Details On Beretta ARX100 Pricing And Availability

I somehow missed the Beretta ARX100 at the company’s NRA Show 2013 booth the first few times I visited – I saw the Pico due to word of mouth, but no one really seemed to talk about the ARX100, the US-made semi auto version of their ARX160 select fire 5.56mm assault rifle. It might also be due to the fact that half of the ARX100s at the show were in camouflage.

You can't expect me to see an invisible rifle.

You can’t expect me to see an invisible rifle.

The ARX100 will hit dealers in August of 2013 at an MSRP of $1950. Beretta plans to make about 5000 rifles this year, then ramp up production significantly next year. If you’d like to see some of the technical features of the ARX160, such as the charging handle and ejection switching from left to right and the quick change barrel, check out this video I made while at the Beretta factory in Italy back in 2011 (please forgive the fact that I had a total of about 5 minutes of hands-on time with the rifle before that video was shot). While that video was with the 160, not the 100, the functional demonstrations remain the same.

For US consumers, the ARX100 will represent another option in the semi-auto rifle market, albeit one that can quickly swap from 5.56 to .300 Blackout – their first available alternate caliber, with barrel assemblies for the swap retailing at $500 – in a matter of seconds. They do plan other calibers, such as 7.62×39 and possibly 6.8 SPC, although they’d require bolt swaps.

I like the ARX160/ARX100 in part because I have respect for Beretta and the products that come from their Italian designers. The ARX, while not as visible to US gun consumers, is a platform that’s seen some serious (military-oriented) development over the past few years. I also like it because it is meant for both right- and left-handed users and offers a tool-less quick change barrel. I do wish the handguard was a bit longer, though.

Whether it will make a dent in the crowded US market, dominated by the AR-15, remains to be seen.

Andrew Tuohy

Andrew Tuohy was a Navy Corpsman with the 5th Marine Regiment. He makes a living by producing written and visual content within the firearm industry, and he also teaches carbine courses. He prefers elegant weapons for a more civilized age, and regularly posts at Vuurwapen Blog.


  • Jim

    The problem will be whether you can get your lazy local gun shop off their butts to order one. I went to two local gun shops to see whether they would order/check with their distributor to see about ordering/getting on a list. Both of the LGS stated that they would even ask their distributor/they wouldn’t do any special gun ordering. I realize the ARX is a new product but if the dealers won’t even attempt to order them, it is going to flop. The LGS/distributors are the biggest impediment to getting a gun to market IMO. Rant over.

  • milo

    am i the only one who at first glance saw the picture and thought the guy was holding a hilariously gigantic rifle? anyways the rifle’s specs look nice but i wish id have more money for firearms.

    • noob

      “any tougher and it would be carrying you”

      • milo

        my god i wish i had photoshop.

  • John Sjöström

    That rifle looks very bulky compared to a SCAR or a ACR.

    • erwos

      I think it’s because the area between the magwell and the handguard is “fatter” than it is on most rifles. But I admit, the handguard does look a bit bulky, too.

      • noob

        sort of like a built in AFG? Did anyone try using the forend like an afg at the show?

    • vereceleritas

      I agree that it looks that way but it didn’t feel bulky or awkward when I played with it at the NRA show. It was suprisingly lightweight and balanced. That pencil profile barrel probably helps in the weight department.

      • John184

        That’s the problem. They made a compromise. I’m not one to nitpick on aesthetics, but if they made the gun more minimal, they might have saved enough weight to justify a heavier barrel. The handguard doesn’t look too easy to grip either.

  • michaelu


    • ST4

      “The ARX100 will hit dealers in August of 2013 at an MSRP of $1950.” Right there in the article. You’re welcome.

  • TangledThorns

    I was waiting for the ARX for a long time till I bought my LWRC M6A2 last year. That being said I was still excited for the ARX but I’m disappointed that Beretta’s late release has shown the rifle is behind the curve some ergonomics wise, especially when compared to the Tavor and the AR platform. Last week I mentioned this to a Beretta rep promoting the ARX on my Facebook feed and I suggested the ARX should have QD mounts for slings instead of the built in sling loops and make the grip removable so we can customize it with a aftermarket grip. I also suggested the stock should be able to adjust for comb height, similar to what we see on other folding stocks on the SCAR, ACR and XCR for example. The Beretta rep was kind enough to forward my suggestions to his marketing and engineers and responded that my suggestions are doable.

    I also asked what the barrel’s lining is as none of the Beretta web links or videos detail it beyond hammer forging and easily swappable. The rep responded its nitrided which is really cool! I explained to the rep they need to use that as a selling point and he agreed.

    It seems like Berreta’s marketing needs a overhaul, especially since Ben Cook left. Their sales people have the personality of a retired vacuum salesman.

    • Bill

      I agree with everything you said.

    • noob

      which bit is the registered firearm? i remember the lower and pistolgrip come out. if that’s the firearm yes, detatchable pistol grip. if the barrel trunion is the firearm maybe it isn’t so bad?

    • FourString

      Unlike the other offerings though, the .300BLK offering is responding to consumer wants. I can’t think of another SCAR/ACR class (modern lightweight cutting edge rifle) that does that! Hopefully they’ll be good on their word unlike FNH though.

      On the other hand, the Tavor will come in 5.45x39mm. Will wait to see whether they do actually offer these alternative calibres though :3

  • PCP

    The proprietary BUIS are expected as this is a quick-detach barrel system and aftermarket stuff like the mbus wouldn’t be adequate (I think, considering what I hear about the HK’s guns). My only gripe is that they could have made something built in the rails like the tavor, or at least slimmed them down to the size of a mbus or a battle sight.

    I’m curious to see the supposed ceramic heat shields I’ve heard about. That would solve, or at least alleviate, accuracy problems due to heating that polymer receiver guns like the G36 (why they simply didn’t used a thermally stable polymer or composite is beyond me. And the irony of claiming that it’s made of CFRP, or at least make us believe it’s the epoxy cured good stuff, is just sublime).

  • whaouh

  • Risky

    All I want to know is if the 7.62×39 version actually takes AK47 magazines like the first prototypes did.

  • Daniel

    I’m new to rifles so maybe somebody can explain this to me. This summer I expect to be in the market for a semi-auto rifle and am looking at the AR-15 simply because (hopefully) prices will have settled down. Assuming they have, why would I buy a $2000 semi-auto vs an AR-15 that can be had for $800-900 for a semi-decent one? I think this, the Tavor and others are great looking rifles, but how could I justify spending $2000 on one?

    • they are tier 1 rifles…

    • noob

      it’s a fair price for the ambidexterity alone, but the price did make me gasp and feel my balls retract into my body a little.

    • ST4

      I think you answered your own question there when you were talking about getting the most bang for your buck. But you know what they say, “variety is the spice of life.”

    • n0truscotsman

      Get a AK74. 😉

  • wizard

    oh its a rifle, i thought it was a bullet resistant shield

  • Esh325

    The Italians were quite cocky when they chose the name for this rifle.

    “In 2007 Beretta, of Italy, began
    the development of a brand new 21st Century assault rifle chambered for the 5.56x45mm NATO (.223 Remington) cartridge. Called the ARX160, the designation stands for Assault Rifle Times 160 (or assault rifle 10 times better than the M16).”

    Johnston, Gary Paul; Nelson, Thomas B. (2012-01-15). The World’s Assault Rifles


    Different caliber barrels… just like the SCAR and ACR? Still waiting…

  • Lance

    Compared to a good AR this rifle has too many rails and is way too bulky. Played with one no frills prefer a AR-15 or SR-556.

  • MOG

    Can’t we just have a rifle any more?

  • RickH

    Why do we care about any of these new weapons? I mean if it isn’t an AR platform who really wants it? Isn’t the AR the best battle proven slice of bread ever? Right?

  • were can i get a rifle like that

  • They just posted a TV spot . . .

    They mounted the Leupold HAMR backwards.

    Trust me. I know . . .

  • Brent

    I live in Maryland, so if I can’t get one by Oct of this year I’m screwed. I live in a really crappy state.


    I too have been waiting for this rifle for many years. But I prefer the ARX in the 7.62×39/ AK version. Power, cost, and magazine availability. The .300 BLK ammunition is going to be expensive. Unless Remington sells it in bulk? With possibly steel cases? I do have have great ammo in 5.56 and a lot of 5.56 magazines. So…I am on the fence but if it comes out at $2,400.00 for a 5.56. No, then I will wait for the x39. Since I have magazines and ammunition as well.

    I prefer sticking to the following calibers .40 cal.,12 gauge, and 7.62×39. Trying to keep it simple.

    I had been contemplating the Tavor but decided against it. Even if they drop the price next year to $1,800.00… no thanks.

  • it ain’t an assault rifle

    First statement beautiful rifle. Might pick one up when I come from deployment. Second guys these are not assault rifles. We have ket media slur our modern rifles, remember AR means Armalite Rifle not assault. We stop using it then the clueless media and sheep will stop using it. Now I step down from my soap box.

  • Sn8ke_iis

    Just wanted to chime in. I was recently deployed to Afghanistan and had some Italians on my team. Most had the AR 70/90 but one of the guys had one of these beauties. Hands down, the most well designed tactical rifle I have ever handled or fired. I’m intimately familiar with the M16/M4, and have fired most of the German and Belgian weapons as well. I am certified as an Armorer and a Small Arms Master Marksman. It literally took him 5 minutes to show me and the guys how to break it down and switch up the charging handle and ejection direction. It literally is fully ambidextrous. It is very light, it may look bulky compared to an M4 but you don’t notice it when handling it. With the stock folded it was very compact. After the range, he had it broken down, clean, and reassembled while we were still cleaning our M4’s. Again, can’t say enough about this rifle. Very impressive. Would trade my M4 for one of these in a second. I know this rifle was in the carbine competition to replace the M4 before it was cancelled. I would love to see some of the test data.

  • Funny how they never give an actual release date is it coming out this
    month or fall or winter? Have they ever heard of notifying the public(
    The people who would want to buy such a rifle) of what’s going on over
    there? Im pretty sure they lost the market edge because so many people
    just decided to buy other rifles and the market is dying down a bit. My
    BF want/wanted one of these things and I think it be an awesome rifle to
    try out but there is never a release date, how do you expect people to
    save or make a choice to buy your rifle if you give nothing on when
    they’ll start shipping? Great its suppose to be a nice rifle to bad
    everyone in the firearm community who has been interested is getting fed
    up lol.

  • Jon K Clifton

    i have the arx 160 .22 and love it although it looks big and bulky there very comfortable and well balanced plus it takes about 10 sec to tear down to clean very simple yet solid design i have dumped nearly 8000 rounds through it without a jam or any other problems i would expect the same quality out of the higher caliber version as well will be adding one to the collection when they come out.

  • Mike

    What’s needed is a basic rugged, reliable rifle that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
    Up until just a few days ago, the cost of a refurb Romanian AK was about $500 but since Obama banned the Russian version, the cost of all remaining models has skyrocketed.

    We need a US-made rifle that is basic and tough and affordable for the average working person… not Star Wars replicas.