Swiss Govt. Prevents KRISS Exporting To Saudi Arabia

KRISS was planning on exporting pistol components from their factory in Switzerland to their US factory ,where they would be incorporated into guns being exported to Saudi Arabia, until the Swiss government refused to approve their export license. The guns were to be used by the Saudi Royal Guard Regiment whose duty it is to protect the king and his family.

The likely outcome, in my opinion, is that the components will simply be manufactured in the USA. KRISS would have had to get State Department approval in any case if they were planning on exporting guns from the country.

Steve Johnson

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  • Ripley

    The European countries take the “Arabian spring” uprisings very
    seriously. They don’t want any euro weapons turned against civilians in
    the case of a civil unrest, and the saudi “despot” king is likely the
    next one in line. Germany had a similar restriction recently

    That said, those machine parts are pure politics.

    • bbmg

      The “Arab springs” have entered the European borders already.

      The false dream of multicultural society is imploding.

      Still, no politics right?

      • SwedeAnon

        Most of the people arrested after the second day of rioting were suspiciously blond haired and blue eyed for “immigrants.” Especially the 20 far-right skinheads who got arrested for trying to set a police station on fire and attacking police officers with iron bars.

      • Ripley

        That is just trolling but since I happen to be well informed on that incident I’ll reply. That tiny “riot” in the outer suburbs of Stockholm consisted of a handful local bored immigrant teens, some local known-to-the-police criminals, and several car loads of organized non-local socialist anarchist activists that always show up when something’s burning, and last but not least a few right wing ultra nationalists “defending the national order” that always turn up when anarchists or immigrants do something. And a lot of non-local onlookers with nothing better to do. Like 99.9% of the local population were peaceful and didn’t want violence or have their cars burned. In fact the locals offered donated free hotdogs to anyone that turned in a stone.

        Local press (unbiased):

        And no guns were involved.


    A bit “old” news… 😉

  • Eric Brower

    I love Kriss weapons but as a soldier I can’t bring myself to trust Saudi Arabia government. And if.Kriss feels the need to export there I will not support the company.

    • David

      No kidding. The Saudi Government has unabashedly funded the majority of militant/extremist/Wahhabi Islam over the last 40 years.

      Syria is a good example. On one hand you have a despotic dictator, who for the most part kept to himself and posed no real threat to the US. On the other hand, you have militant Muslim extremists trying to remove that dictator from power. Tyrannical Dictator vs Militant Muslim Extremists.

      • Drop

        Not to mention beheading people for ‘sorcery’, and a whole slew of human rights abuse.

  • flyingburgers

    In the United States at least, which is consistent with international treaties, technical data like drawings, and tooling is export controlled under the same regulations as the actual gun part. Therefore, if the Swiss Government denies a license to export parts, there is no way they are going to allow export of the information necessary to build those parts.

    • Anonymous

      It’s called “intelligence transfer” and makes their US company the sole owner (which is not foreign owned), they can then produce gun sin the US and export them to SA fine.

      • flyingburgers

        Under US law that would still be considered an “export”. Giving somebody the information necessary to build something is the same as giving it to them. The people behind the law, the DoD, are hardly stupid.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Good point, but they export the parts already to the USA … I mean they could clean-room reserve engineer it with out any problem

      Although I am sure the US factory already has the blueprints.