AR-15 Grip Prototype From Strike Industries Solves Middle Finger Pain Problem


Strike Industries emailed us CAD drawings and renderings of a prototype AR-15 grip they are working on. The grip attempts to solve middle finger pain associated with intense and prolonged magazine reload drills. When reloading an AR-15 or AK the middle finger takes up a lot (or most) of the weight of the gun. I have read reports of this causing intense pain after lengthly reloading drills. Strike Industries are attempting to solve this by designing a grip with a pad that will dampen the pressure on the middle finger. It may (or may not) also include a “shelf” to block the gap between the trigger and the trigger guard (their Cobra trigger guard solves this problem, so they are not sure if it is worth incorporating). If it goes into production, this design would also be available for the AK.











We love posting information on prototypes. Few companies are will to share information on upcoming products, but if your company is make sure you get in touch with us.



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