Zombie Assault Sight

Bushnell Zombie Assault

When hordes of undead are swarming your position, you need rapid, accurate fire to put them down.  For close in work, a quality optic can be a real life saver.  Fortunately, Bushnell is stepping up to the plate with the new 1X MP Zombie Assault sight.

tdot reticle red

The illuminated reticle is a “T-Dot” style preferred by elite undead eradication operators, and it can be displayed in green or red.  The optic is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof.  So, feel free to use it as an improvised impact weapon on squishy zombie heads when ammo is running low.

tdot reticle green

MSRP is $199.99.  Sure, you can wait until the apocalypse and just grab an inferior anti-zombie optic off the rifle of some poor, gnawed to the bone traveler you find in a ditch.  But clearly that optic wasn’t ready for combat with hell spawn.  It might be better to grab one of these sights before the sickness hits.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Kevin

    Just when you thought the retarded zombie shit was over with…

    • Nicks87

      Unfortunately the undead will continue to haunt the firearms industry for years to come. Bringing empty ammo shelves at sporting goods stores and ridiculous zombie themed accessories in it’s wake. Dark days indeed.

      • I blame the hit show “THE WALKING DEAD” and OBAMA.. just because it’s only prudent to blame that shit dick prick for everything wrong in this country.. and odds are.. he probably had a hand in Fucking it up.. just sayin’

  • B.

    Only a 1x power, and it’s $199.95? Pffft.

    • Yeah, jacked the price up because it’s got the word ZOMBIE on it.

      • Jim

        Same retail price as the standard version 1X MP.

        • B.

          Wow, I would have figured they did like Jason said. $199.95 for a 1x Bushnell red/green dot, my original “Pfffft” still is valid.

          • Laserbait

            Only about $150 more than it really should cost. It’s got no more than $10 in parts/materials. You can buy it off of alibaba for $19 in qty, probably from the same chinese factory too.

          • B.

            Pretty much. Slap a zombie sticker on it, and viola – instant moneymaker.

  • I’d rather have an ACOG…

    • Jim

      I’d rather have $1,400.

      • Hahaha, true!

      • Yea I’d rather have the $1400 myself. When they were $700 that was ok the in one year they were $1000 and now $1400. I stopped at $1000.
        I could get one if I traded my EoTech and Leupold but that’s not going to happen!!!

        • Jim

          As long as the government is paying, Trijicon is going to keep the price high. 🙁

      • John184

        I’d rather have both, and a big box of .223. 🙁

    • Urban Armed

      Yeah me too, not really int he realm of a competing price point though..

  • Urban Armed

    Would be nice to see at least a 2x zoom on that. Though I’m not into the zombie stuff on my gun, it looks pretty cool.

  • Darrell

    I have a non-zombie version, got it a couple of years ago on Amazon. It’s actually a decent sight for a FAKOG.

  • mechamaster

    Please no more video games mindset in real firearms..

  • NorThor

    Who buys these things?

    You’d think showing up with one of these would be an instant mark of shame

  • Max

    100% (US) American Stereotype, something like this lets (US)America look like not fully grown up kids. 🙁

    • Nicks87

      I agree 100%. I’ve been saying the exact same thing on this very website for years. Feel free to read the comments on some of the older “zombie” articles if you dont believe me.

  • RickH

    Is this really worth bringing to our attention? And what I mean is a zombie sticker. A zombie sticker stuck on an optic. *sigh*