Remington Expands Ammunition Plant

Remington has announced that they are planning a $32 million expansion of  thier Lonoke, Arkansas ammuniution plant which should be completed by the second quarter of next year. The expansion is to help them meet increasing demand for ammunition domestically and internationally.

Steve Johnson

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  • Johnnie bravo

    And they better do a better job helping out civilians in the USA first!

  • FourString

    Any help would be good in the weird state civilian ammo supply is in this country.

  • gunslinger

    It’s about time to hear an ammo manufacturer upping their game. There is a demand, so why didn’t it happen sooner?

    • sadlerbw

      Because no one was convinced the demand wouldn’t disappear once the panic died down. If you, for a business perspective, think buying trends will be back to normal in six months, it’s better not the spend all that money to build new capacity that is just going to end up getting idles when things calm down.

      So, it looks like Remington finally has made the case, internally, that even when things calm down, they will be able to make use of more capacity.

      • I’ve got more knowledge of that plant than most having been there years ago and living not to many miles away.
        I expect they are expanding the calibers they make there. That plant used to make all of the Remington .22 rimfires for the entire company. If you ever see a box of Remington 22’s they came from Lonoke.

    • Derpsky

      Daniel Defense is entering the ammunition game.

    • phamnuwen

      Because of regulation, state interference in the market, laws against “price gouging” etc.

  • …so the past 5 years haven’t moved them to do this?

    Too bad they’re already scum for taking the 80million dollar contract to stay in new york.

    • Bucking the Futz


  • jamezb

    I am an Arkansas resident familiar with this landmark plant, located in the I-40 corridor. There is an enormous area avalible for the expansion, (not to mention potential future expansions!)..and a large and willing pro-gun workforce at the ready. Cheers to you Remington, lets do this thing!

  • John

    I hate being “that guy,” but you misspelled “their.”

  • Bucking the Futz

    Like it matters- Remington sold their soul to be the manufacturer/supplier for Homeland Security- like any of the ammo will make it to any of us “citizens” …..smh

    • Damon Montano

      hey buckfutz, do you live in Wyoming?

      • Bucking the Futz


        • Damon Montano

          No smoke, I live in Laramie also…das cool.

          • Bucking the Futz


          • TMI

            Hi, I found you on another forum 😉 Give me a couple hints!

          • Josh

            I heard its nice this time of year

          • Damon Montano

            its getting cooler, you better hurry up josh before it changes!

          • J

            How is it now? Almost ready!

  • Mojo

    I hope this enables them to bring back their Buckhammer slugs….

  • spencer60

    No more Remington anything for me. After they sold out and expanded their NY plant in exchange for a $80 million gov’t rifle contract, I want nothing to do with this company.

  • walter12

    What is the real reason that there is such a severe ammo shortage in this country today? We know that this Obama creatue orchestrated this shortage, but where is all the new stuff going now?

  • Aaron

    Glad to hear a “major” is finally expanding rather than just adding shifts!

    I understand the ire of other posters about the dirty NY deal, and I agree with them. Remington could have made a very influential decision like some other companies have when faced with stupid State legislation, but they chose to take the money. I haven’t disowned Remington for their choice – it is a very volatile market right now, and business ($$$) decisions have to be made for the betterment of the company. However, I will be watching their decisions more closely.