Crowd Sourced Fealty Arms Lower Project

Fealty Arms lower

Prototype of a Fealty Arms 80% lower.

If you want an 80% AR-15 lower for as low as $65, you might want to check out a new crowd sourced project from Fealty Arms.  The new company is using RocketHub to acquire funding, and offering backers a variety of non-regulated 80% lowers in exchange.

An 80% lower is essentially the start of a “from scratch” rifle.  Since it is not complete, it is not regulated by the US government as a firearm.  There are no serial numbers, dealers or other hoops to jump through.  They can be mailed directly to your residence – just like any other piece of metal.

An 80% lower is not something you can just drop a trigger kit into and slap on an upper to make a functioning AR-15, however.  The lower will still require a fair amount of work with a drill press to turn it into a useable lower.

It may not be quite as intense as building an AK-47 from a shovel, but these lowers will definitely add a little complexity to the relatively simple process of assembling an AR from parts.  The funding period for Fealty Arms runs through April 30.

Richard Johnson

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  • noob

    I like the crowd funding site that isn’t hoplophobic and wish the site and the venture the best. Crowd funded milled lower, and I guess anyone can trust it not to be the wrong metal or full of voids. I would you buy a crowd funded bolt or barrel blank?

    • t-dahlgren

      Well, they are specifying the alloys available. Presumably those are accurate representations.

      For the drill press DIYer I’d recommend the 6061. 7075 approaches mild steel in strength and most non-commercial drill presses will not like the lateral forces involved when employing it as a mill.

      • Nick (CNC Machinist)

        Don’t even think about trying to use a drill press as a milling machine, you will destroy the chuck and bearings. Not to mention, there will be no accuracy in trying to make your cuts. They do however have drilling jigs for drill presses for the 80% lowers.

        • this 100%

          Not only will it harm the machine, but drill bits are not intended to take a side load. Spinning metal bits of death should be used as intended.

          • Nick (CNC Machinist)

            That is true that drill bits only cut in one direction but when he said mill, I am thinking he intends to use an endmill in the chuck.

          • t-dahlgren

            Personally I’m not intending any such thing.

            I was addressing those who might be tempted to follow the procedures detailed in the above link. Details that include using a drill press as an end mill.

            Also, if anyone does try that, rather than plunging the bit into the work piece, it might be better to raise the piece up to the bit. The spindle will tolerate the lateral forces better if it is not extended.

      • Gary Patterson

        got a 80% from and finished in my garage with drill press and it works fine, actually relatively simple process.

        • gunslinger

          how much is GPP paying you to do this?