Knight’s Armament 5.56 MAMS

KAC 5.56 MAMS muzzle brake

Image of the KAC 5.56 MAMS muzzle brake courtesy of Knight's Armament.

Knight’s Armament is close to shipping the 5.56 MAMS muzzle brake kit according to a post on the company’s site.  The brake is said to reduce felt recoil by up to 67% depending on the length of barrel.  MAMS stands for Multi-Axis Muzzle Stability.

The brake also reduces the flash signature and is compatible with the company’s QDC line of sound suppressors.  The brake weighs 2.6 ounces and is a little more than 2″ long.

Richard Johnson

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  • Bill

    That bastard is going to be crazy expensive. I don’t want to even look it up.

    • noob

      can it be made without the weld? not sure how? is metal injection moulding too weak for muzzle devices?

      • Manny Fal

        The high price is for the patented technology and high performance not how much the brake actually costs to make. Probably costs $20 to make.

        • Kalishnaholic

          You’re not considering material cost, machine time, and man hours. This piece has multiple operations and is made with expensive machinery such as an edm machine. Products like this and skilled employees are not cheap. Knights armament uses a new electrode to cut each triple tap. To get the best you must pay the most.

          • Toaster

            Knights pays crap to their “skilled employees.” Buying their junk is helping them screw their workers over. like the other poster said, Uncle Sam doesn’t care how much of your money he wastes.

    • If you have to ask, you’re not operator enough.

      • John184

        Dost thou even operate?

        • Mechman13

          For this much, I can mount a cheap rifle pointing the opposite direction.

      • Ian Carlin

        Operators don’t pay for it out of their own pocket they use uncle Sam’s pocket and he doesn’t ask questions.

      • Awesome application of sarcasm. If not, the OP is a twat and a half.

        • I appreciate you taking the time to facebook stalk me. And your sarcasm detector is functioning properly.

          • Thanks for your appreciation:) The over abundance of operators suddenly appearing when firearms are discussed is a pet peeve.

    • DougE

      I tried to look it up just out of curiosity and couldn’t find it listed in their online store. Their other muzzle device was $400 though. One of their 5.56 muzzle brakes was said to reduce felt recoil by 67% or some crap like that. I agree that we’re not “operator” enough, but really, with a company like this, do we really want to be?

  • Bob ert

    Looks like my 5 year old made it.

  • Guest

    I’m down for the 7.62 NATO version for my SR-25 EMC, my dealer quoted me around $450

  • Nmate

    I wonder if it’ll be more or less than the Triple Tap. The TT is still the best brake/comp you can buy (the Battle Comp would be the best comp for the money) and has been on the market for five years. It was crazy expensive both because of time on a wire EDM machine and being made from Inconel. KAC isn’t cheap, but they know what they’re doing. They probably know more about the Stoner’s guns than anyone, including Colt’s MFG.

  • Robert Reyes

    I’m down for the 7.62 NATO version for my SR-25 EMC, my dealer quoted me around $450

    Also Pretty sure that’s a picture of the prototype version and not final production model. I believe the final version will look more like this.

    • CrankyFool


      For a muzzle brake.

      Do I even NEED to comment about this?

      • Anonymoose

        Yeah, because the rifle costs less or *almost* as much…oh wait we’re talking about an SR-25 here. No sensible person would put these brakes on a Shrubmaster or OA or Stag. You stick them on a Noveske, BCM, SR-15/16/25, or other HIGH-SPEED LOW-DRAG OPERATOR-tier gun for tacticool competition shooting.

    • Looks much better.

      • Ian

        That’s because it’s a rendering, not an actual part.

  • Mike Knox

    They could do better with those welds..

  • vecdran

    I have a feeling this one is going to be cheaper, since the design doesn’t appear to require EDM wiring. Anyone know if it’s still made from Inconel?

  • 77

    Does this have good flash hiding capabilitiy?

    The price is hilarious anyway…

    A2 Flash Hider FTW 😛

  • … wow I guess you have to be Wayne LaPierre to afford that

  • Dave Killion

    Nice MAMS! 😉

  • Hi all, my name is Corban, I’m the Graphics and Marketing supervisor at Knights.
    I just wanted to help clarify the pricing of both the MAMS brakes.
    We will be ramping up production of a total of three MAMS models.
    The 5.56 MAMS, pictured above, is P/N 30168 and the MSRP is $299.95
    The 7.62 MAMS, which is physically larger, comes in two versions:
    P/N 30169 with 3/4-24 threading, MSRP 399.95
    P/N 30598 with 5/8-24 threading, MSRP 399.95
    These should all be available very soon! Thanks for all your interest.

    • John184

      Wow that’s only way too much!

      • Ian Carlin

        They will be out priced by the battle comp and fcs556. Their accountant is a fool

    • Aric

      Despite the naysayers, I cannot wait to buy a couple of these.

    • Thanks for jumping in with the information. I’d like to see how much it reduces recoil and flash

  • Esh325

    On a semi automatic only 5.56×45 rifle, would this thing really be that useful?

    • Bill

      probably not. but these things are not geared toward the general AR-15 population end users. However, if you are one and you want to use this instead of using it towards ammo or a red dot style optic, go for it.

      • Esh325

        You mean it’s geared for like military and police?

        • Bill

          or any citizen that want’s to dump the cost of a Glock on the end of their barrel. Hell, If I had $450 burning a hole in my pocket, this would be on my rifle, although it wouldn’t make me a better shooter and any benefit would be lost on me, but i sure would look cool 😉

  • Nicks87

    More over-priced KA crap. I guess some folks just got money to burn.

  • Buck Futz

    So……….I can buy another lower for the same price as the brake? Never realized the .223 had such a powerful recoil that this would be money well spent…….

  • Lance

    Looks cute but can you still get muzzle accessories over them like a A2 flash hider?