Streamlight Light/Green Laser Combo

Streamlight TLR-2

Streamlight is now shipping the TLR-2 G:  a weapon mounted white light with an integral green laser.  The light mounts to any firearm with a Picatinny rail and also to the Glock, Beretta 90Two and other rails.

The white light puts out 200 lumens through a C4 LED and uses a green laser for aiming.  The laser beam is emitted through a hole in the light’s reflector, instead of being mounted below the light as is done on other Streamlight models.

Streamlight TLR-2

The shooter can toggle between light only, laser only or a combo of light and laser.  The activation switch is ambidextrous and has options for momentary and constant on.  Double tapping the momentary switch will push the light and laser into a strobe mode.

MSRP is $550 on the unit.

Richard Johnson

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  • John

    Reminds me of what Beamshot offers but with batteries.

  • Any idea on how the laser adjustment screws handle the recoil? Its been a little frustrating getting my current laser to zero out only to have it out of whack after firing two shots because the adjustment screws get backed out due to recoil.

    • I’ve never had problems of that nature with mine. The screws have always stayed tight without having to use Loctite. Also, I’m using mine on a 1911.