Double-action, sequentially fired mechanical trigger system has double-strike capability
  • Ported barrels available for both the 9mm and .45 ACP to reduce recoil and muzzle flip

The DoubleTap™ Aluminum non-ported model has an MSRP of $499.00. The Aluminum ported model’s MSRP is $569.00. The MSRP for the DoubleTap™ Titanium non-ported model is $729.00 and the ported model is $799.00. Caliber conversion kits in the non-ported version have been lowered to $199.00 and the ported kits lowered to $269.00. DoubleTap™ Defense also sells a variety of accessories to complement the DoubleTap™ Tactical Pocket pistol.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Wow these are pricey.

  • Edgar Castelo

    Yup, you can buy a Derringer for 1/4 of that, what’s the excuse, these newfangled pseudo-Derringers look “kewl”?

    Lookie here, lots of Derringers, on sale, online!

    • Geo

      You’re right about the price, but I would consider a classic cowboy style Derringer too dangerous to the user to carry.

  • Edgar Castelo

    Derringers for sale, new, online for 1/4 that price, and the HUGE difference stands for what?
    Looking “Kewl”?
    Don’t think so.

  • TGM

    What makes this better then your run of the mill derringer?

    • Bruce

      It’s flatter and lighter, doesn’t require a hammer cock, no cylinder gap, uses the same ammo as my primary carry gun. That’s what’s ‘better’ about it. If these are features you want, this is your gun. Maybe those things don’t bother you about mini-revolvers.

      • FourString

        Not to mention ported. That definitely outblasts any existing derringer.

  • Duray

    A lot of hating, and it seems some ignorance, too. Price may or may not be all you care about, but if you’ve actually handled and carried guns, its pretty obvious this is NOT the same as a regular derringer. Have you handled a Bond? They’re chunky little all steel brutes, which could be great or terrible depending on what you want it for. This thing is slim, light, and smooth, and looks like it would actually work in a pocket. Plus, no fumbling around with a hammer when you’re being attacked, just pull, point, shoot, shoot again. That may or may not be what you want, but its certainly no cobra, and no bond. Don’t be hatin.

  • 5

    Conventional wisdom for carry guns is that porting is bad. Think quick draw and shooting from the hip. Porting directs gases toward your face. At least double tap gives you the option. Overall, with the variety of choices in slim, compact carry guns these are more of a novelty.

    • Buck

      Who in the world shoots from their hip? No offense meant but that’s impractical and has only been propagated by Hollywood cowboy movies. Lol.

  • JaredN

    My Kahr PM9 fits in my pocket must fine. It gives me 5 more rounds, can be reloaded quickly, and has real sights. The DoubleTap pistol is the answer to a question that I’ve never asked.

    • PT

      ” The DoubleTap pistol is the answer to a question that I’ve never asked.”

      And yet they will sell thousands of them.

      I love goofball guns.

    • Juice

      I always love it when something is a solution to a non-existing problem.

  • Mystick

    While it’s a novel design, and I’m sure it has it’s niche purpose, I just don’t see the advantage over a magazine-fed subcompact. There are those out there that are single-stack and having just as narrow a profile and similar overall dimensions. And you can find them new for half, if not a third, of the MSRP for this gun.

    To each their own, I suppose.

  • tizwicky2009

    One question. Why…what is the compelling reason people should move away from conventional doctrine regarding backup guns? There must be thousands of of other cheaper more effective alternatives. I have a S&W Bodyguard .380 backup that serves the same purpose at 1/3 the cost and has triple the functionality…

    • Duray

      “More effective alternatives.” Because the 45acp is known for its ineffectiveness? You’re looking at a 45 that weighs 12oz, never has to be racked, can’t be limpwristed, and could probably go forever without lube or cleaning. Maybe that doesn’t adhere to your “conventional doctrine.” My doctrine is if someone attacks you, shoot them with a gun. This particular gun throws a bigger bullet than most. (for the record, I carry a tiny 380 like you do, but I wouldn’t mind this either.

  • nobody

    Only advantage this gun has over guns like the Ruger LCP, Kel Tec P32, and Kel Tec P3AT is width, and only by a little (0.155″ against the Ruger LCP, .105″ against the P3AT, and .085″ against the P32), those other guns however are shorter in both length and height, weigh less, cost less, and hold more ammo. Why would someone choose the DoubleTap? Also, has anyone else noticed that they changed the trigger mechanism?

  • David Hinerman

    I could see carrying this as a back-up gun, but not at these prices.

    So what does a “FRAG” pattern look like? I though current fragmentation grenades were relatively smooth. Do they mean the old pineapple style grenades?

  • Davidio Flavio

    Great a 500 dollar solution to a 250 dollar problem.

    Yeah it’s a neat item, but ad an option and its Damn near as much as a Sig 938 which has 4 times the firepower.

    And in this day and age charging 70 bucks for porting which probably ads 12 cents to the production costs is just gouging.

    Enjoy it. I won’t.

  • mark

    this would be a good weapon to strap to your ankle as a back up but at that price it’s not worth it at all. i can get better for cheaper so why bother. i wouldn’t mind handling one just to see what it’s like though

  • CUrob

    Way to pricey… like everyone else is saying..there are too many options for nearly half that price let alone full price. Sorry, if you can’t make this and sell it for sub $300 and still make a truck load of money then you are doing something wrong.

  • David

    Extremely short barrel – bad

    Ported – bad

    2 round capacity – bad

    3 strikes and yourrrrrrrr out!

    • Duray

      Same barrel length as a Kimber Ultra Carry 1911. Porting is optional.

  • Leigh Rich

    Ive been following the DT for 3 years now. I paid for one from Gander Mountain which had them in their ad on 5/16 this year. I ordered one. Not here yet. A couple on Gun Broker. I ama gun collector and this is a must have in my book.
    Will let youall know when, if it comes in…

  • Leigh Rich

    Picked up mine aluminum non-ported 45ACP Double Tap Derringer from Gander Mt. $536 with tax. Overall the quality and finish are excellant. Trigger pull long and heavy as expected for a pocket BELLY gun. It has been 3 years wait since its conception. SR NR 52X.
    I am a collector and it is a very nice derringer to add to my rather extensive firearm collection.

  • BK

    Can I know more about the hammer mechanisms? When the hammer(red one) is at rest, does any mechanical part prevents it from applying pressure on the firing pin?