Which Gun Company Would You Buy If You Won Saturday’s Lottery?

Tomorrow’s Powerball jackpot lottery has hit $600 million! This, along with the news that Savage has just been bought out for a cool $315 million, got some of the TFB staff thinking what gun companies they would buy if they won.

The first thing I would do if I won would be to go on a Class III shopping spree on GunBroker, not stopping until I had made TFB writer Alex C. jealous. Then I would buy a TrackingPoint rifle, just because I could. Once I had gotten all that out of my system I would call up George Kellgren and make him an offer to buy Kel-Tec.

What gun/tactical/optic/ammo company would you buy?

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Good call on KelTec. I wouldn’t even need to buy the company, just build them another factory so they could actually make products in a decent quantity.

  • flyingburgers

    ATK or Elcan (good since there’s persistent rumors that Raytheon is trying to sell them). Precisely because they aren’t gun companies and don’t have the political volatility that goes along with them.

    • noob

      smart. I like it.

  • Bill V.

    As a New Yorker, I would buy Remington and keep them where they belong, Ilion, NY.

    • JW1978

      Yeah but New York has some of the most retarded gun laws in the nation

    • Frosty_The_White_Man

      As a New Yorker I find that completely wrong. Spend that money on a crack legal team to overturn the AWB/SAFE/queen cuomo laws.

      • Big Daddy

        I’m moving to Texas so now I can finally buy some guns. Not moving to Texas just for that, I’m sick of New York City and it’s nickle and dime you to death mentality. It’s either you’re very rich or very poor, they are strangling the middle class and making them poor. Being on a fixed income it’s like every year I make less here. So moving there is like winning the lottery, I feel like someone just said I will double your income if you move to Texas.

        • txlawman

          nothing personal as i don’t know you, but please make sure your ideology doesn’t just turn Texas into the next new york like all the californians are doing to us

  • Well, the $150 million you would actually get wouldn’t get me S&W or Ruger. The ones that make huge profits. Kel Tec might be fun, just so I can actually get a PMR30, and a KSG.

  • When is SatErday?

  • I wouldn’t buy one, I’d start one. I think it’s time for a new take on firearms manufacture.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Good point.

  • William Blake

    I would not buy a gun company. I would buy a Ammo Manufacturer or two. Then only sell to gun show and big name stores…. No GOV

  • St. Grendel

    Easy. It would be H&K. Then I could mandate that the company can no longer think civilians suck or hate us.

  • JW1978

    I would buy Colt or Kimber and move them to Texas

  • Raptor

    Maybe wouldn’t buy it outright, but I’d buy a controlling stake of S&W. Get them to introduce an M&P in 9mm and .40 S&W that’s comparable in size to a Glock 19, and introduce a proper AR-10 instead of that incestuous offspring of an AR-10 and an AR-15 they’re putting out now.

  • William

    I would rescue Marlin from the Freedom Group so I could restore it back to its original glory.

    • Anonymoose

      I would say Remington and Bushmaster too, but I doubt Cerberus would let all 3 of them go for only 600 mil. :c

  • borekfk

    Ruger, and have them speed up their production of their new 12 gauge, and bring back the 96/22.

  • Kyle

    Izhmash. Get them crackin’ on putting those AK-12’s out and making 9×39 AK’s and ammo!

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      Not a bad idea. But I doubt the Russia govt would allow the sale (at least to us). Far to much national pride and history is in that company (for good reason).

      • Kyle

        Well, I’d invest the money into making 9×39 rifles then. I already know of one project working on recreating a VSS

    • n0truscotsman

      damn. you beat me to it.

      Id start a subsidiary in the US, specifically in Idaho or Utah, and start churning out everything from VSS rifles to Dragunovs to AK12s to ammunition.

  • Ax

    Like William, I too would try to buy Marlin back from Freedom Group to return it to it’s original state of building high quality firearms

  • BigChuck

    I’d buy Marlin also. They need to revamp there quality and customer service.

  • tomaso

    Sig or start a a new company..already have 12 designs i have been tweaking for years…sorry bullpup haters 9 of them are bullpup based including one a semi auto shotgun and one k31 inspired design with a twist. = 0

  • GlockLove

    Simple for me i would start a LLC. my first line would be a HK MP7 clone chambered in 5.7, 9mm, maby 10mm becauce the 10mil rocks my socks and most deff 22lr a pistol version and a bastard 16in rifle version maby make the 9mm and 10mm have the ability to change barrels

    • AT777T

      Make sure you hire a crack legal team 🙂

  • shockfish08

    I’d make a company that would soley make a modernized series of M1 carbine style arms in a cornucopia of calibers (10mm is first priority 😉 )

  • jpcmt

    Help manufacturers who are stuck behind enemy lines get to a free state like Montana. Springfield, Kimber, Colt, S&W, etc. THey got no business with those states. If Glock continues to not give a crap about the 2A, I’d buy them and start ending contracts with LE departments who can have guns that non LE can’t have in that state. Then I’d start SWHMAIG (shooters who hate MAIG) and counter every ad Bloomberg makes 2 to 1 with parody and a logic-based appeal.

  • Chris

    I would by kel tec, and design a lever action modern rifle that takes ak and ar mags. A pump action would be nice too. These would be legal in restrictive states. They would also be priced reasonably. What do you think?

  • Buy stock and open up a branch of Tula State Arsenal in the U.S. I would really like to see the TKB-517, TKB-517, or A-91. Feast your eyes upon these examples.

    • Madeline

      *TKB-022 is the bottom one.

      I’d love to see a TKB-408 tbh.

      • I would like to see the TKB-517 which is cheaper, more accurate and more reliable than the AKM!!!
        Would actually like to see Nutnfancy review that.

  • Abram

    PTR; move them out of Connecticut. Look into making an MG3 clone. Invest in BCM and Noveske. I’ve got my ticket, so when you hear about PTR moving to Washington State, you’ll know it was me.

  • fjkhoury01

    Purchase Bushmaster, do a corporate overhaul. Make them hpt/mpi thier bolts and release aftermarket barrels for the ACR of course after screaming and moaning about a different profile barrel and a lighter hand guard Then finally maybe FNH would have to release some scar 16s barrels to compete and I could get one without chopping the factory one.

  • Charlie

    Savage so I could get them to make lever guns, pump and autoloaders in center fire calibers.

  • The money isn’t in guns… it’s in ammunition. The guns are just paperweight without ammo. I’d buy a ammo company, expand it and ramp up production.

    • noob

      propellant mfg is fun, but the sites I’ve toured are pretty hardcore about safety.

      Big board out the front saying “371 days without Lost Time Injury”

      All your metal shit into a box at the guard house on the front gate. That includes metal shoelace aglets and belt buckles. You get a string made of fireproof antistiatic cord to hold your pants up. Visitors get anti-static straps to put on their shoes. Regular staff have these antistatic conductive boots.


      (if it causes cancer, or lung damage, well, uh cover it in some other fire-retardant which is slightly less nasty.)

      Big ass berms between all the staff buildings, admin buildings, staffed factories, lights-out factories and storage bunkers. Armed guards. Big ass slides (like kiddy slides only bright yellow and fire retardant and vented on the top) going from every floor on the production buildings to a spot beyond the perimeter berm.

      More security than the house of a former Marine who has 5 beautiful teenage daughters.

      and that is before you start hearing the accountants bitching that the inefficiency of the steam power that runs and heats the whole site (all electrical fittings automation robotics are rated intrinsically safe, but kept to a minimum, because steam doesn’t spark.)

      Before you build a large scale plant and put sheep or goats on it to cut the grass because they don’t spark, it’s hard to appreciate how an expensive business propellant and ammo is, until you lose your first building full of staff. then you see why you have to spend so much on safety.

      be prepared to start smaller than you’d like and grow slowly. On the upside, you can diversify and sell nitrocellulose or brass stampings or whatever byproducts from part of the value chain you’re in, on the side as a second income stream. These plants can be very versatile, since most chemical factories aren’t designed to such high standards and can’t handle high risk work.

      I hope you do it, and do it right. best of luck on super saturday.

      • Thanks for the insights! That was a cool little walkthrough.

  • Gidge

    Boberg Arms

    They’re new, have fresh ideas and huge potential for growth.

    Their XR9 family is a new innovative pistol which with further development and refinement could become a market leader.

    With more states imposing 10 round magazine restrictions, accuracy and stopping power become more important for defensive carry weapons. Using Boberg’s technology to get longer barrels into mid sized and large pistols delivering superior accuracy and stopping power will give them an edge over competing pistols.

  • Skeptic

    I think I would hire a good bunch of industrial engineers and buy designs from Kel-tec and produce them with a eye toward quality and quantity. Geoff Who bought tickets.

  • Skeptic

    Who owns Hi-Standard and the designs now days? I saw a 10B in a LGS and wished I was rich enough to touch it. Sigh. Geoff Who passed on up years agone.

  • remington defense. i want XM2010 and MSR.

  • With that amount of money I would take a different route:

    1. Get my license and ccw permit and buy a handgun, shotgun and rifle.
    2. Take armorer and gunsmith classes.
    3. Design and build a line of rifles based on the AR plataform in various calibers and configurations.
    4.Start a company to market them.

  • gvass

    First I would buy stocks of different gun companies for one-third of the money, than I would buy POLITICIANS. And let’s make some very nice gun laws. My stocks will skyrocket…

    • Six8

      Hear hear. Starting by lifting ALL current bans and regulations NATIONWIDE.

    • You would need a lot more money. That might get you one senator… as long as Bloomberg isnt playing.

      • Verner

        Nah, here, in Hungary $600 million can buy you all the gun laws you want.

  • Six8

    I would buy out Robinson Armament, try to get FN willing to adopt it as a daughter company (like they did with Browning) to ensure I’d have access to their infrastructure, QC, CS etc system and start a major XCR marketing offensive as soon as FN assistance made the XCR family absolutely 100%. The real money is in ammunition and magazines though, so I’d set up a HUGE ammo and magazines plant solely dedicated to offering 6.8 SPC II and top notch magazines at realistic prices for everybody. I’d probably buy the rights to the Hornady and SSA 6.8 lines, as well as the Magpul 6.8 and PRI mags, and go from there. I would basically make myself the nation’s go to 6.8 business. Expanding to other areas of the world at a later stage.

    • Um–do you know the size of Robinson Armament:-)

      • Six8

        In fact I do. They are 30 heads strong max. RobArm does not have the capacity to process large mil/LE contracts. They’re not like FN of Springfield, who are like the Ford of the gun industry.Alex is a good designer and I respect him for that matter, but he lacks business skills. Which has proven to be detrimental to [the name of] his own company. If you’d bring in compotent and experienced management as well as qualified QC/CS people you’d already improve much about what is bad about RobArm. Implementing a different business model and investing money in solid infrastructure could bring in a few years bring RobArm to where, say, LWRC stands now. And not even LWRC is where it can be yet. They are most definitely on the right track though. LWRC! There you go, that would be an interesting company to buy! It’s just that I love the XCR and really want it to reach its potential (as the go to 6.8 gun, to be more specific), hence my vote for RobArm regarding the question ‘what if’.

  • Winterborn

    I’d buy out Red Jacket Firearms, cancel their silly television show and put them to work as my personal armorers.

  • Colby

    I’d buy Smith & Wesson and finally pull that stupid useless lock out of production on every production revolver and make it a special order item only. I’d also partner with Apex and make their duty trigger standard equipment in every M&P pistol.

  • Chu

    I would buy wilson combat, because I want everything they make. Everything.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    I’d buy Heckler & Koch. We don’t suck, and it wouldn’t hate us anymore after I fired some folks.

  • I’d buy a lead farm.


    GA Precision

  • TamarinTiger

    I’d buy Chiappa Firearms just to get a hold of Emilio Ghisoni’s patents.
    First, I would upgrade their CNC machines to make their Rhino 40DS/50DS/60DS frames out of one solid piece of billet steel instead of two aluminum pieces.
    Second, I would bring back the Mateba Autorevolver into limited production.
    Third, I would pay a gunsmith (or a team of them) to custom build me a one-off replica of Vash the Stampede’s revolver from Trigun, made possible using Ghisoni’s design.

    • Gidge

      With some more development and heavier materials the Rhino could be engineered to dominate ICORE

      • ICORE?

        EDIT: Nevermind, google-fu works wonders.

    • Nice to know I am not the only Otaku that likes guns.

    • gunslinger

      Vash’s as well as Alucard’s .454 Casull.

      • If you dont like your hands… Rememebr, even in the books that thing weighs a ton for a reason.

        • gunslinger

          well it was wielded by a demon.

    • Where did you find that file?

  • junyo

    Buy Keltec, call up Ruger and ask them how much to contract manufacture for me, and shift all my volume production to them. Setup the core company as a design house with a boutique manufacturing component.

  • rVLn-4

    i would open up a series of dynamic, state of the art ranges first, then begin designing my own weapon system 🙂

    • Grimlock99

      same here! i’d design my own AR and a 1911.

      • Thats like saying you would design your own Chevy Corvette… its not exactly your own design.

        Reach higher than that 🙂

  • Santi Ward

    I will buy all of the premium rifles and pistols.

  • Aaron

    I would buy Rock River Arms for AR and AK platforms and move them out of the People’s Republic of Illinois. I would double their production capability, and expand their offerings in calibers, and even bolt-action rifles and pistols. I would start my own internal machine shop, so that every component of the firearms could be made in house, including barrels. I don’t think the Hornady family is willing to sell, but I’d make an offer. If not, I’d look to buy another ammo company, or start a third internal company to finish the complete package.

    Oh, and I’d probably do like Steve and go on a massive Class III spending spree, to include a mini gun!

  • I wouldn’t buy a gun company, I would start both a gun and ammo manufacturing company here in Canada. Both of which we need.

  • Jeff Wong


    Because…. hipster!

  • Jeff Wong

    Norinco: the gun hipster’s choice!

    • Could you make them with a better finish when you do?

  • DoctorTran37

    Well I didn’t win the Jackpot but hey, I got 4 bucks! So! What to buy?

  • akmarksman

    I’d buy 10 bricks of CCI .22LR.

  • Travis

    I’d buy The Firearm Blog and replace the whole staff with CoD players.


  • I_WIN_U_lose

    I would buy Colt and put them back in the business of making guns for citizens(!), instead of being focused almost exclusively on the military/LE side. First order of the day would be to start making Colt Pythons, Anacondas, King Cobras, Detective Specials, Woodsman, and a BUTTLOAD MOAR AR-15s!

  • Wild Bill H

    I’d buy Colt (probably not enough $$ I know) move them to South Dakota where they could be manufactured in at freedom-loving Free State in the West where Colt is synonymous with the Old West. Oh, and at less cost and with the care of a people who love firearms.