X-Ray Of Patient Shot By AK Rifle (SFW)

An X-Ray technician uploaded this X-Ray taken of a person shot by an “AK” (non-shooters call just about any gun an AK, so lets just assume it was a semi-automatic rifle). The patient will require “two really long plates and some bone graft.”. Ouch!

Hat Tip: /r/Radiology


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  • PT

    Ouch. Looks like somebody is getting an ex fix in his future.

  • David D

    Wow, that raised flesh is the exit wound, I guess?

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I think so. Notice the bone fragments are scattered on the side of the raised flesh, not the other side.

    • It is the blow out from the exit wound. I’ve seen enough gun shot wounds to recognize it.

  • eh…walk it off.

    • john

      Its a Arm

      • Mike

        Technically it’s “an” arm.

    • Suburban

      “Tis but a scratch.”

  • Nathaniel

    Rounds moving above about 600 m/s typically will shatter bone on contact.

    He could have had it much worse.

  • Calvin

    Dr. Mikhail, I need an over penetration and some energy transfer. STAT!

    • Doom

      You are aware that is an arm right? about any gun should zip right through an arm…

  • arpartsfinder

    This is definitely something you just rub some dirt in and move on about your day.

  • I hope the x-ray tech who posted this doesn’t lose his job.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      It crossed my mind, but judging from the forum its filled with technicians taking photos of interesting injuries.

      • Well, it’s a good picture to show the devastating power of a 7.62

  • Brandon

    The correct term is ‘technologist’ not ‘technician’. Technicians are unregistered, whereas technologists completed an accredited program and earned a college degree, passed the registry exam and are nationally certified (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists). If that x-ray was taken at a hospital, I’m 99% sure it was taken by a technologist.

    I know it seems like a small distinction, but a lot of students seem to get suckered into X-ray technician ‘schools’ only to finish and discover they’re not registry eligible and not really employable (there are few jobs for registered Radiologic Technologists, much less technicians these days).

    Source- I work as a Radiologic Technologist in a hospital.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      I am sure you are right (regarding the x-ray), but I never said the X-Ray was made by a technician, only that it was uploaded by a technician (from what I gathered from reading the forum).

  • S.T.A.L.K.I.N.G.

    I study ballistic trauma for a living, the wound profile fits with a 5.45×39 caliber round.

    • Ben 10

      fmj or hollow point?

    • milo

      must be an interesting job, probably too much gore for me. by the way, would your abbreviation happen to be from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

  • One of the bones has disconnected from the joint.I’m not a medic,but I think he’ll never be able at least to help his wife in carrying bags with this hand.

  • Clodboy

    Ouch. Somebody’s going to start popping OxyContins like Tic-Tacs.

    But yeah, it is extremely interesting, and something you don’t think about often… in movies, it is ALWAYS “only a flesh wound”, and ballistic gel, too, only simulates flesh.

    In reality, your skeleton makes up a pretty big portion of your body, so a bone hit is to be expected in a prolonged gunfight… and 8 grams of metal entering your body at Mach 2 are going to make a hell of a mess.

  • jrt

    Could that be a Navy X-ray? I say that because of the Port Marker.
    All mine from the army were digital.

    • chuck

      I think PORT is short for Portable X-ray

    • Blue Duck

      it is digital ifin ya look closely at the left hand side of the picture…. ther are “windows” buttons in the screen shot. not many clinics left in the world that do not have a digi-ray machine…. cept in those REAL third world countries and some backwater townships yet….

  • Nicks87

    Good thing he wasnt shot with a 1911! The entire arm would me missing! LAWLZ!

    • There you go again hating on my lovely 1911:-)

      • Nicks87

        I couldn’t resist but I was anticipating more comments like that. I know how interweb people like to one up each other.

  • Did the trick nicely.

  • Andrew

    Somewhere, someone is having a much worse day than us.

  • Matt

    so, when the star in an action movie gets shot in the shoulder, it’s not just a “flesh wound”? My whole world is turned upside down right now.

  • Mike Garza

    And this is yet another reason why I don’t talk shit… I carry a firearm and I’m polite to everyone… As a wise man once said “Be nice…. Until it’s time to NOT be nice..” Dalton (Patrick Swayze), Roadhouse….