Aimpoint 9000SC – Night Vision Compatible

9000SC-NV optic

New from Aimpoint is the 9000SC-NV, a night vision compatible version of the non-magnifying (1x) optic developed for the sport shooting and hunting markets.  This is the first night vision compatible 9000SC brought to market by Aimpoint.

The 9000SC-NV has a 2 MOA red dot and is parallax-free.  It operates on a single 2L76 or DL1/3N battery which offer five years of continuous use before replacement.

MSRP was not announced.  In a press release, Aimpoint stated the 9000SC-NV will have a “user friendly price.”

Richard Johnson

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  • O-zone

    “This is the first night vision compatible optic brought to market by Aimpoint.” Umm… WTF? What about the Comp 2/3/4-series sights?

    • TCBA_Joe

      It took me a couple seconds to get past that too. However, are they making the distinction between a red dot and a scope? If I understand it correctly, the 9000SC is not a red dot, but a 1x optic that requires eye relief etc… If that’s true then this would be their first night vision “scope/optic”

      • Anonymous

        That makes no sense. It’s a red dot, period. There are no magnifying elements within body of the optic. It has zero magnification. Ergo, it’s a red dot. All they did was take an existing optic and change the power settings for the laser diode. Aimpoint makes great stuff, but they suck at innovation.

        • TCBA_JOE

          I was thinking along the lines of a 1-4x optic, without the magnification. A Spectre DR still requires eye relief at 1x.

          That said, does the 9000SC have a projection element like a T1 or does it have an etched reticule like a Leupold Prismatic?

  • Steven Baker

    I guess the price might not pinch the pocket because Aimpoint already produced almost similar products like “Aimpoint 11417 9000SC Red Dot Sight” which also available in 2 and 4 MOA, 1X Magnification Range with Scope Turret Adjustment: .5 moa at 100yd. I got it at $419.00 from and trust me its unparalleled sight.