Magpul PMAG 10 And Round Limiters

It has been a looonnnggg time coming but Magpul is finally making a 10 round capacity PMAG. The PMAG 10 will retail for $13.95.

pmag round limiter

PMAG Round Limiter

Magpul also announced a line of PMAG Round Limiters. These limiters reduce the capacity of a PMAG by 5 or 10 rounds. You could, for example, combine the 5 round PMAG Round Limiter with the new PMAG 10 to get a PMAG with a 5 round capacity. Hunters will be happy.

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  • Might as well put the 10-round limiter in the PMAG 10.

    • new york edition or the DiFi home defense special edition

  • Ghostalker

    In before angry people. I love these magazines. They look damn good and if they work anything like the regular PMAGs I will be in for a bunch of them. YES Magpul was working on these LONG before Newtown. YES it is shitty timing. But they are perfect for hunting/target shooting or a SPR type build. Also, if I *HAD* to stick to ten rounders, would you want any other than Magpul?

  • Doom

    they should be making 30 rounders to help meet demand rather than introducing another product. guess this will work for those poor chumps in Colorado. get a 20 rounder and put the 5 round limiter in, wallah presto 15 round mags.

    • Joseph

      I’m unsure the fact they’re introducing these changes their 30rnd department…

    • Nature Rancher

      Except you can’t by the 20 rounders after July 1. The ignorance of the CO legislature is daunting.

      • Cymond

        I’m stuck in CA, and there are plenty of companies that sell 20 & 30 round mags converted to 10 rounds. I’m sure someone outside of CO can install the limiter on a 20 round mag and sell them into CO.

        • Jim

          Not if they don’t have serial numbers on the mags. See what they did there…

          • if there is demand someone will serialize them mark them up and then sell them

          • Cymond

            Ah, didn’t realize there was a serial number requirement for post-ban mags that are still under the limited number of rounds. That will basically kill all magazine sales, because I’ve never seen a serial number on any detachable mag.

        • sharpie.david

          That’s what happens in Canada.

          People drill out the pins..

          • Cymond

            Anyone found with a magazine converted to >10 rounds would be in trouble in CA. The pin-hole would be evidence that the mag was converted illegally. No, the 30-converted-to-10 magazines are for people who want the look & feel of a 30 while staying legal. I understand why some people like them, but I can’t justify spending the extra money. Even when Pmags were $13, converted 10-round Pmags were about $25.

            Anyone intent on breaking the law in CA can do so easily. We’re allowed to have all of the disassembled parts for a magazine, and we’re allowed to repair pre-ban mags. Hence, a lot of people have “repaired” their preban mags with Pmag parts. Also, it’s easy to just drive to Nevada, buy magazines, and drive back. As an interesting note, it seems that the statute of limitations for manufacturing or importing a hi-cap mag is 3 years in CA. Possession is not a crime. Hence, it is technically possible, but a really bad idea, to assemble some mags and then just leave them in the closet for 3 years.

            And finally, Pmags can be limited by adding a block (like which is held in by the floorplate so there’s no pin to drill out. Pmags are easily sealed shut permanently with epoxy. I guess someone could cut off the entire bottom of the magazine, remove the limiter, and duct-tape on a new bottom plate. Still not a good idea.

    • He just said the PMag 3rd gen is on the top of the list in production. Believe me they won’t stop or limit production to make 5 rounders. It’s a bit of a niche product right now anyway. Once again as he said bench shooters, hunters etc.

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    Finally. Something I can buy with a $20 bill and still get change back. Of course, It will likely be 2015 before I can find them. Or, maybe I’ll get lucky.

  • I ordered some on midwayusa back in December… the back order went from February to March to June

  • Joseph

    These magazines by virtue of their size and weight serve a relevant purpose. Think beyond.

    • noob

      hmm. can you take a kel tec plr-16 with a 10rd pmag and holster it in a large revolver holster? how about other stockless 5.56mm pistols, carried like a mauser c96 1916? it would fill the same niche as a giant handgun for people who dislike revolvers.

  • JDL

    Are these M3s?

    • Anonymoose


  • Esh325

    I never saw the use of a 10 round AR15 mag, unless you live in a state with restrictions. 20 round AR15 is already short and is very flush fit with the rifle.

    • sianmink

      A 5 could get you lower on a bench rig, but so could a single shot sled mag.

  • From the horses mouth on Facebook:

    “There appears to be continued confusion over
    the 10 round GEN M3, it’s development, it’s timing, and terminology. We
    talked about this when we first announced it back in January (when we
    intended to release it), but one more time, from the top, this time with

    The 10 round PMAG has been on the drawing board for about 2 years. It was intended as a low-profile magazine for shooting off
    a bench, bipod, or where hunting restrictions required a lower capacity
    magazine. Because of wording in various state’s ban language we DO NOT
    say that this magazine is “ban state approved” anywhere. It does meet
    most state requirements for hunting, and can be limited to 5 rounds for
    hunting with the GEN M3 limiters, where required.

    Where we
    referred to “standard capacity” magazines, we were of course referring
    to the PMAG 30s. We didn’t feel the need to clarify, as 30 IS standard.
    We prioritized the development and production of the PMAG 30 GEN M3,
    then the PMAG 20 GEN M3, and the 10 was last. Due to demand for
    STANDARD PMAG 30s, we held off production of the 10 until we had a
    source of manufacturing that didn’t interfere with PMAG 30 or PMAG 20
    production, so we’ve had a several month delay in bringing the 10 to
    market due to prioritizing the 30 and 20.

    So, to wrap up, we’ve
    been working on this magazine for over 2 years, it was intended to be a
    low profile option for bench/bipod shooting and for hunting, had
    nothing to do with the threat of bans (product development takes over a
    year minimum for a magazine…we didn’t have a crystal ball), we don’t
    guarantee that it meets prohibitions against being extended or converted
    in any ban states, and we are not stopping or slowing the production of
    PMAG 30 STANDARD capacity magazines to produce this…it is on top of
    all other production.

    And yes, we are moving. 🙂 We’ve already got some magazine production ready to start outside CO.”

  • Cymond

    This is good news for people in ban states. I’m stuck in CA and it really sucks seeing Pmag-30s online for $13 (prepanic) while we’re paying more for 10 round mags. Also, there are only a few companies making 10 round AR mags.

  • Ian

    It’s a shame that recutting a mold takes so many years.