CAA RONI 16″ Barrel Glock Carbine Conversion

Command Arms Accessories has had the RONI carbine conversion for the Glock pistol available for quite some time, but that adapted an existing handgun to a shoulder-fired weapon. Due to the barrel length of all Glock pistols, this required NFA paperwork be done on the handgun, as it was now a “short barreled rifle,” or SBR.

Enter the RONI C G2 17, which is a longer version of the old RONI and is designed specifically for the Glock 17. It also includes a 16″ barrel, which CAA says will obviate the need for making your Glock an NFA item. The conversion is $499.

I have fired a “small” RONI with a Glock 17 converted to full auto, and can confirm that it is a very fun gun to shoot. The new, big RONI will bring similar levels of semi-auto fun to those who want it. As a serious defensive weapon, I do not know that it has many advantages other than being quite light. Thus, it might be a good choice for those who physically cannot wield a 6-7lb AR or shotgun for any length of time.

However, the cost of a Glock 17 and the RONI with 16″ barrel will be about $1000, and there are many long guns in more effective calibers which may be purchased for less.

Andrew Tuohy

Andrew Tuohy was a Navy Corpsman with the 5th Marine Regiment. He makes a living by producing written and visual content within the firearm industry, and he also teaches carbine courses. He prefers elegant weapons for a more civilized age, and regularly posts at Vuurwapen Blog.


  • wizardpc

    “Glock 17 converted to full auto”

    Did you mean Glock 18?

    • Tuulos

      There are conversion kits/parts for Glock 17 that turns it into a fully automatic firearm.

    • floppyscience

      There are a lot more converted 17s floating around than 18s.

    • noob

      True glock 18s have a selector on the slide. Converted 17s mostly have a weird aftermarket back plate wwith a sort of crossbolt button thing.

    • Andrew Tuohy

      Glock 17 converted to full auto. Well, select fire, technically.

    • FourString

      Naw, you can get a sear in certain states and attach it to the backplate of the slide to make a Glock 17 fully auto. Not the same as the Glock 18, which has different slide cutout on the top, different porting (straight up instead of V formation of the 17C or no porting at all of the 17), and a selector switch on the rear/side of the slide. Definitely different pistols, my friend.

      • Cymond

        If there is such as thing as a transferrable Glock sear, I have yet to find it.

  • Chris B

    hmm a 16″ barrel will add some considerable weight

    • noob

      Not to mention that they’d most likely change out the slide for a blowback bolt, since the original browning short delayed blowback action won’t work wit such a long barrel. Still, if it is reliable and you can get past the mall ninja ribs it could be a fun alternative to the sub2000. Also They say more glock models supported in the future on the website. If the RONI was the only 10mm auto 16″ carbine in town it could be very interesting.

      • Cymond

        There IS a way to make a tilting-barrel system work with a long barrel. A few years ago, I saw a European company that make extended Glock barrels with a gas port in front of the slide. The gas pressure impinged on the face of the slide, pushing it back.
        Is it a good idea? I have no idea, but apparently it worked.

      • FourString

        Yup, I’m fairly certain I’ve seen a working, tilting 16″ barrel on the interwebz. Look it up on Youtube, you’ll be sure to find one as one of the first results of searching “glock carbine” or anything to that effect

      • FourString

        Also, is a tilting/locking action the same as a short delayed blowback? i kinda wanna say no but someone educate me if i’m wrong

  • TLW

    So is it a a 16″ rifled barrel, or is it a 16″ shroud that goes around the barrel?

    • Nicks87

      Not sure, the writer didnt do a very good job explaining that.

      • Andrew Tuohy

        I don’t know how much more clear I could have been than saying ” It also includes a 16″ barrel.” Which is exactly what I said.

        • Bill

          Peoples’ reading compression is very low these days. They just want to look at the pretty picture then immediately comment, totally disregarding the article with information clearly stated.

          • Nicks87

            Really, Bill? Reading compression? How about reading COMPREHENSION instead? Nice try though.

          • FourString

            ever hear of autocorrect? lol doesn’t sound like you have a smartphone

          • Nicks87

            The point is he was trying to make fun of me and came off looking stupid. Kind of like what you been doing Mr. Musician.

          • FourString

            Look at his comment’s likes and look at yours. Guess who looks stupid (dun dun dun irony).
            Mr. Musician? What are you, like five?

        • Nicks87

          Ok, does it replace the stock glock barrel? What type of rifling does it have? Is it blued, stainless, parkerized? Also, maybe you could have added a picture of this 16″ barrel. All is see is what appears to be a plastic shroud with comp slots cut into it.
          …But it’s ok Andrew I dont expect much from you anyway.

          • Pat M

            This seems more like a product announcement than any type of review. The web page says the product isn’t released yet, and at no point did Andrew claim he got a chance to fire it or even take it apart. If this is on display at the NRA event, then I imagine they wouldn’t want him doing that anyway.

          • That pretty much sums it up. As I said they don’t let anyone dismantle a gun so you can see what’s inside. That’s a good way to get booted out. Also many of these guns are prototypes.

          • VTshutzen

            This is why we can’t have nice things….

          • Andrew Tuohy

            Some random, anonymous guy on the internet doesn’t like me. Oh, the humanity.

          • Nicks seriously that’s enough. You’re not contributing anything to this conversation. Insulting Andrew is one thing I really won’t tolerate with comments like the one you just made.

            How about they don’t let you take guns apart at any show. That makes it a bit hard to show you a barrel and you know it.

      • TLW

        I was not trying to knock on the author at all, I was just wondering how well a 16″ barrel would function on a recoil operated handgun.

        • Nicks87

          Another great question that could have been answered in this gem of an article but alas, left us wondering, why the f**k would I buy this $500 peice of s**t.

        • FourString

          Reasonable question. There’s been plenty of Glock carbine kits that have been out for a while now that have the 16″ barrel, and they seem to function fine with the tilting barrel. They’re just a whole lot uglier (naked barrel plus stock attached to the heel of the grip, flexing greatly upon firing).

      • Nicks darnit you know good and well it has to be a 16″ barrel and not a say 7 inch barrel with a 16 inch shroud.
        Now you’re trying to start a flame war—- i’ve been kidding but lets back off a bit. There’s no need in stirring the pot.

    • Seamus Dubh

      Barrel is 16″, making it a rifle now.

    • It would have to be an actual barrel, otherwise shroud or not, it would still be an NFA SBR

    • FourString

      “16” barrel” usually is translated in English as “16” barrel.” You know, which isn’t a shroud.

  • Suburban

    I would prefer something more minimal. There is a lot of extra plastic there that seems to serve no other purpose than making it look like something out of a sci-fi movie. Good to see that someone is producing 16″ Glock barrels though.

    • FourString

      On another note, if Battlestar Galactica production ever started again, here’s another working prop!

    • Cymond

      Agreed, but I’m sure that the excessively long barrel shroud could be hacked off with a saw.

  • Rick

    problem is, you’re still getting no barrel extension just a shroud. for a thousand bucks you’re getting a stock on a handgun. Now if that shipped with an actual match grade barrel then well, you’d still be paying 1K when you could almost build a dedicated AR in 9mm for.

    • It would have to be an actual barrel, otherwise shroud or not, it would still be an NFA SBR.

      • Not if the shroud was permanently attached. “Shoktroop” on youtube (Who live in Kali IRRC) has a few 10/22s with 12.5 inch barrels with 4 inch flash-hiders welded to the barrel, not an SBR due to the hider being permanently attached.

        • That’s not a shroud, that’s a permanently welded piece of metal to the muzzle of the barrel. A shroud is a separate piece of metal that surrounds the barrel but is generally not attached, and certainly not welded to bring OAL up to 16″.

  • klyph

    There is no way this can compete with the mech tech carbine conversion. It is actually a functional upper with a barrel, not an overpriced plastic sleeve.

    • Nicks87

      I agree and the price isnt that much more.

  • FourString

    Andrew Tuohy is posting here? What? AWESOME!

    • Nicks87

      Really? Maybe you should go read his blog. Not so awesome. He’s like the weird kid at school that was talking about guns and trucks when everybody else was talking about partying and getting laid.

      • FourString

        “talking about partying and getting laid” is the farthest that can be said about Andrew Tuohy, who’s served overseas in the theatre of combat. The man’s articulate, comprehensive, and satirical. Maybe it’s your perception that is flat out weird.

        • Nicks87

          “talking about partying and getting laid” is the farthest that can be said about Andrew Tuohy”
          So youre saying he hasnt… Yep I believe that lol!
          Satirical? Like that little firearms instructor spoof that he did? Yeah that was real funny.

          “who’s served overseas in the theatre of combat”

          So have I and many others who are firearms enthusiasts. Whats your point?

          • FourString

            I was saying there’s a difference between “talking about partying and getting laid” and actually partying and getting laid. But I guess that was lost on you for reasons I’ll leave in subtext.

          • You’re getting a kick out this I know that much:-) That spoof was funny but then we all know who the butt of that video joke was.

      • ST4

        Have you considered submitting any articles on here or do you have your own blog? Not being a dick about; it I’m just curious as to what you have to say in greater detail considering how strong your opinions come off here.

        • dynamo-duck

          Pay no attention to the armchair commando. He references Yaeger for expertise so he pretty much discredited himself here a long time ago.

          • FourString

            Wow, that’s pretty bad.

          • Nicks87

            ” the armchair commando. He references Yaeger for expertise”

            Oh, so you found the Yeager references but you didnt see MY references? Do some more digging if it’s that important to you. I have listed them in previous comments.

            I do enjoy the occasional armchair but I’m no commando and I will opine at my leisure on this website at least until Steve or Phil decide to ban me. 😉


          • I haven’t even considered it Nick. We tend to disagree a good deal especially on, dare I say it, 1911’s!.

            Hey you really wouldn’t be serious in using Yeager as an authority would you!!!!! Say it ain’t so!

          • Nicks87

            What are you talking about Phil, I love 1911s, lol!
            I’ve trained at Yeager’s facility but it was before all the crazy, “I’m gonna kill somebody” comments. It was a positive experience but there was a lot of egos and a$$holes if you know what I mean.

        • Nicks87

          I’m not the one claiming to be an expert, I call it as I see it and I speak from personal experience. If I feel the need to question someone I will use these public forums to put forth that question. I need not write articles to have an opinion, regardless of how popular or unpopular it is.

      • G

        “when everybody else was talking about partying and getting laid.”

        A picture is worth a thousand words:

      • Hey Nicks he’s pretty darn good at what he does. What does he do or not do that gets you going?

        • Nicks87

          To me, he comes off as arrogant, like he’s been there, done that and is the utmost authority on everything. The tone of his articles are as if his voice is the final authority on whatever topic that is being discussed. He does the same thing Yeager does except he does it in a soft-spoken, matter-of-fact way. Yeager comes off as a loud-mouthed blow-hard and Andrew comes off as a nerdy hipster but they are both egomaniacs with questionable resumes for what they are preaching.

          Different strokes for different folks I guess. However, for those of us that have lived through multiple combat tours overseas and put our lives in danger everyday patrolling the streets of America, we know the truth is usually somewhere in between. Between black and white, and tough guy and wimp, there is this huge grey area that people like Andrew Tuohy, James Yeager and others seem to ignore. That’s why I think they fail at what they do.

    • That he is and has been for a few months now.

      • FourString

        Cool. You guys have always been more forward thinking than other gun blogs and I’m glad Tuohy, who I consider to be awfully forward thinking, has for lack of a better word joined your ranks.

        • I’m certainly glad he’s here with us during SHOT, NRA etc.. He contributes now and again and I’m glad to see it.

  • Cymond

    It would be nice to get ahold of just the barrel. I really want the KPOS stock, but this state doesn’t allow NFA stuff.

  • RobGR

    Paint it yellow and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between it and a NERF gun…. actually, that makes sense b/c their new design director is from NERF, kidding. If it floats your boat, why not.

  • gunslinger

    i thought handgun to rifle was a no-no from the feds? or was it rifle to handgun that’s a no-no? i always get that confused.

    • Rifle to handgun Or rifle to SBR

    • seti_02

      It’s only a no-no if you don’t tell the Feds about it. This line in the article alludes to that: “…will obviate the need for making your Glock an NFA item”

      You can do what you want but you need to register it under the NFA guidelines if it changes its status. I find the A.O.W. category interesting.

    • Cymond

      Rifle must stay a rifle, or convert to registered SBR.

      Pistol-to-rifle is fine. Now, under ATF 2011-4, you can convert it BACK into a pistol. The ATF previously argued that pistol->rifle->pistol created an SBR.

      This Glock conversion includes a 16″ barrel, so this does not need NFA paperwork to install.

  • bobfairlane

    I saw something years ago called “power tools” that was a shoulder stock and carbine conversion for 1911s. I wonder what happened to that company.