WikiArms: New Ammo “In Stock” Tracker

When browsing TFB today I noticed that we are running an advertisement for a new ammo tracker website called WikiArms. They have a very simple layout, which I like, and seem to be updating pricing about every 10 minutes.

Disclaimer: There are some that don’t believe that advertising on TFB is separate from the editorial side of things, I can only keep repeating is so many times … the ad people never told me WikiArms was advertising here (they never tell me who is advertising), I don’t know who is behind the site, I don’t know how long they will be advertising here and I was not told or paid to write this post. Phew, that was a long disclaimer.

Steve Johnson

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  • Simon

    The should add powder.

  • Ian McAllister

    WikiArms vs GO!

  • seems to have a better understanding of what is out of stock and what is available. WikiArms showed a couple boxes of ammo for each type as in stock, when the website says not in stock.

    • cyberranger

      Jonathon is correct… works pretty well & is still a work in progress. I have bought several times using it. A 10 min lag time is waaaay too long on wikiarms. Even’s almost immediate update is sometimes too slow.

      • Steve (TFB Editor)

        I had not seen gun bot before.

  • Philip Paul

    Ammo bot works too.

    You can blame Joel for me showing up here unannounced.

  • Rifle762

    Thanks! 1000 rounds of PPU 75 gr. 5.56 on the way from Wideners.

  • Personally I’ve had very good luck with

  • altos

    Worthless. They post “deals” and, within 20 seconds, they are gone, out of stock. This does not appear to be a legitimate tracker of inventory, rather, an advertising and promotion vehicle with no value. I would not call it a scam, rather, a worthless site.

  • altos

    My experience is that they post items that retailers may have… in stock. If you reply within 45 seconds they are out of stock. Looks to me like they are an advertising arm for retailers who want their name out there but really don’t have any inventory. I gave up using it as it was worthless.