Magpul 1911 Grip Panels

Magpul is branching out into 1911 accessories with their new 1911 Grip Panels. Magpul says …

Constructed of carbon-reinforced polymer, the grips have a unique diamond-shaped cross-section to prevent twisting in the hand, an aggressive magazine release cut-out, aggressive texture for positive control, and are compatible with ambidextrous safeties. The grips are designed to fit full size framed 1911s with standard grip screw bushings.  Available in dark carbon gray only, with additional fitments and materials coming.

The MSRP will be $24.95.

magpul 1911 grip



Steve Johnson

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  • Doom

    Absolutely disgusting.

  • noob

    I like these. I also like that the cutout at the bottom looks like it would work well with a round butt frame.

    I wonder if they’ll make one with a “gas pedal” like wing built into the grip panel.

  • Timothy Tankersley

    Needs to be more agressive.

    • Harold

      Wait for “Gen 3” !

  • Ian

    Pretty bland looking to me. Notice though the only area they were able to add Magpul shapes is the lower relief for the mainspring housing pin. The texturing could have at a minimum been as clever as the MIAD’s.

  • 2wheels

    Meh… Stick to ARs Magpul.

    Don’t need poly accessories all over my 1911s.

  • 1 With a Bullet

    What’s the other side look like? Southpaws want to know.

    • Cymond

      The other side looks like an ordinary grip, aside from the ‘diamond profile to prevent twisting’. It does not have the thumb groove. They said on facebook that the thumb groove is not intended as a thumb rest while shooting. It is intended to make it easier to reach the magazine release with your thumb.

      • WV Cycling

        Do you have one of these? I’m one of those 22/45 Ruger owners that want to buy/modify a 1911 grip just for comfort, not so much for looks.

        • Cymond

          No, I don’t have the grips (I don’t think they’ve shipped out to stores yet), and I don’t currently have a 1911. If I did have a 1911, or a gun that used 1911 grips, I would probably buy a set. I think the cost is going to be about $20. For that, I think it would be worth the gamble. When I had my 1911, I had a set of hard Ergo grips and I liked them. Also, a Hogue 1911 wraparound 1911 grip may work well on a 22/45 (or may not if the grip is too slim).
          Also, “WV Cycling” – WV? As in “Montani Semper Liberi”? I miss home …

  • Ray

    Protip: Search google patents for inassignee:Magpul Corporation to see what other little gems they have in the pipeline.

    • fish0331

      Didnt find anything good. just old stuff

      • Ray

        You have to sort by issue date newest to eldest. They have MOLLE ratchet straps in there and even a belt and mechanism for a rimfire beltfed.

        • Ray

          Search for D680613, US8342072 and

          • noob



            I guess this wouldn’t be for a magpul PKM?

            belt fed .22LR or belt fed .44 magnum?

          • Ray

            Who knows? Maybe it’s their new shiny for next years shot show, they have the FMG-9 patented too. Brian Abbot is a genius, he is the guy behind Red Jacket’s attempt at a shotgun gatling before Will started chest thumping and wrecked it.

  • DougE

    Well, I like them, and I’m not even a 1911 guy. I like the rugged, simple looking grips.

  • That Guy

    So, they are all caught up on the Magazine backorder, and have the extra capacity to make these now?

    • Cymond

      They have a limited number of magazine manufacturing stations. They have stated several times that they are pumping out magazines at full speed, and that continuing to build stocks, grips, etc does not impair their magazine production rate.

  • mefournow

    If I never see the words “positive” and “aggressive” in an advert again, it would be too soon.

  • 6677

    When this arrived in my email inbox I half expected to see a grip with a PMAG style texture on it.
    This doesn’t look too bad though. Sadly here in the UK I basically can’t have a 1911.

    • Odession

      The UK isn’t allowed to have nice things that go bang. 🙂

      I quite like these, they’re unassuming, look decent and should be affordable.

  • Rob

    Didn’t really anticipate this, but it’s a really good move on Magpul’s part.

    They look extremely cheap to manufacture and will sell like hotcakes. Manufacturers like Remington and RIA will incorporate these into some of their standard offerings.

    Yet, as others have said, they’re not nearly aggressive enough for me. Also, being partially hollow probably limits the potential for end-user stippling (can’t tell how thick the polymer is).

  • Manny Fal

    Got ot admire Magpul marketing skillz, “carbon reinforced” pretty much can mean anything and means nothing, but it sounds impressive.