Uberti Silverboy .22 Magnum Lever Action Rifle

Uberti has added a .22 Magnum to the list of calibers they chamber this lever action rifles in. The new chrome-finished SilverBoy chambered in .22 Mag is being marketed for use as a youth rifle or as a Cowboy Action Shooting training rifle.
The Uberti Silverboy has a 19″ barrel, a walnut stock and weights 6.4 lbs. MSRP is $599.

Steve Johnson

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  • akmarksman

    No .22 anything on the shelves here in my town. I’m thinking of going full retard and purchasing some from gunbroker..bulk order.

    • FourString

      +1. Ben Stiller is ringing in my head now

    • Try http://www.gunbot.net/ammo/22lr. Way better than paying gunbroker prices. I also have had good luck with Midway using the “notify me” option.

  • Cobalt-60

    .22 magnum seems like a fun cartridge to play around with, especially in lever action or semi-auto form. I know this is going to be branded as a youth rifle, but I am a kid at heart dammit! It seems like a fun time, plus i have a soft spot for pistol caliber carbines/levers, they just jive well with my interests in firearms.

    • Mountain Lawyer

      You mean they jibe well, and that’s no jive!

  • Sid

    I think this may be a wonderful gun, but it .22 magnum for all I can tell is a really LOUD small bullet. A good friend inherited a .22 magnum handgun and we took it out to have some fun. Thinking that was just a hot .22, I dropped the hammer on the first round. There was an explosion at the end of my fingers and I can’t smell cinnamon anymore.
    Seriously though, .22 magnum is loud for no real ballistic gain. And I never thought we would ever be in the position of .22LR being hard to buy. In my neck of the woods, you have to be in the store the morning the shipment arrives.

    • sadlerbw

      In a handgun? Yes. In a rifle? well, it does more than just make a bigger boom and a huge fireball. It does actually go several hundred fps faster that a 22 LR out of a longer barrel.

      • Sid

        But it still makes a .22 sized hole.

        • BL22

          so does a .556 NATO but you can’t compare that to a .22LR either.