Lionheart Industries LH9C

The Lionheart Industries “L” series of pistols were introduced earlier this year and recieved a lot of attention. To give you a background of this pistol series it helps to know who makes them. Lionheart  formed a strategic alliance with S&T Motiv in order to bring these pistols to the American market. Now you’re probably asking yourself who the heck is that. Well you know them by the more common name of S&T Daewoo based in south Korea. Daewoo is an experienced company that most people know from the 1980’s when they introduced the Daewoo 5.56 carbine. Those familiar with the company know they make excellent firearms. In fact they manufacture most of the South Korean military small arms.

Lionheart opened it’s doors in November of 2011 in Redmond Washington in a brand new 70,000 square foot world headquarters. Not long after they partnered with Daewoo in designing this new pistol series. The “L” series comes in a compact version which is the LH9C. The second and third versions are the full size LH9 followed by the full sized rail equipped LH MKII. All versions are currently chambered in 9MM. All “L” series pistols are finished in Cerakote in a variety of colors as well as two tone models. Both full size models are shown below.


MKII   Lionheart Industries


LH9   Lionheart Industries full

If appearance is any indication these are going to be excellent pistols. We’ll know for certain before to much time has passed. We’ll be doing a review of the LH9C fairly soon.


Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • GlockLove

    lol Looks like a Daewoo

    • Dave

      because it is

      • Like I said we’ll see when we review it. It also has a flat top slide with a pattern to break-up sunlight. It has a pattern somewhat like a diamond.

  • Tim Pearce

    Heh. I’d just seen one of these at a local shop and was wondering about them.

  • That Guy

    Does it have the weird Daewoo “Tri-Action” trigger?

    • Yes, they call it double action plus+. Cock the hammer then push it forward which makes the trigger pull much shorter and lighter.

      • John

        It doesn’t make the trigger pull shorter, it just creates a very low resistance free double action trigger.

        IMO (used to own a DP51), this resulted in a buttery smooth trigger pull. Whether I’d carry one in state is another question though

  • They don’t look like Daewoos. They *ARE* Daewoos. They read “Made in Korea” on the slide.

    • Yep they are made in Korea.

      • FourString

        Aren’t they assembled and finished in Washington state though? From what I recall

        • Jake Dorsey

          I must confirm this. One of my favorite pistols, now assembled and finished in my home state? I must see this!

          It makes sense. Washington and South Korea are huge trading partners. They buy a lot of our aircraft parts, produce and wine.

          • FourString

            I don’t blame them. The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful, verdant place :]

            Check NutnFancy’s video review of this pistol, where it is mentioned. Also, the location is listed on the official Lionheart webpage and Facebook. You’ve probably already found it with a reflexive Google search 🙂

          • Dorsey

            Sweet! Just 40 minutes north. I’ll have to visit!

          • FourString

            Sick, man, very sick.

  • mlk18

    They are just a Daewoo DP51 with different grips, forward slide serrations and a rail. They do have the same goofy tri-action trigger as the original, only they are priced much higher. IIRC the DP51 could use S&W 59 mags, can’t remember if they had to be modified first or not. The few reviews I have read about the LH were not overly favorable.

    • We shall see fairly soon. If you look at the front of the barrel and the way it’s designed it reminds you of what:-) S&W barrels—- There’s nothing wrong with that but I’m sure we’ll make comparisons.

  • kalashnikev

    They should have kept the old Daewoo branding. “Lionheart” is just corny.

    • Lionheart is actually a second company that partnered with Daewoo to create the LH9C

    • FourString

      They’ll probably sell well with Columbia grads? Lol jk. But Idk, I do like Lions, they connote all that courage jazz and all. Could be worse, ya know, like an Anteater (Zot Zot whoo….).

  • Dale

    Had an old Daewoo DP51… Not bad guns, but that trigger….that trigger….

  • Good looking gun but if the video I watched of the Tri-Action Trigger is accurate, I don’t think I’ll be buying one.

  • RickH

    I always wonder why some companies feel the need to have something “extra” rather then just engineering good quality into the trigger. I love my Walther P99 AS, but the AS mode is pretty silly. It has a very good double action trigger and an excellent single action. I never shoot or carry in AS mode, it is something that just isn’t needed, just like the modes on the Lionheart.

    • FourString

      Depends on how much you take advantage of that specialized system/trigger though. Some people just use it more than others. If you don’t take full advantage of it by practicing with it, though, then obviously you will find it pointless? lol

  • John

    I liked the old DP-51s, they used to go for ~$200 and I found that, to my dismay, I shot it better than my Glock. The tri-action trigger was a great idea in theory, but isn’t much more than a range feature.

  • NuclearPogostick

    Oh hey, they’re based really near me (much like PW arms). Hell, I’m tempted to get one.

  • snmp

    Look like the Daewoo DP-51 / K5 pistol with the SFS (Tri-Action) Trigger

    • FourString

      I believe it is a derivative of it, if not a direct descendant or even the same?

  • FourString

    Any word on their compatibility with the S&W 59 series magazines? Particularly the Mec-gar 20-round mags? Those would enhance the pistol’s appeal a lot, I think

  • Nicks87

    An over-priced Daewoo? No thanks. I’ve heard they are good guns but when they break it’s impossible to find parts for them. Maybe this Lionheart company will change that.

    I was worried this would happen. With the recent “gun craze” that’s going on in America it seems every half-ass firearms “manufacturer” is trying to cash in on some re-issues of older designs that are cheap and easy to make. Just like how every Tom, Dick and Billy Bob with a CNC mill and a drill press are making AR-15s. If I decided to purchese a new firearm right now I would be very suspect of the build quality of any firearm that has been manufactured in the last two years or so. Let alone buying something from a company that is not well known.

  • Friendly Neighborhood Gunsmith

    I first looked into Lionheart after a customer brought them to my attention earlier this year, and have since sold three of their pistols. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot the compact model and was impressed by it overall, but share many of the reservations about the price point that my customers have discussed. They are very well finished and have a moderately heavy single action pull along with a long, smooth DA pull much like a Beretta 92 would. They do work with S&W 59 type mags but the fit is not great, so fair warning! The soft case is a nice touch and is quality, but many people would rather have a price break or a third magazine instead of a case they won’t use.

    Lionheart has recently partnered with Novaks and will be phasing out the current fixed sight first gen pistols with a “gen 2” that includes Novaks wide notch combat sights. Blacked out rear sight, large white dot front. I received one of these last week and the new sights are a massive improvement in my opinion. They also tweaked some of the internals such as strengthening the safety lever detent for a more positive click. Flat baseplates for the compact mags should be forthcoming as well.

    Along with these changes they shifted the price points around and have actually raised the MSRP to give dealers a bit more room to work. The folks at Lionheart claim to have a full stock of spare parts for the pistols in addition to their warranty services.

    Overall the pistols are solid and definitely provide a good alternative to the dying alloy frame hammer fired pistol market, but the price seems to be the big factor for most folks. Personally I think “it’s just a Daewoo” in the same way that a Springfield TRP is “just a 1911″… the bells and whistles appeal to some but aren’t worth the price to others.

  • Bobby

    I have a LH9C and it is a great gun, accurate and reliable.