TALO Ruger SP101 Deluxe

Ruger SP101 Deluxe

Ruger made a limited number of SP101 revolvers for TALO that are quite a bit fancier than the normal production runs.  The SP101 Deluxe handguns feature intricate scrollwork on the frame, cylinder and barrel.

The engraving is automated, not hand worked.  Production was limited to about 1000 guns.  An MSRP is not listed for the guns, but I would expect it would be a bit higher than the SP101’s normal $699.  Even though production has ended, both Ruger and TALO still list this gun on their sites suggesting a few are probably still in the supply chain if you are interested in one.

The Deluxe is chambered for the .357 Magnum.  It has a 2.25″ barrel and five-shot capacity.  In addition to the engraved and polished stainless steel finish, the gun comes fitted with black rubber grips with the wood Ruger inserts.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Nicks87

    I like it but the grips dont go with the scrollwork and I would prefer a longer barrel. Who buys snubbies nowdays anyway?

    • Komrad

      Lots of people buy snubbies for CC. They worked way back when DA revolvers were the peak of technology and they work just as well now. There are certainly better options for many people, but sending 148gr of screw you down range at 1200+ fps is a nice way of telling someone to buzz off.

      Now, scrolling on a snubby is a bit ridiculous. I’d rather have them put it on a GP100, Redhawk, or Blackhawk.

    • Heck Nicks a lot of snubbies are still being sold. It’s still way up there in sales for S&W and Ruger.
      I do like the three inch barrel better–
      If the engraving was done by hand I could appreciate it more than a laser cut.

      • Nicks87

        I believe you Phil, I just dont see a lot of them out at the range lately and none of the guys I know that shoot own them.

  • grendelnorm

    Had a 6″ 686-3 with scroll work done by S&W. 2 tone swirl wooden grips with finger grooves on both sides. Sexiest gun I have ever owned.

  • sharkley

    i love snubbies, this is a pretty good looking pistol . i do agree with the grips not going with the engraving though.

  • TX Gal

    Have Ruger SP 101 .357/.38 2.25″ It’s my CHL weapon. Due to being all stainless steel frame, recoil is mild in .38JHP, very little muzzle flip so gets a lot of range time. Loaded with .357 when CC carry. Fits easily in pocket holster. Carry what you shoot well, I shoot very well with this revolver. Have never had a failure to fire, a jam or misfire. I also have pistols of various calibers, but trust my life to this revolver.