Alpha Battle Carrier Sling Pack

UTG Covert Rifle Bag

Covert carry bags for long guns seem to be one of the areas for which many companies are now making products.  In recent months, I’ve seen Comp-Tac, BLACKHAWK! and UTG all putting out low profile bags.

The Alpha Battle Carrier (ABC) sling pack is one such bag.  Made by UTG (Leapers), the ABC is designed to be carried slung across the back.  It has three external pouches plus a large internal compartment for storing your rifle.  The internal compartment has a padded divider, allowing for the carry of two carbines.

The ABC packs are available in gray and blue and in 30″ and 34″ lengths.  The bag does not look like a traditional rifle case, so you could easily move about without it being obvious you were carrying a gun.

MSRP is $69.97 for the 30″ bag and $74.97 for the 34″ version.

Richard Johnson

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  • Reg

    “The bag does not look like a traditional rifle case, so you could easily
    move about without it being obvious you were carrying a gun.”

    And what would an observer think it was? Curtain rods?

    Seriously, if covert transport of a rifle is the objective, an electric guitar gig bag or case would be far better. This is too big to be anything common and too small to be musical instrument.

    • John

      Not to mention this commercial is pure cheeze. I love the chunkster in Marine cammies… so classy.

    • Quiet_time

      And musical instruments are much more popular theft targets in my area… None of the major heat that firearms bring.

  • Looks kinda like a violin case or maybe a tennis racket case. Since it has straps and pockets, it is better suited for weapon retention than a guitar case. I kind of like it. At only 30″ long, you need either a SBR AR, AR pistol or something with a folding stock like an AK..

  • RD

    Nothing wrong with having more options!

  • Uncle Charlie

    I thought it looked like a soft cello bag similar to the hard ones the mobsters used to carry in the twenties. If Bugs saw Elmer carrying one, he wouldn’t ask “what’s up doc?’

  • jamezb

    To complete the tennis racquet illusion, there should be an external net pocket made to contain a visable tennis ball can or set of 3-4 tennis balls. Please pass this along to Leapers, and tell them to send my free bag to me care of the interweb….:)

  • Squidpuppy

    Very nice, but dang, don’t wanna be late for a range session with these guys…

  • aweds1

    I’m glad companies are starting to recognize that not every gun owner wants a coyote tan “tactical” rifle bag covered in PALS webbing and magazine pouches. I live in a city in an apartment building. The more discretion when I head to the range, the better. I want something that looks like it would be right at home in REI, not Baghdad.

  • RocketScientist

    One of the things I like the most about my Keltec SU-16C is that with the stock folded, it fits perfectly inside a soft-sided tennis racket case (which I got for $1 at the local used sporting goods store) with a mag loaded. And since it’s the ‘C’ model, its can be fired in this state. I can carry it into and out of places without it being obvious to neighbors or whoever that I am transporting a rifle, and if for some reason I ever need to use it, it can be deployed very quickly. You would literally never know it was a rifle inside unless you picked it up.

  • ZakherBakher

    It’s a bit heavy – 2,4kg (5.3lbs) emply for 34″. Could be better if made with appropriate materials