Eagle LR Zombie from Iver Johnson Arms

Iver Johnson Zombie 1911

Iver Johnson Arms, Inc. is now selling a zombie-themed 1911 pistol.  The Eagle LR Zombie is a .45 ACP handgun that has a special green and black slide and grip panels.  The handgun is essentially the same as the company’s other light rail equipped 1911.

This gun comes with a single eight-round magazine.  The barrel is 5″ long.  The hammer is skeletonized and the slide has serrations in front of, and to the rear of, the ejection port.

How many zombie themed guns are being sold now, anyway?

Iver Johnson Zombie 1911 pistol

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • This is going full retard.
    The whole “zombie” thing is like what ?? So two years ago ??

  • I usually grumble that the zombie haters are just being reactionary old men but Damn that is one ugly gun.

  • Rimfire

    Really? You’d put that on the market? Seems like toy guns look more real than the real thing now days! If it looks like a toy……
    Just Yuck!

  • allannon

    That’d be a fine-looking 1911 if they stripped the paint off.

    God, the “art” is terrible.

  • Santi Ward

    It’s like driving a dodge neon that once belonged to a juggolo.

  • CheeseJeff

    the worst part is, is they are going to sell them

  • Fifty years from now that pistol will be in a museum with a sign on it that says “We don’t really understand what the zombie thing was all about, but here’s an example of the stupid sh!t people did back then”

  • steve

    So…is this blog just product announcements from random companies now?

    • vecdran

      Seriously. I’ve about lost interest in reading. I’ll be removing my bookmark soon if the content continues to be this fluff.

      I get it, you probably have to post in-network product announcements as a part of whatever new business arrangement was made a few months back. But it seems to be the ONLY content that is posted these days.

      TFB used to be one of my favorite blogs because of its interesting, informative articles. Now it reads like my inbox after SHOT show.

      • Nicks87

        I also agree, TFB used to have more of a personal, cozy feel to it. Now it feels more corporate and contrived. It’s not necessarily bad just not what I like about gun blogs.

    • Brandon

      I agree with everyone in this comment thread. TFB has become fluff, product announcements for uninteresting junk.
      Feels like it happened right around the time they changed to the new web format.
      I miss the old TFB, find myself coming here less and less.

  • B.

    I like zombie stuff, I admit I bought some zombie ammo cases, and a single biohazard reflex sight, but dayaaam – that is an ugly 1911. As much as I like zombies, just because they’re fun, I am not even considering buying that eye gouging monstronsity.

  • Garrett

    That slide is way too trippy. If they took the skulls off of it and left it green it would be decent.

  • JP

    Is it bad that I now want a 1911 with a neon green slide and grips? I’ll pass on the zombie “art” though.

  • Bandito762

    Nothing some sandblasting cant fix

  • noob

    wait – there is something to be salvaged here:

    What is the process that hard coats the images on to the slide?

    If you can get that kind of detail from a hydrodip that can mean RealTree 1911s or a glock with a detailed unit logo on the slide.

    It may even be a nice presentation piece that has a detailed engraving-effect message like “happy anniversary, love of my life” at a fraction of the price of real engraving.

  • Madeline

    we need art deco designs on guns


    yeah like that. bring the 1900 back into production and chamber it in .45ACP, and get rid of all this zombie crap

  • Drew

    John Browning was turning in his grave when this gun was made (LOL no pun intended [like, zombies…turning in his grave, etc.])

  • derfelcadarn

    I am a pretty big fan of Iver Johnston firearms ,owing a number of their older revolvers. But this type of thing is insane, along with some other companies making anti-zombie ammo and such they are playing into the hands of the anti-gun crowd. Gun owners look ridiculous when this kind of marketing occurs.

  • Cymond

    Wow, you’re all so negative!
    I mean, come on, wouldn’t you like to own a gun without worrying about it? Here’s one that no one would ever take!

  • Shug75

    Who wants a gun that looks like a toy. People not going to take u serious carrying that mess.

  • Joseph O’Keefe

    I like it.