ATI Halo Side Saddle for Mossberg Shotguns

ATI halo side saddle

Advanced Technology International (ATI) is now taking pre-orders on a new side saddle for the Mossberg 500/590 series of shotguns.  This new side saddle system allows the shooter to carry up to nine more shells mounted to the receiver.  Other side saddle products allow the shooter to carry five or six shells on the side of the receiver opposite the ejection port.

The ATI Halo side saddle is an accessory device that is roughly the shape of an inverted “U”.  It mounts to the top of the receiver and is held in place by two screws that replace existing set screws. Users can then mount Add-A-Shell holders on each side of the “U”: three on the side of the ejection port, six on the opposite side.

ATI halo

The top of the Halo system is a Picatinny rail.  So, in addition to the extra ammo, the shooter can easily add an optic such as a holo sight.

The entire system carries a retail price of $139.99.  Click here for detailed instructions on how to mount the Halo system to a shotgun.

ATI halo

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  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    “Ribbed For Pleasure” must be ATI’s new marketing slogan.

  • Kevin

    $139? I laughed so hard I choked. Get real.

    • El Duderino

      For $139 you could almost sidesaddle a cheap Chinese 870 clone 😀

  • or ugly is the new tacticool

  • Kai

    Since it holds shells on both sides, shouldn’t just be called a saddle and not a side saddle?

  • t-dahlgren

    Apparently the goal is to get people to attach so much stuff to their weapon that they’ll finally be able to convince them of the need for a pintle mount.

    Or maybe a carriage.

  • lol

    Practical for correction officers.

  • Mark

    I was with them right up to the $139 part. Oh well looks like I’ll have to stick with my $5.00 shell holder belt with 25 rounds in it.

  • noob

    how long before we see picatinny rail shell holders on the forend too?