Barrett M107, 1 Shot, 1000 Yards, Off Hand, 9 Witnesses

Ryan Cleckner, a former Army Ranger Sniper Team Leader who is now the Long Range Instructor at Texas Triggers, was filmed shooting a Barrett M107 off hand (standing up) at a target 1000 yards away, and hitting it. The Barrett M107 weighted 37 lbs! That is one incredible shot.

Steve Johnson

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  • T. Edward Price

    I do not believe it at all. This was clearly rigged. It is obvious to anyone that the target was ONLY 999.6 yards.

    • Eddie, I’ve done that on at least five different occasions. However, I will admit the target was set up at only 999.5 yards.

      • T. Edward Price

        I always knew you were holding out on us!

  • T.

    Video said it was an M107. But still… WOW.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I missed that. Thanks.

  • FourString

    I wonder if a massive telescope lens would have been able to capture both target and shooter for the footage to be even more believable than it is. Too bad it would be cost prohibitive though. Plus, 1000 yards is pretty far, so not sure how feasible that would be anyway. Stunning, nonetheless.

    • Hunter57dor

      its not so much a matter of lenses, but focal length.

      you would etiher have your shooter clear and the background fuzzy or the target clear and your shooter out of focus.

      • FourString

        yup, definitely a long focal length (i guess massive telescope lens is not specific enough heh? could be a really large macro lens lol?). i wonder though if at that distance between the two objects you could get the silhouette of the man firing offhand AND the target in focus. I can imagine it in my head, but at that distance i doubt it.

        • ChuckyTee

          Use an f-stop of like 22. If you have enough light, it just might work. But it is 1000 yards, so prolly not. And those white lenses. My old man has 5 of them. I feel like a camera pimp when I get to barrow one:-)

          • FourString

            Woot. Dem white lenses. Can spot em from a mile especially at pro/collegiate football games 🙂

            Yeah, would be great to get more talented photographers to try clever shots on firearms, but of course behind the firing line.

            yo uh you want some shooting with that shooting? or whatever that meme is whoo

          • Video, so why not just follow focus and switch between the shooter and target 🙂
            No need to keep both in tack sharp focus.
            Simple and would be cool, and use a camera with a smaller sensor, a micro four thirds camera with a big white lens adapted to it, say an 800mm, which would give you 1600mm in FOV, then you do the 2x video crop mode, now see, endless possibilities~

    • FourString

      For the uninitiated, large white lenses with the red band typically cost more than most rifles and even some cars.

  • Knoveske

    I wonder if Chris C. will notice Colby Donaldson in the video.

  • J

    I get lucky sometimes too.

    • Hell, I’m not enough lucky enough to be able to afford that rifle, much less to make the shot.

    • T.

      The difference being that he has such a firm grasp on the fundamentals that he can get close enough to actually be that lucky.

      Not that I’m saying you don’t. I don’t know you. But you see what I am saying. He’s good enough to make that even a possibility, which is far better than most.

      • disqus_qMC9fyCWMI

        Oh, absolutely. Luck favors the prepared. I certainly don’t mean to imply that it was luck alone. To be honest I couldn’t land that shot from the prone, supported, no wind and all freaking day to make it. That sort of long range precision shooting is well beyond my skill level.

  • Some Gunner Guy

    I made a .50 cal shot at 1000 yards once. I used an M-2, only took me 150 rounds…

    • Offhand?

    • MOG

      The first 149 were practice.

    • T. Edward Price

      SGG, I think you perfectly displayed the concept of One Shot, One Kill! However, I think you were much more generous and patient than most shooters. I mean, after all, you did give him 149 WARNING shots!

  • Nadnerbus

    This is in preparation of the military standing up an elite unit of quick scopers, who will run around the battlefield and use the Barrets like an SMG. Oh life, how you always imitate art.

    • FrontierProject

      I see what you did there…

  • Jim

    no.. i have a very hard time believing this.. the abrupt cut does not lend itself to “proving” a hit.. too easy to edit this.. doing it this way, i could do it “off-hand, blindfolded @ 2000yds”.. lol..

  • schizuki

    OK, we need to declare a moratorium on using “Thunderstruck” in arms-in-action videos.

  • Aaron

    That was awesome!