Trijicon ACOG with 300 Blackout Reticle

Trijicon Reticle 300BLK

Trijicon is now making the ACOG 3×30 with a special 300 Blackout reticle.  The new reticle is designed to be sighted in with supersonic ammo, with lines in the reticle representing various hold over points for known distances.  Two small triangles are the aiming points for subsonic ammo at 50 and 100 meters.  Sighting in the optic and using the marked hold over points on the reticle is obviously dependent on ammo selection and barrel length.

The reticle is illuminated via fiber optics and tritium like other ACOG sights.  MSRP is $1,257 and the company’s website estimates a 12 week wait.

Trijicon 300BLK reticle

Richard Johnson

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  • Rob in Katy

    Now if you could buy the rifle, upper or ammo – we would be all set!

  • Lance

    Got to love ACOGs best AR scope out there for a new AR.

  • copenhagen

    I am sure the supersonics are the factory 115 grainers from Remington and subs probably 220’s. Wonder what the barrel length trijicon used was? 16″?

  • Great idea. What guns besides what is shown here can use this?

  • Aaron

    I have been running a Nikon 300BL on my Blackout, but switching from super to sub is problematic because to the grain. Trijicon seems to have solved this with this new reticle design. Now it’s time to start saving my pennies and keep my fingers crossed that I can find one in stock: