Reciever: Mechnically Realistic Shooter Video Game

Indie game developer Wolfire has developed a FPS shooter where things like reloading involve having to issue separate commands forĀ  each action that would be required in real life to operate the guns. For example, reloading a 1911 pistol involves issuing a command to remove the empty magazine, another to insert a fresh magazine and finally a command to release the slide.

Hat Tip: Endo.

Steve Johnson

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  • spudro

    1911? Does it have 5 different commands for clearing malfunctions?

    • Dave

      You don’t give the gun commands, you manipulate each control (the mag release, the slide release etc), so if you get a jam, you need to manipulate the firearms controls to clear it, not ‘press X to clear jam’

  • A little overly complicated even by me, considering that their are only so many commands on a keyboard or controller that can be memorized and assigned.

    • Ripley

      You’ve never flown a flight simulator. Or a plane.

      • Having separate buttons for the slide, mag release, ect, ect is nothing like Flight Simulators.

    • Bubba

      It’s a bit tricky, but you get used to it after an hour or two of playing.

    • Masoo2

      Never played ArmA 2 I suppose, or a flight/vehicle simulator.

    • Andrew Moursund

      You’d be surprised how quickly the controls in this game become instinct.

  • Michael Pham

    Its an interesting idea and it does lead to some unique gameplay, but its not really realistic.

    When your brain sends the impulse “pull back the hammer” you just do it, same as the millions of physical manipulations you’ve done prior. You are, unless you have severe nerve damage, fully cognizant of all of your bodily parts in space (something called proprioception). You don’t need to see your hands to know where they are.

    In this game, you have to memorize buttons to do these things on top of knowing what they do relative to the firearm. And in order to confirm, you witness it, rather than intuitively know it. Its several extra layers of translation that I don’t think is more realistic.

    Sorry for nerding out, but its like “realistic” games that remove the crosshair. That crosshair simulates you having two eyes and being able to point shoot through depth perception. Without it (or some analogue) you’re not closer to the abilities of a real human, you’ve got less.

    • Hades’ Counsel

      On counterpoint, you could argue that the same hammer-pulling instinct could be replaced by a Pressing-H habit once you get used to the controls.

    • poot

      You would be surprised how quickly you can learn to pull the mag, holster your gun reload a mag with rounds, draw your gun pop the mag in the gun and rack and aim with it without looking at the gun or your keyboard.

      eg off the top of my head

      e(or v)`zzzzz`zrq

      and re the removal of cross hairs is more do with when you are firing from the hip and therefore have a reduced accuracy, in which bring the gun to your face give you the sights to look down

  • TangledThorns

    We’ve discussed this idea in other gaming forums about removing the HUD with the ammo counter. Seems like a cool realistic idea but games don’t have a real feel of a gun… yet. Meaning you can hear and feel when an AR-15 is empty when the bolt stays open after the last round for example.

    • Kav

      Have you played Red Orchestra?

  • kevin

    I wonder if it has the accuracy value also….most FPS allow a handgun to shoot an unlimited distance and as long as you have the target in the cross hairs you will hit it. Not so much in real life though

    • sianmink

      Actually most FPS have the ‘projectile’ simply cease to exist after a certain distance, with no bullet drop or anything.

  • phamnuwen

    What’s up with the remaining magazine icons? UNREALISTIC!!

    • Andrew Moursund

      They’re not icons. They’re the actual magazines. They just kind of float there until you use them.

      • phamnuwen

        Still unrealistic. In real life you have to actively look/feel how many magazines you have left. you don’t have that information available in your view all the time.

  • Keksos

    Haven’t played any more recent version but I found it pretty stupid that one couldn’t just operate it freely but only use the listed options. I mean you didn’t get the possibility to do something wrong – the gun always worked with no jamming in all cases (even the occasional jamming in S.T.A.L.K.E.R did it better).

    • I said come in, don’t stand there! They really did it right, even if the ranges were truncated (computing 1kmx1km is a nasty number crunch). Bullet drop “felt” right if you just used ranges as a model to provide an experience (versus expecting them to be wholly realistic). Malfunctions “felt” right, again using it as a model to provide a holistic experience. I guess these guys are trying to be the Gran Turismo of shooting. GT is great at that, but without a proper wheel and pedals setup you’re still disconnected. Maybe these folks will be able to kickstart some kind of feedback shooting apparatus?