[Rumor Mill] FN-USA To Stop Selling of FN FS2000 Rifle

UPDATE: The rumor was wrong. They are actually just between production.

I have been hearing rumors from
credible sources that FNH-USA will soon be telling dealers that they will no longer be selling the FN FS2000 bullpup rifle (the civilian semi-automatic version of the FN F2000).

The latest variant of the FNS2000, the FNS2000 Tactical, is not a bad rifle at all, but I do not think it has ever been a great seller and FN need to focus on selling the FN SCAR.

Steve Johnson

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  • Not surprising. It’s expensive, and honestly, the people who buy that are folks who want to be unique snowflakes.

    • Alex C.

      What about collectors? Wish I had bought an AR70 for $600 back in the day and been a snowflake 🙁

  • PCP

    It would be quite a shame if this odd ball was gone. While not being the best solution to the ambidexterity problem in bullbups it was a solid and fascinating solution it adopted. But being from the pre-modularity era, and it’s architecture and ergos not lending itself very well to upgrade, it was bound to happen. I just hope FNH develops a more modern replacement for the niche, but with the SCAR around the corner I doubt it would happen anytime soon.
    Well time to stack up on those, it will take some time before they become a rarity and thus desirable to collectors but when that happens I can imagine some some interesting prices due to the nature of the gun.

    • Totally agree. And it was a slow seller only because of cost and lack of supply. Lack of publicity also. If more of the prominent youtube channels had featured it, more would have been sold.

      • FourString

        I think it might have to do also (or more, depending on your view) with the heavy-ish bullpup trigger. It’s on Military Arms Channel / Sturmgewehr

        • Heavy? Sure it’s lighter than a tuned AR competition trigger. Does it make it a bad gun to shoot? Hell no.

          • FourString

            I agree with you on that though. The FS2000 is up there on my list of favorite rifles.

    • FourString

      Also sad to see the FS2000 go; though the SCAR is probably the more desirable rifle at least for me

  • Esh325

    I don’t think many people will miss it.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Remember that “if a tree falls in the forest….” saying?
    If a gun is discontinued that no one was actually buying, does anyone notice?

  • TangledThorns

    Now I kinda regret not buying one when they were going for $1600 on CDNN two years ago. I read its a very good rifle but people didn’t like that it was a bullpup and that it could only use STANAG magazines which is how it was designed to be so it could keep dirt and debris out.

    • FourString

      Yes, that it was not compatible with PMAGs out of the box probably took away a lot of its sales.

      • Mark M. Young

        It isn’t incompatible with PMAGs, just not out-of-the-box compatible. It has a hard rubber seal inside the magazine well perfectly contoured to mil-spec magazines to keep out dust and debris. It could be removed to allow PMAGs.

    • MacK

      I regret not getting one of the early batches with the “OOPS” maybe still full auto trigger packs installed. Of course it promptly would of been returned to FNH for warranty repair.

      • TCBA_Joe

        I believe that was the PS90

  • Jeff Pederson

    The biggest problem this gun has is it’s proprietary magazine use. If it worked with Pmags and others, I believe it would have been a MUCH better seller. For a gun to be successful, it really needs to be more diverse in common areas such as magazine acceptance. I love the FS2000, but the Tavor has it beat in many ways and in my opinion is the winning gun between the two.

    • PCP

      It uses normal STANAG mags, it doesn’t work with polymer aftermarket mags because those usually deviate from the standard pattern; the rubber gasket in the magwell also doesn’t help. But unlike guns with proprietary mags the problems are quite minor and can be resolved with light modification to the mags, as with any bubba-smithing do it at your own risk but be assured that it’s nothing too overly drastic. The FNH forums have threads and people that can help with that.

    • What the hell are you talking about. It uses standard AR STANAG pattern mags. It just won’t take the others ones the mall ninjas love.

      • Mall ninjas, people in war zones, competition shooters.. you know, all those people.

        • Even the US military recognized the metal STANAG as the standard and discourage the use of Magpul mags. The PMAGs have their advantages. Just not a must-have for civilians the marketing and hype would have you believe.

          • Jeff Pederson

            This gun has a lot going for it, but not being able to accept the very popular Pmag isn’t helping FN’s sales. You shouldn’t have to cut up your gun to get it to work with one of the best selling magazines there is. Like I said, I love the FS2000, but its rubber gasket magwell, STANAG proprietary magazine acceptance seems like it would have benefited from some different engineering options.

  • TCBA_Joe

    Frankly, with the US release of the TAVOR, the FS2K (which is already a very slow seller in it’s niche) most likely will take a sales hit. However, people can’t seem to buy SCARs fast enough, and removing the FS2K from the line, and producing FN2Ks for contract sales, will enable them to produce and move more SCARs and the rumored barrel and caliber change parts and possibly even the MK20/SCAR-H PR variants.

    While those interested in bullpups might be huffing a bit, the market won’t notice the loss and resources will be more appropriately utilized for newer weapon systems.

    In short, to stir the pot, the FS2K was a poorly selling ugly space gun that’s only redeeming quality was to look different than the myriad of ARs on the cover of Guns and Ammo. It’s discontinuation will help push the increasingly popular, superior SCAR line even further. It’s a move they should have done the minute they introduced the SCAR for civilian purchase.

  • Fuddleton

    Not a bad rifle, but you really need to watch out with the charging handle; let it go the wrong way, and you can get up to a triple feed.
    Still not my cup of tea though.

    • Eddie

      You cannot get a triple feed by simply pulling the charging handle the wrong way. In fact, there is only one person in the history of the platform who ever ‘supposedly’ got a triple feed, and no other person since (and this happened in 2007 when they were first hitting the market).

  • sianmink

    FS2000 can’t compete with the Tavor. Probably a good move.

    • rVLn4

      i think you are right.:)

    • Purely subjective. It’s only inferior to the Tavor for those who are used to AR style ergonomics and refuse to be open minded about anything else. In terms of accuracy the FS2000 can more than hold its own. Mag changes are not a problem at all after some practice.

    • fjkhoury01

      If anything the FS2000 is a more sophisticated and modern platform than the Tavor. The TAR cant really compete with the AUG even on features alone. It doesn’t have a QD barrel, it doesnt have decades of service, and generations of refinements yet ex. FR88, and it doesnt use the superior AUG mags and I say this as a matter of fact. The stanag mag is the weakest link in most 556 rifles, this is evident in the ARMY dust trials. So honestly i don’t understand all the tar 21 hype. The FS2000 is a weapon ahead of its time much like the Aug was in 1970. The only real criticism of the platform is the lack of easy access to the chamber for clearing malfunctions which in my experience have been few and far in between. The problem with FN is they never fully supported the rifle and marketed it, they’re such a military mfg that they didn’t bother to push their product as hard as the Tavor because they already had mil contracts they were filling(Slovenia, Saudis). No 9mm conversion, no spare barrels, no gasket replacement for smooth reloads and polymer mags, and no steel charging handle. Had any of these become a reality along with anywhere near the advertising the tavor had for years before its release the FS2000 would have left the AUG and TAR in the dust. But then again when you have a SOCOM contract for the SCAR with the largest and most funded army in the world i suppose you deserve a break on the advertising.
      -AUG and FS2000 owner

      • sianmink

        Most of this is features the buying public doesn’t seem interested in. The FS2000 is bulky in weird places (especially the rear) and awfully expensive. Is it a better rifle than the tavor? Probably. But people are lined up to buy the Tavor and there isn’t much interest in the FS2k.

        • It’s only bulky to the eye. Pick one up and shoot it, your hand and shoulder doesn’t care.

      • PCP

        The jams are something I’m curious about the FS2000, I’ve always heard of the potential for it being on par with a ghetto-smithed TEC-9 but I’ve never actually heard of a real report on the issue (probably due to the relative scarcity of both guns and its users). Looking at the patents for the forward ejection system, the case is being guided and forced all the way out of the gun so in theory, if everything is right, this should be more reliable that a conventional system; if something goes wrong then I can only imagine how bad a jam of any sort would be.

        • Only jams I’ve experienced were when mine was new. It was stubborn about feeding that first round. Once broken-in, no problems even with steel cased Brown Bear.

        • Eddie

          I’ve owned two. Only jams I’ve encountered were from misfeeds due to a crap follower in one of my old GI mags. Once that was remedied, I haven’t had a hiccup since — with the vast majority of my ammo being Norinco 5.56 yellow box (92 headstamp).

    • John184

      I know, but it’s still a cool rifle 🙁

      • Andrew Wilson

        It looks gay as hell, I’m honestly not trolling you, the gun just looks like it might break at that point between the action and the trigger that is thin and The bad hype does not surprise me, I’ve held one in a shop and the ergonomics were total shit, plus the gun looks like shit, even when hydro-dipped.

    • Eddie

      I owned a Canadian Tavor (note “owned”) after I had purchased my (first) FS2000 back in 2010. When I purchased my FS2000, I was critical of my purchase due to the plethora of bad “reviews” which were present.. but I decided to trudge forth anyway. After a short period of time with the platform (and a frickload of rounds through it) I experienced nothing of problems which were supposedly inherent in each of the FS2K’s (eg. broken charging handles, triple feeds, constant jams, broken internals, etc). Since then, I still have had zero issues with the platform, and it has become my go-to-gun if any crap happens around my house (yes, even over my AR’s.. though they’re restricted weapons up here in Canada whereas my FS2000 is registered as non-restricted).

      The Tavor has consistently great reviews on our major gun website (gunnutz) and I figured if the FS2000 was this good, the Tavor would be even better. I was in for a surprise. To begin with, the Tavor clocked in at 1.4 lbs heavier than my FS2000 (without optics), was insanely rear-balanced, was very inaccurate (trigger played some part as it was heavier than the FS2000). On top of that, the real kicker was that the BHO was prone to jamming in cold conditions, or after ~300 rounds down the pipe in a single outing (any weather). The reason stems from the same problem — the horrid piston system. We call the gas that shoots into your face “Tavor Eye”, and all it amounts to is the excess gas that is pushed back into the chamber which overflows into the shooters face. So, the piston completely fails in its job to vent the gasses away from both the chamber and the shooter. Thus, the carbon buildup begins to stick horribly to the BCG and it jams the gun up. Horrible, horrible system.
      So, about the time I decided to sell the Tavor (a few months after purchase) all of a sudden the REAL reviews on the Tavor began to roll in — which pretty much described all of the issues I presented here (and then some, but these were what I experienced). I was pissed since the Tavor was held in such high esteem on the Canadian website (as the US didn’t have it yet) and the BS spewing from the US about the FS2000 was completely unwarranted — with most coming from people who had neither fired nor even held and FS2000 (guaranteed).
      So, as you put it, “FS2000 can’t comete with the Tavor.” They aren’t even in the same league, and right now, I’m seeing the same BS in the US that Canada went through. By next year about this time, you’ll begin to see REAL reviews begin to emerge (not this pithy fanboy crap), and I’ll warrant that 1/2 of the Tavors sold right now will be back up for sale — just like what happened up here!

      • Hyok Kim

        Thanks for your post. I read reviews by two experts, who regard 2000 as the standard to judge all other bullpups. I’ll stay away from tavor.

  • Brandon

    My local gun store has had one on the wall for years. Pretty sure it’s the same one.
    Funny, everyone says it’s too expensive but cost doesn’t prevent half the shooters I know from owning 4+ AR15 rifles…..

    • I suspect that’s because you can have 4 AR-15’s in various configurations for the same cost or a little more as one of these.

  • UniqueSnowflake

    What a bunch of BS, the writer has been trolling arfcom and reading the rumors.
    Being a ‘Unique Snowflake’ as one commentor put it, this rifle is very accurate, the dust wipes can be removed and any mag that fits an AR will go right in the mag well and feed. The rifle is 29 inches overall, which is shorter than an 14.5 with the stock collapesed, and you get a 17 inch barrel. Easy mag changes if one would just put in the time to learn.
    Much more, but you BS commandos just bag thing out that you have never even shoulderd.
    Anyway, this ariticle is just BS unless they have any semblence of a source to provide. More of the crap writing of TFB of late, like the 22lr conversion for the PS90 by cmmg that was over 3 years old.
    Sure, they may eventually discontinue it based on the scar sales, but neither have been adopted in the US. The Tavor looks very cool, but again, no track record.

    Hey TFB, your rumor mill sucks! Trolling forums is a desperate attempt at keeping a website relevant.

    • FourString

      Whoa calm your tits mate

    • Doesn’t matter

      I have one and know somebody else who removed the magazine gasket. The gasket by itself is not the sole reason why P-Mags don’t fit.

  • Skeptic

    Let’s see, they can’t build a pistol, they can’t build a rifle and they can’t build a Bullpup Carbine, that people will buy. Amazing FN-USA is still in business, all those US Gov’t contracts they bought from congress must be really lucrative.

    Hey! I gots a rumor! Ruger is building a new plant to make AK clones, with direct impingment actions!
    Whose local Gun Store only had a new FN pistol, because of a deal with the factory.

    • snmp

      FN-USA is brand for Military/LE, for sport & Hunting they 2 brands: Browning & Winchester

  • Geo

    They will live on in sci-fi movies.

  • TLW

    You never know, this could mean they have a new bullpup in the works…

  • jrt

    Tavor is here, nothing to see.

  • If anything, its looks contributed to low commercial / public sales. I wouldnt toss one out of bed for eating crackers, but it does look bigger than it actually is.

    • Which is a place the AUG never had any issues.. that thing looks tiny.

  • Hunter57dor

    they have always been fighting their outrageously high price point, when you can get an ak for 600 bucks, or an AR for around 1000, why drop 2500 on this odd piece of kit?

  • Nathaniel

    Shame, I was hoping to pick one up… Way down the road.

  • Sighthound

    My Tavor has been nothing like Eddies. My experience has been more like the other Tavor owners I talk to. Very reliable under all conditions. No trouble with my piston system. My Tavor feels more accurate for me since my trigger has broken in and the aftermarket triggers simplify drop in and make it even better. My so called Tavor face is not bad and can be eliminated with an affordable after market cover/swivel point. The balance and ergonomics just feels great to me. I absolutely love my Tavor.