Ruger SR-556VT

Ruger SR-556VT

The SR-556VT is designed to offer maximum accuracy out of Ruger’s piston-driven AR-15 rifle.  The “VT” designation stands for “Varmint-Target.”

The variation of the SR-556 rifle comes with a 1:8″ twist 20″ barrel, fixed A-2 style stock, and a five round, detachable magazine.  Overall length is 38.25″ and total weight (minus ammo) is 8 1/2 pounds.  It is chambered for the 5.56 NATO.  MSRP is $1995.

Richard Johnson

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  • sianmink

    Odd, I’d expect a rem or wylde chamber on a varmint barrel, not 5.56.

  • Ian

    Because the standard one wasn’t heavy enough.

    • Meh. I deer hunted with mine and loved it.

  • Anonymoose

    They probably created this to be an AWB-compliant gun, then rebadged since that flopped.

    • Anonymoose

      The federal AWB, anyway, although their “E” model probably could have passed that with one of those horrific Commiefornian stocks and a bullet button already. =.=

      Either way, I do like to see companies make full-length M16-style target rifles in addition to the typical 16″ M4-styled carbines.

    • DW

      IIRC Mini-14 Target was introduced when there was no AWB…

  • billy bob

    we want a upper offering too!

  • John

    Why did they get rid of the two oiling holes on the bolt carrier?

    • sianmink

      No gas rings on piston ar bolt to keep wet.

    • Laserbait

      You mean the two gas vent holes? Those aren’t needed, as no gas goes through to the bolt carrier on a piston gun.

  • n0truscotsman

    I never understood the purpose of the piston system.

    how many varmint hunters will be conducting maritime operations? how many will use a sound suppressor?

    if you are not doing those two things, then you dont need a gas piston AR. Im quite fed up with the short stroke Ar conversions and am waiting for long stroke gas piston ones to become popular.

    • Bill

      Oh God, please don’t turn this into a piston v. impingement debate. I have both and I bring out the impingement when I want a lighter AR (side effect is a lot more thorough cleaning.) Also, the “need” thing is irrelevant, I want both.

      • n0truscotsman

        i just realized that i stuck the P38 on the can of worms. 😀

        nope dont open it. i never intended for that to happen LOL.

    • Matthew Connell

      The whole reasoning behind giving the everyday sportsman a piston driven rifle wasn’t for suppressing, its for cleanliness and smooth operation. Have you ever seen a direct impingement gun vs a piston gun after hundred rounds within the chamber? Big difference! This allows for the shooter to keep shooting rather than tear down and cleaning all the time…

      • Matthew Connell

        Haha sorry Bill didn’t even see the debate piece.

  • Morton

    Love mine. I use mine as a patrol rifle as a police officer I have an L3Eotec and a Eotec 4x tilt off magnifier on it. Im out to 500 yards on 1 foot by 1 foot steal targets utilizing 55 grain federal fmj.