Trijicon Suppressor Sights

Trijicon suppressor sights

Trijicon introduced a new series of night sights that are specifically designed to be used with sound suppressors.  The new sights are taller, allowing their use on a handgun over the top of an attached silencer.

The sights can also be used to co-witness through the company’s RMR sight, which has become popular on handguns.  Currently, the sights are only available for Glock pistols.  Depending on consumer demand, Trijicon could introduce sights for other firearms in the future.

MSRP is $145.  The shipping date is currently listed as eight weeks.

Richard Johnson

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  • Black_Viper

    They work great on the FNX-45T I got 🙂

  • erwos

    I think they need to make these for the M&P pistols… imagine these on a CORE.

  • noob

    i wonder if these snagger sights will also be able to stand up to the abuse of charging your pistol by catching the rear sight on a table edge or steering wheel and punching forward one handed.

    • HSR47

      The RMR can certainly take that kind of abuse…

  • Lance

    not new tall sights always needed for suppressors.

  • CB

    Would be great on a Walther PPQ Navy or FE, which comes with a factory threaded barrel.