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  • Collin Edmond

    So, did they try it without a 90 degree brake? Of course the break will create muzzle blast, it’s supposed to do that to reduce felt recoil. I’m curious if no muzzle attachment has the same effect?

    • MattInTheCouv

      agreed. this clip needs 3 videos: no device, muzzle brake, and suppressor.

    • Chadd

      Yeah, this does make me more curious of other types of breaks compared to not having one.

    • G

      There is another way to decrease the muzzle blast. Use a longer barrel than 16.25″..

    • bbmg


    • Martin M

      They’re also not mentioning that the rounds themselves have different loads. Full powered supersonic ammunition vs. lower powered subsonic.

  • 77

    i’d like to see the balloon next to A2 flash hider, when the gun goes off…
    of course a .308 with a brake blasts as hell….

  • bbmg

    Props to SWR for the comparison videos on their channel, all dB results appear to be published even when a competing can from another brand is quieter.