Shot Show Industry Day At The Range

Each year on the day before SHOT Show the media are invited to the Boulder City Range to test-fire all the new guns. Non-media industry people are technically not allowed. From next year onwards, there will be second range day on the first day of the show for “key buyers”. This “Buyer Day at the Range” will be invitation only and will be open to the staff of 700 buying organizations. Collectively the Media Day At The Range and Buyers Day at the Range will be known as Industry Day At The Range.

From the press release …

CMG Marketing & Events and Triple Curl PR & Advertising with the support of the National Shooting Sports Foundation are introducing the first SHOT Show® Buyer Day at the Range.  SHOT Show® Media Day at the Range and SHOT Show® Buyer Day at the Range will now be referred to as SHOT Show® Industry Day at the Range.

The first SHOT Show Buyer Day at the Range will take place on Tuesday, January 14, 2014 from 8AM-12:00PM. The event will be open to 700 invited distributors, dealers, and retailers.  This will give buyers in the hunting and shooting industry a chance to test and learn about new products.  “Increasing interest from retail and wholesale buyers to try out new products makes SHOT Show Buyer Day at the Range a natural fit,” said Chris Dolnack, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer.  “Providing key buyers with a hands-on experience while attending the SHOT Show gives retailers an opportunity to sell new products through first-hand personal experience.”


Steve Johnson

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  • always excited for shot every year any predictions?

  • Why Boulder, CO?

    • smith

      Boulder City, NV is actually a smaller city just south of Las Vegas with great range locations.

    • Boulder Nevada about 15 miles from Vegas. If you look it up on Google earth you can see the size of the range which is very large.