Bug A Salt, The Anti-Insect Artillery, Reviewed

Have you ever contemplated dumping the lead from a shot shell, filling it with salt, and pointing it an unwanted coackroach? I have. If done inside this of course violates Cooper’s Gun Safety rules and possibly the spouse’s house rules regarding gun play. Luckily for us the Bug A Salt was invented. This non-lethal spring powered “shotgun” shoots salt with just enough power to eradicate bugs. It is compatible with all salt shot sizes ranging from #14 table salt to #5 kosher salt.

Say Uncle has reviewed the Bug A Salt here.

Steve Johnson

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  • I prefer #1 Sea salt. It really puts the hurt on spiders.

  • Greg

    I bought 3 at Christmas. They are a lot of fun and only use a pinch of salt (the wife does not get pissed when I shoot it in the kitchen/living room). I recently had an issue with one of them, emailed the company (knowing full well that it was out of its 30 warranty and within 5hrs I had a guy from BugaSalt call me back, walk me though some trouble shooting, then send me a replacement. I appreciate a company that takes care of its customers.

  • Ryan

    I’ve been smoking some love bugs with one of these lately. Fun little toy

  • Doopington

    What does the Firearm Blog recommend in terms of salt-shot for home bug defense?

    Will my #14 table salt do the same to an errant spider breaking into my home in terms of sheer projectile volume and muzzle velocity, or should I go for stopping power with kosher salt bug shot?

    Perhaps pickling salt?

  • Will it work on those 3 inch long Giant Asian Hornets?