Magpul MS4 Sling Adds Push Button QD Goodness

Magpul has upgraded their iconic two-point/single-point sling to a new “MS4” specification. The MS4 is largely identical to the MS3 sling, but tosses the “paraclip” method of sling attachment in favor of push-button quick detach sling swivels.


While this may seem like a minor change, the quick detach sling swivels provide a more sturdy mounting option than the paraclips, which, while lockable, were made largely of polymer. Mounting points for the QD sling swivels are sprouting up everywhere, particularly on Magpul, Troy Industries, and Midwest Industries rifle components. It only makes sense for Magpul to market a sling that mates right up to them without any cumbersome adapters or home grown solutions.

The MS4 sling is already available on Magpul’s website for $59.95. The older MS3 is still being made as well, and retails for ten dollars less.


  • FillUpNakal

    Why don’t they offer a sling that’s wider!? That’s my only complaint about Magpul slings. M4+Optics+laser+pistol grip+ M203+loaded magazine= a heck of alot of weight bearing down on my shoulder and they give me floss to support it. Meh.

    • Yeah, same reason I sold my old Magpul sling and ordered a VTAC wide padded sling

      • You might want to enter our weekly drawing on our Facebook page. It’s a Vickers with a wider strap and padded area.

    • I just got one and I agree it’s narrow and that narrow strap makes it get tangled up much easier.

    • If you are referring to the MS2 sling then you have a point. The MS3 and MS4 are nearly twice as wide

  • If you are referring to the MS2 sling then you have a point. The MS3 and MS4 are nearly twice as wide.

  • You actually can’t buy it from Magpul directly right now. No idea why though.

    • Magpul prefers to let dealers and distributors deal with retail sales.

  • I have a MS3 with a Echo V3/QD sling plate on my AK74. It is set up as a 2 point sling right now,with the paraclip attached to the sling mount on the hand-guard. The MS4 would not work with ANY ak. There are no hand-guards that have QD mounts in them.

  • gak_pdx

    Did anyone ever actually get a Magpul Paraclip to fail?

    Sure, the body on them is polymer (you know, made by the company that single handedly proved that polymer firearm accessories could actually work quite well), but the load forces on them all transmitted through steel parts – the jaw and a big ass spring pin.

    For giggles, I threw one on our pull tester and it held 414lb before it broke; way more than the Duraflex or ITW just a few inches up the webbing on most slings. I’ve also never heard of a Paraclip actually failing.