DeSantis Rail Ryder

DeSantis Rail Ryder

The Rail Ryder from DeSantis is a minimalist, inside-the-waistband holster that secures the firearm by using the gun’s accessory rail.  The entire gun is not surrounded by material, so it does not meet the traditional description of a holster.  In fact, DeSantis calls this a “…comfortable alternative to a holster.”

The device is more of a clip than a holster.  It attaches to the Picatinny rail and comes out attached to the gun when the pistol is drawn.  The Rail Ryder does allow a shirt to be tucked in over the gun.  MSRP is $19.99 and it carries a lifetime warranty.  From the DeSantis site:  “Currently available for right hand operatives only.”

Richard Johnson

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  • nobody

    Why is nothing covering the trigger. Is Mexican carry now considered safe too?

  • 2wheels

    Stuff like this keeps coming out, but I guess I’m too old school to want a “holster” that doesn’t cover the trigger guard.

  • SCJeffro

    This is one of the worst holster ideas I have seen. My Glock is always
    carried chambered and ready to go… That is not possible with this,
    well at least not if you want to keep from blowing a hole in your leg,
    butt, or whatever body part is directly below that exposed trigger…

    • No it’s not a suitable method of carry for a Glock. A 1911 would work alright but none of the striker fired pistols without a manual safety.

      • Then why is the holster pictured with a Glock? *facepalm*

        This is not a bright idea. The trigger ought to be covered on any design. Safeties can be flipped off by accident.

      • phamnuwen

        No pistol would work alright if the wearer is concerned about following the safety rules.

  • Mason

    What an unsafe, unstable, and uncomfortable holster design.

    And here I thought the Raven VanGuard was a horrible holster design….

  • Sir Hatuls

    Don’t be too critical, folks. The holster is IWB, it’s not flailing about in the open with an exposed trigger. The rather ordinary belt pictured covers as much of the trigger as many holsters. Unless you have fingers growing out of your waist, this is a viable alternative to a traditional holster.

  • David

    This a terribly dangerous design. Lost all respect fo desantis

  • Hunter57dor

    this defeats the whole purpose of having a rail in the first place. how am i supposed to mount a tactical light with this thing on it?

  • J Grigg

    I like the idea, but its not for me.

  • Alex

    It would be better with an integrated laser or HID LEDs.

  • Skeptic

    It’s just a clip, like the one screwed onto a Kel-tec, nothing more, and not something I’d carry. Geoff Who is slightly more careful.

  • Wow, some of you guys should change your Depends, you sound like a bunch of cranky old ladies. I’ve carried a gun for 37 years in holsters, in my waist band, tucked in a belt or a pocket and never have a negligent discharge. And yeah I often carry a Glock. Over the years there has been a variety of clips and grips and other minimalist holsters available. I don’t see this as anything different. In fact it seems like a good idea to use the accessory rail to secure ones pistol to ones belt if you don’t attach a light to your pistol (which I don’t).

    • phamnuwen

      Your not having a ND (yet) doesn’t actually prove it’s a safe way to carry a pistol.

      Lots of people do all sorts of stupid things with firearms, and up until the moment they have a ND, there is a period where “they’ve never had a problem”.

  • Is it just me, or is TFB becoming just like the gun rags? Now that people know about this site and they have advertisers, they defend every product they write about, no matter how stupid.

  • I don’t think this product is safe. A safer alternative is Dale Frickes Zach holster: